Sunday, July 14, 2019

Top Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria 2019/2020

List of Top GPS Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria

Car theft is a very vital issue in most Nigerian States and these rampant case of car robbery should be addressed as soon as possible.

However, most Car owners are ignorant that they can get their car secured by a simple GPS Car tracking device which has the feature to specify the location, address, and position of the stolen car.

 These car trackers even come with a small camera and audio recorder which allows the verified owner to hear all conversations inside the car.

 However, you might land in trouble even when trying to choose a car tracking company in Nigeria because not all car tracking agencies proffer efficient tracking devices.

This narrow down to why car owners have doubt in car trackers in Lagos, Abuja and anywhere in Nigeria and ask; "Which of these car tracking devices can I use?" T

 I'll talk about the best car tracking company in Nigeria if not, the most recommended.

You'll agree with me that MTN car tracking device is expensive but the company I am going to share with you offers this device at a relatively low price and yet very effective to what other random vehicle tracking companies offer.

Best Car Tracking Company in Nigeria

Car Tracker Nigeria

Car Tracker Nigeria is the best if not the leading car tracking company in Nigeria with amazing services such as:
  • Car Tracking

  • Fuel Tank Monitoring System

  • Speed Limiter

  • Fleet Management

  • Anti-Shatter Window Film and

  • Car  Parking Management
  • Car Tracking: Their car tracking devices are awesomely affordable and very effective with a vision to secure every car owners in all States across Nigeria. 

    The goal isn't to just secure cars but make Nigerians embraces technology and innovation.

      Fuel Tank Monitoring: Ever think your driver could be cheating you and asking for fees more than the actual fuel price or lying that your vehicle fuel gets exhausted quickly.

     This tracking company has helped car owners detect ungrateful car drivers by installing a fuel tank managing system for car owners. The car owner does not need to listen to the driver again asking for fuel money. He can easily check the state of the fuel if it needs a top up or will be enough for a journey. 

      Speed Limiter: Sometimes when you over speed, it might not be easy to regain consciousness because a simple break would be hard for you to step on, Car Tracker Ng offers a speed limiting system that automatically stops your car when you are driving above the speed limit. 

    Doesn't that make sense? Sure, it does and I recommend you try CarTrackerNG today. 

    Anti-Shatter Window Film: Car tracker Nigeria can install an Anti shatter window film which prevents the car glass from shattering in an accidental event.

     The Nigerian road is not good and installing an Anti-Shatter window film which comes with their Car tracking system would reduce the risk of your vehicle glass being shattered in any accidental event. 

     These are just a few of Car Tracker Nigeria services; there are a couple more on their services page. Be smart enough to check them out and give them a chance to install a car tracking device on your vehicle.

     Feel any other Car tracking company in Nigeria should be added to the list?

     Let us hear your view below and if you run a Car tracking agency and want to be listed on this page. You can just contact us on our contact page and we'll make sure to reach you as soon as we get your mail.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Is Udemy Legit?: From Personal Experience.

Is Udemy legit? One of the most asked questions in the
online tutorial world.

When I saw the question is had mixed feelings, and I totally understand why the question is asked.

But first let's take a look at the background of Udemy

What is Udemy?:

Udemy is an online learning platform, it allows you to learn some digital skills online.

It's been of good usage to young adults and has really helped me personally.

Udemy has been existing since the year 2010, and at the time of writing this blog post, it has been pretty Popular among users online.

Udemy was founded by Eren Bali; Oktay Caglar; Gagan Biyani, and it's current CEO is Gregg Coccari.

Udemy has over 40,000 course, 20,000 instructors, and 12 million students around the world, according to, Smallbiztrends.

The website uses Video format to teach  students as they will have to stream the videos online or Download for offline use.

Now that we know what Udemy is, let's see if it's legit or is a scam.

Is Udemy Legit?: Udemy review;

The word Legit means to be free from scam, so in other words, we can say, is Udemy Free from scam?

Okay let's face the fact

Udemy is legit and it's not a scam but there some dependencies, which change your view of Udemy negativity.

Most people end up saying that Udemy doesn't give them value, but these things I'll share here are the causes of their problems

Udemy is not the Teacher, so how can it be scam?:

So we have already gotten the answer to "is udemy legit".

Some people feel the Udemy courses are crap!

Some people will not believe me or would say, that I'm paid to say this, but, now I'll let you reason it out yourself.

Udemy is legit

If you attend a High school, and your teachers are nice, they teach very well, but there's this maths teacher, whole YOU and not other students don't seem to like, or understand his classes.

Does that mean your highschool is a bad school when it comes to academics?



It's just the teacher that has to be changed, not the whole school.

If you'd love to pull the trigger, and go ahead, and blame the school, remember that YOU are the one not finding it easy to learn in his classes, not your other coursemates.

It could be that you don't just like maths and you don't seem to get along in mathematics classes.

So here's the deal,

Don't judge the whole platform, by just a few courses that you've bought, there are tons of positive reviews on them and a lot of people's lives have been changed for just buying those courses…

I'm a big believer that most people out there who say it's not legit are the ones that apply the steps and wait for 2 months and they can't make money so they say "Udemy is not legit" and Raise make you start asking "is Udemy legit"?

But hey! There's something you have to avoid.

When you want to buy a course, don't buy a course that has bad reviews, scroll down and read people's opinions on the course… take a look at the curriculum,

If it's web development are they going to create a web page  with you or are they going to just show you the markups and syntax and let you seek for information?

I'd choose the former if was to buy a course on web development.

Because through that you'll get the real value of the course.

And even at that, don't just watch the video and let it sit,

Go out there and actually build a site using the languages they teach you, or if it's using WordPress, go out there and actually Design a site with WordPress.

If you can do this, then you'd be able to justify buying a course on Udemy.

Also the name of the instructors are given in the course, Google about it and see if he/she has a good reputation, If they actually do what they teach.

That way you are not far from getting a good Course on Udemy.

Is Udemy legit when it comes to Refunds?:

So there's this feature on Udemy that allows you to do a 30 day refund after buying a course.

Some people feel it's a scam as after they buy the course and request refund they get denied.

Well Udemy do have policies too, to protect their instructors.

If you bought the course from a third party, Udemy doesn't refund.

If you downloaded the whole course and then refund Udemy doesn't refund..

Some of the tactics are used to game the online learning platform, and they are aware of it.

So If  you get a refund denial your actions may be against their policies.

So it doesn't means that Udemy is a scam.


So that's my thought when it comes to Udemy, so if you'd ask me

Is Udemy legit?, my answer will remain Yes!

I respect your opinion so tell me what you think below in the comment section.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Is BlueStacks Safe? (Best answer):

Is BlueStacks safe?
Is Blue stacks safe?

The quest for an Android emulator on a computer has been on the increase, and BlueStacks and some other apps have satisfied that quest. But here lies another question. Is BlueStacks safe?

Why ask that question?

Well I totally understand why this question should be asked, and it's common for users to be concerned about their safety, privacy and also the safety of their computers as well.

Without FutherAdo let's get to the question.

Is BlueStacks Safe? My Opinion:

Yes ! Blue stacks is safe, but there are different are other angles we can dig into do we can see this from a 300 feet view.

First angle- Virus and Malware (Is Blue stacks safe?)

Virus, malware is BlueStacks safe

In this I'll say yes, it's safe, the official version doesn't contain any malware or virus.

But there's something to be careful of.

What's that Cliff?, you may ask!



Some developers who want to make money can input viruses into BlueStacks making it unsafe.

Only Download BlueStacks from the official website.

Here's the link: BlueStacks

Also ensure that the Android app used in the emulator is free from any malware, it should be scanned with google play security before using it.

Second angle: Privacy (Is BlueStacks safe?)

Is BlueStacks safe? Privacy

You may be asking, does BlueStacks spy me?

Yeah when I use BlueStacks are my information kept private?

Yes! Your information is kept private with you and with you alone, BlueStacks doesn't spy on you.

But there's always a precaution.

While BlueStacks doesn't spy on you, you have to make sure that the apps you use on it don't either.

This means that you have to ensure that any Android apps used on the emulator is free from malware and Doesn't have any record of spying on its users.

Third Angle: My Computer's Performance: ( Is BlueStacks safe?)

Is BlueStacks safe

This is something overlooked and it's serious!

Well in this case the answer is not definite.

BlueStacks is heavy and it's capable of slowing down a computer or even crashing it.

So if your computer is heavy Enough to carry the load of BlueStacks.

This means your system has to be inline the requirements to run BlueStacks.

So what are the minimum requirements?

Here they are!

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2 , Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only)

Ram: At LEAST 2GB of RAM

You must be an administrator on your computer to run the app.

Your system must have an extra 4gb for strong games and apps.

Your System Drivers must be up to date.

But as you can see above this is the MINIMUM requirement.

Here's what BlueStacks Recommends!

OS: Windows 10

Permissions: You must be an administrator to run the BlueStacks app.

Processor: Intel Core i5-680 (pass mark 3500) or higher processor with virtualization extensions toggled on in the BIOS of your computer

Graphics Card: Intel HD 5200 (Should have pass mark of 750) and definitely higher than that.

RAM: 6gb of RAM.

HDD: SSD or you can use fusion.

Storage space for SSD : 40GB

Your computer should have access to the internet too so you can access games and other features.

You may say, well I only need the 2gb ram and the rest specs mentioned in the minimum requirements.

Well for me I don't think it's a good idea, I fancy the fact that you should go for the recommended specs above, and that's why I'll tell you a story from my own experience.

I tried running Android Studio (an app used for creating Android apps)

I saw the minimum requirements for the app and my apps met it but didn't exceed it, so I decided to use the app on it.

I finished all processes, and had my computer rebooted.

I opened the app and my computer became slow like a grandma!

It was the minimum requirements so why didn't it work!

The next day

I bought and added a higher ram to my computer and I ran the app again, the app went to smooth that I didn't even realize that was my computer any more (just kidding 😀)

So here's the deal, try to get the Recommended specs and even higher ( what you can afford Though)

If you ask me is BlueStacks safe, Yes, but it all depends on how well you use it.

4th angle: Other Apps on your computer or the computer it self. (Is BlueStacks safe?)

Is bluestacks safe

If your computer is hosting a malware then the malware can spread to all other software in the computer and if you have BlueStacks it's definitely not exempted, which could make it unsafe.

So make sure that other apps on your computer or your computer it self  are malware free!

With this you can be sure that BlueStacks is safe


Once more if You ask me is blue stacks safe?

I'll say it so loud YES!!

BUT  as we have seen from there 4 angles you are responsible for the safety of the BlueStacks that's already in your computer.

If you have any questions you can drop them in the comment section below and I'll answer ASAP!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Nox Player Stuck at 99: EASIEST Solutions online:

Nox player Stuck at 99

So you try to boot up your computer and the nox player comes up, buy your realize that the 'Nox Player stuck at 99" Issue has started again.

So how then do we fix this issue really fast?

If your Nox player is still stuck at 99, try deleting your antivirus or windows defender (for Windows users), restart your PC and try it again.

If the nox unlocking stuck at 99 continues then we will have to use the steps below.

The two Simple Steps to Solve : "Nox Player Stuck at 99"

There are two simple hacks that can get your nox player working again.

But these hacks all depends on the different report the nox player app gives you, so we will consider each of them and their solutions.

  • Nox player Stuck at 99 but there is no error Message:

This is when your Nox player is stuck at 99, you can see the progress bar and it's not moving past the 99 mark, and at the same time, the app doesn't return any error message instructing you on what to do and what went wrong.

So here are the 4 possible solutions for this issue,

  • Solution 1: If you own an AMD CPU, then the AMD-V has an Effect here:

To solve this issue you have to activate or enable Virtualization Technology of your PC, here's how to enable Virtualization Tech for your computer.

  • Solution 2: Your System File may be Set to FAT32:

If your computer has it's system file set to FAT32 this may be an issue for your Nox player because it has a limit to the size of file it handle.

To solve this, you can change your file system to NTFS or you can uninstall Nox and then install it in an NTFS disk.

  • Solution 3: Your Computer's CPU Received a small parameter of the Android Package.

This is a complex issue and you'll need a developer to fix the issue.

  • Solution 4: Your Graphics card or it's Driver cannot run Nox.

Download the OpenGLdriver, this will help check the Version of your Driver.

  • If your driver is greater than 2.0 then and nox is still stuck at 99 then you'll need to change your graphics card.

  • But if it's less than 2.0 try updating the driver of your  Graphics card.

If you do that and it Still doesn't work, then you will have to change your graphics card as suggested in point 1.

  • Nox Player Stuck at 99 and an error message appears saying: System has problem to start, please try to Repair!

This is a system problem so don't touch anything on the Nox Player

So in this case There is an error message, so what do we do?

First Solution: Run the Nox Player app as an Administrator:

  1. Try running the Nox player as an administrator, you can do this by right clicking on the icon of the app on your desktop and left click on 'run as administrator

  1. Download the Windows Repair app and unzip the package to get it in exe format.

  1. Open the app after installation and navigate to the Tab labelled 'repairs'.

  1. Tap on Start Repairs after it's completed, restart your computer and try again

Install OVB(Oracle Virtual Box):

While I haven't tested this out, you would want to give it a try as a user like you says it's worked for him.

Nox player Stuck at 99

Here's a Guide on how to install OVB

What If all these methods don't work?

If the methods listed above doesn't work, you want to use an alternative, app for Nox

And that's Blue stacks..

There are other alternative of Nox that you can check out.


If your Nox Player is stuck at 99, you'll definitely be worried and I hope this guide has helped you to solve this issue.

If you have any questions or if any other method worked for you, I'll be ready to hear them in the comment section down below!