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How long does it take to backup an iPhone? (Quick answer + tips)

How long does it take to Backup an iPhone

Have you ever tried to backup your iPhone? Well I've tried and the last time I did that, I had just one question on my mind:

How long does it take to backup an iPhone?

While I wanted to backup just like you I saw two options either to use iCloud or to use iTunes

So I felt maybe one would be faster? Do you feel that way too?

Well this post will clearly tell us how long it takes to back up your iPhone.

How long does it really take to backup an iPhone? 

Quick answer: 

It doesn't take a fixed amount of time to back up your iPhone, rather it depends on a lot of factors, what are these factors? Let's see:

I know the phrase - "it depends" piss you off, it also piss me off too, but I can't lie to you!

How will you feel if I tell you it takes 1 hour, and then you try to backup and it takes way more longer?

You'll loose faith in me!

So now let's look at these factors and see if we can estimate the time it takes to backup your iPhone.

Factors that affect iPhone's backup time:

1. Size of backup file(s)

Remember those 5mb pictures you are trying to backup? If you had thousands of photos, that's a lot to backup you know?

But what if you had 200 photos? It won't take more time than when you have 1000 photos right?

That's it, the size of the backup file(s) affect how long it takes to backup an iPhone.

Combined with videos, and other files, you'll have to wait a little bit longer to finish backup.

2. Internet Speed:

I remember I once usedtheWiFi in a town, and it takes about a minute to send a non- media message (which is so small Maybe 1kb)

Imagine the speed of that internet!

 If I used it to backup my iPhone, it's going to take forever!

You see? Your internet speed matters, if you use 2g it's going to take you longer especially when the file is big, than when you use 3g or 4g network.

Don't use 2g, it looks like using a snail for a car race 😂😂😂

This is another factor that determines iPhone backup speed.

So ask you self, Am I on the positive side of the factors listed above?

Well if you have large files to backup and you've got slow internet, don't worry.

I'll show you how to fix it.

How to Fix the 2 Factors that influence iphone's backup time!

1. Try to reduce the number of apps for backup (APPS YOU DON'T NEED TO BACKUP)

This is a personal choice, you can decide to reduce the number of apps you want to backup.

Apps or photos that are unnecessarily taking up your space should be deleted so that they don't get a backup and  increase iPhone's backup time.

If you are using iCloud:

Go to Settings>> {Your name}>> iCloud>> Apps using iCloud.

If there is any app you don't want to be backup toggle of the switch close to the apps

How long does it take to Backup an iPhone

2. Confirm your WiFi is stable, and is of decent speed:

Sometimes we have bad internet connection, and so to download and upload becomes a problem.

The thing is, if you have a slow internet connection, you can't backup any faster.

So try to make sure that the WiFi you are connected to has Access to the internet, and it's stable with good speed.

If you don't have WiFi at hand, and you opt for a mobile or Cellular network, ensure that you have enough mobile data and the network speed is decent.

I sincerely prefer using WiFi though, so I'd try to get to a Cafe that has WiFi, with that you can backup your iPhone faster.

To boost your internet speed check out this guide:

How to Increase internet speed 

P.S : It's for Android but it also applies to your iPhone too!

These are the two ways to speed up your iPhone backup time.... But!

I'm still gonna answer one more question.

Does backing up with iCloud or iTunes affects how long it takes to backup iPhone?

Ummmm... Let me tell you what led to this question, a person was asking: how long does it take to backup iPhone on a popular forum, I was on that forum and I saw a comment:

"Use iCloud and not iTunes... iTunes makes it slower for you to backup your iPhone"

At first I wanted to buy the idea, but I knew that was wrong

So the answer? NO

Irrespective of what you use to backup, if the two factors listed above us are not put into consideration there is no way you can alter iPhone's backup speed.

So no I don't expect any one to say: how long does it take to backup iPhone on iCloud or how long does it take to backup iPhone on iTunes.

It's the same thing irrespective of the medium you adopt.

I hope this helped you! Am sure it can help your friends too... Share!!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Funny Ways To Answer The Phone [36 Best] +Bonus

Funny ways to answer the phone

Sometimes we need to have fun, either with our Family or our friends and one way we can have such fun is by having funny ways to answer the phone when your friends calls you.

It could also be called Funny phone greetings!
Well having these at your finger tips is very vital as you stand a chance to overtake the conversation into a Fun one...rather than just being dry.

So let's look at some other the funny ways to answer the phone.

My Favorite Funny Ways To Answer The Phone: 

  • Moo?

  •  911, what's your emergency?

  •  If it's a lady, yell "Oooooh! It's a lady!!"


  • The number you have dialed has been disconnected...

  •  *scream like a maniac* Then answer, "Sorry for the interruption."

  • Phone tag, you're it.

  • Get a life.


  •  You're gonna be my new phone buddy.

  • Send someone in with the money and no one gets hurt!

  •  In perverted voice: Hello kiddies.

  •  Don't look outside!

  •  *burp*

  •  My mom keeps her removed warts in jars under our kitchen sink...wanna see?

  •  *In scary voice* It's Freddy Krueger, bitch.

  •  For the nuclear terrorism department, please press 1.

  • You are on a restricted CIA phone line! Get off now!

  •  Fish market. Shark speaking.

  • You rang?

  • If you're a salesman hang up.

  • House of the lord, god speaking

  • If the person says hello first, scream 'Who sent You?!'

  • Bob, mother died! (They wont know how to respond to that.)

  • Are you my stalker?

And here's this picture I saw at Pinterest

Funny phone greetings

Caution Using these Funny ways to answer the phone.

But you still have to be careful while using these funny phone greetings why?
People differ, not every one will like a joke like the ones listed above, and maybe they won't understand it well, and mistake it for an insult!

Try your best to know who you joke with, or the kind of friends that you normally make outdoor jokes with.... It's best you do this to some one VERY close to you like your BEST friend!
So, that's it, I hope you enjoyed these funny ways to answer the phone.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

How to Install Xapk: [Step to Step Guide]

Have you ever, downloaded an app or a high profile game, and realized that the software is named in .xapk rather than the normal .apk?

Well I have wondered if it is a file for a different OS (operating system) and I also thought about how to install xapk.

As a computer Programmer, I was able to figure out why that Android app has the file extension .xakp, and I'll share all I discovered with you in today's post.

So without further Ado, let's get started.

What is an Xapk?

An xapk is an extension name for Android app, not the regular android app (.apk) that you use to know right?

Well definitely the x makes the difference by merely looking at it, but what does it mean?

An Xapk is a compressed file, the reason for the compression is because of Google play store's preferences, bidding that no Android app should be 100mb or higher.

In order to get heavy duty apps like pubg, the developers have to add an additional OBB file, which isn't convenient at all.

So what does Xapk solve? It prevents an additional data to be downloaded as the Xapk comprise of both the apk and the OBB file.


Positives of XAPK

1. It prompts simplicity as we have all data now in one file.

2. Chances are few that the files is corrupt

3. Saves you time of transferring an OBB file.

4. It saves space, as the size is now REDUCED.

How to install XAPK file (3 Methods):

In all you do either of these methods make sure this setting is switch on: Your Unknown sources.

To get there: Settings -->> Security --> Enable / Tick
Unknown Sources.

1. Use An Xapk installer: 

The Xapk installer is my preferred way on how to install xapk.

The Xapk installer saves you stress and time, as it scans the Xapk file and it finds the APK and the OBB and place the OBB in the preferred destination.

The app scan for apk and obb, and then it installs the application, moves the OBB file to the right destination.

After installation, the apk file is deleted (automatically).

If you'd check your OBB folder in your internal structure you should see an OBB file related to the game / app you've Installed.

2. Manually Change the Extension of the File.

This is another way you can be able to install xapk on your android phone.

The logic behind this method is based on the fact that an Xapk contains the OBB file.

So here's how we do it:

1. Download the Xapk.

2. Open your file manager and locate the Xapk file.

3. Rename the app and change the extension .Xapk to .zip.

4. Downloaded RAR from Play store or you can use ES file explorer.

5. Locate the .zip file in the File explorer/ RAR app and then unzip it

6. After unzipping you will see 2-3 files one with the file extension (.apk) and the other a folder which inside has a (.obb) file.

7. Copy the obb folder to this location:


8. Install the apk file. Open the game and see if it works for you.

3. Use Apkpure: 

This is another app, it's primary function is to host Android apps just like Google play store.

If you want to download the Xapk from the app (Apkpure) then go ahead, but if you'd love to download from the web or you have it downloaded already, it will still work.

What Apkpure does it's similar to what the Xapk installer will do, it extracts the OBB file and installs the apk while it arranges the OBB file in the proper location.

Let's just say it does Method 2 for you automatically.

So here's how to use the Apkpure app, trust me it isn't complex.

1. Assuming you have Apkpure installed open it, else install it from play store.

2. Tap on Me at the bottom right of app and click on App management in the new intent that pops up.

3. Tap on Xapk/Apk management.

4. You will see list of apps with the .Xapk extension (they are labelled green with xapk)

5. Tap on Install.

Then let Apkpure do the work.

Note: When it tried this it took me a while to install it, the reason? The size of the file was enormous.

So depending on the size of the app it takes time to install, so don't panic if you see the Installation taking place.

The time taken depends on the size because the OBB file will be larger for a 1.5gb Xapk than for a 600mb xapk

Definitely it takes more time to copy the larger OBB file than a smaller OBB file. You will see this practically done if you used Method 2.

So that's why the time taken to install depends on the size of the app.

What to do if Xapk cannot be Validated:

If your Xapk cannot be validated, don't panic, all you need to do is to Grant the app all the permission on your phone.

To do this follow these steps:

Settings>> Apps>>Locate the app using the name>> Tap on permission>>> Tick all the permissions there by granting it all permissions in your phone.


It's a nice idea to introduce the Xapk making things simpler for users.

With these 3 methods on how to install an Xapk we no longer are baffled by the x as we now know it represents the OBB file and the apk our regular android app.

Do you have any challenge while trying to install an Xapk?

If you did leave a comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP to answer your question.

Friday, March 8, 2019

How to Donate On Twitch (Quick Guide)

How to donate on Twitch
How to donate on Twitch 

Donating to twitch is simply an act of generosity, as you see your favorite streamer entertaining you day by day, you will probably want to know how to donate on Twitch.

Why you should donate on Twitch

If you are new to using Twitch no doubt you enjoy what you see right? Do you have a favorite streamer? Do you want to make that streamer happy as he does to you too? Then you should be thinking of how to donate on twitch.

If you donate on twitch you are supporting your favorite streamer on twitch or on YouTube. This will enable these hardworking guys to reach their goals.

Your donations will also help in a way to add more value to the streaming channel which means you’ll get spicy videos, with added value.

How to Donate on Twitch (Easily and Faster)

To donate on twitch, you will have to follow this process carefully or for better experience watch the embedded video above.


   1.       Open the Twitch Dashboard
   2.        Select the Channel you want to support

   3.       Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a “Donate” button.

Donate on Twitch

   4.       You will be redirected to a page
  5.       Fill in the following:

Your Username

The amount you wish to donate (Donation amount)
Your Donation Message (You can only write on 235 characters), You can add a GIF or an effect if you wish to.

Note: Some of the Effects requires a Pro account

   6.       Tap on Donate / Tip

   7.       You are taken to a payment confirmation page, click on PayPal if you want to use that or Use credit cards.

   8.       If you’d chosen PayPal: You are redirected to PayPal’s payment page Tap on Continue

   9.       You are redirected back to stream lab

  10.    Your Tip is processed!!!

So that’s how to donate on Twitch. Another way to show you support the channel is by subscribing, when you subscribe, the channel grows and this is a way of showing support.

You can also show support if you share their videos with friends and families and also encourage them to subscribe too.

Can I donate on twitch without PayPal?

You can donate on twitch even though you do not have PayPal, this you do by selecting credit card, instead of PayPal.

You will need your credit card by your side so you can fill in your card details e.g. your card’s Expiration date, your CSN and the Card number.

Don’t worry about your information being secure as Twitch respects your privacy.

Does Twitch Get a Cut of My Donations?

The answer? No Twitch doesn’t get a cut or a percentage of your donations. All goes to the streamer as you intend to support your favorite streamer.

How can I get to the Top of the Leadership board on the Steam labs?

On stream lab when you want to make a donation, there is a leadership board there, it ranks people by how much they donated

So obviously now if you want to get to the top of the leadership board you should donate the highest.
If you want to donate the highest you will have to check who has donated the highest and see if you can donate more than that.


 So that’s how to donate on twitch as probably the highest Donor
But don’t take this as a competition it’s just a way to support streamers, so they can provide better streams for you.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How To Use Cash App For Android and iPhone

How to use cash app

If you have been searching the web for how to use cash app either for Android or for iPhone then look no further as I'll be covering that in this post.

For iPhone users using cash app is not hard as they say it is, and the same remains the case for Android users.
Let's see what the Cash App is first.

What is the "Cash App" 

The cash app by SQUARE is an app that allows you to send and receive money to your friends and family.

 It also allows you to send Bit coin too, and any money sent or to be sent is stored in your wallet before transactions takes place.

So it's a transaction app for both currencies and crypto currencies.

How to use Cash app:(Android &iPhone)

The Cash App can be used at your wish, but fits let's look at how to use cash app to send and receive money.

Using Cash app [For iPhone users:]

Below are some of the tips on how to use cash app on your Android phone.

 How to install Cash app on iOS devices :

The first step to using cash app is installation. To install Cash app you have to follow the steps below:

  • Open your app store

  • Search "Cash App"

  • Click on "Get" Next to the Cash app logo which is green in color.

  • To automatically open the cash app visit this link: This link

  •  Open & Setting up the Cash App

After installation follow these steps:

Go to your home page or list of apps, and click on Cash app(A green icon app)

How to set up Cash App:

1. Put in your Email or your phone number.

2. A confirmation code will be sent to you, put in the confirmation code.

NB: If you use mail, it's going to be sent to your email/mail box, open your mail app, since it may not sync in background.

If you use Phone number simple wait for a code to be sent to you.

After this, you click on Next.

3. Add your Debit Card Digits

You cant use Cash App without passing through this process, so you have to input your debit card's digits in the space given to you.

4. Create a "Cash tag" name:

This is an important feature of this app, it's a unique identifier that your friends will use the spend you money.

This name should be easy to remember, and it should be as simple as possible.

If a mistake with your Cash tag is made while payments are to be made to you, your money will be sent to another person and this will lead to issues.

5. Skip/Invite your friends:

Now this is a personal choice, you can decide to invite your friends or just skip the process.

If you wish to invite click on "Invite"

When a list of your contacts comes up, tap on the one you want to send an IV to.

NB: If a pop up says "allow.... To access your contact" please tap allow.

How to send Money on Cash app

To send money on cash app isn't a hard process, follow the steps below to get started

  • Open the Cash app &Log in using your mail or phone number

  • Type a Dollar($) amount

  • Tap on "PAY"

  • In the top space with (To:) type in the name of the contact you want to send money to or you can use the cash tag.

  • To use a cash tag, type a $ before you type the Cash tag user name.

Note: The contact MUST be a Cash tag user for him to get the funds.

  • The next step is giving a reason for transaction (it's optional)

  • If payment is for School Fees you type "School Fees" in the For: Bar.

  • The close step is to tap on "Pay" it's at the Top right hand side of the screen.

  • A confirmatory pop up appears and there may be a need to verify the transaction using your PIN or your Finger print.

  • The next step is to tap on pay on the bottom right hand side of the screen, this confirms transfer and sends money to the person.

  • The last step is to tap on Done!

How to Request for Money on Cash app

Also to request money on Cash app isn't hard either just follow through and you will learn how to use cash app to request money.

  • Open the Cash app &Log in using your mail or phone number

  • Type a Dollar($) amount

  • Tap on "Request" (Bottom left hand side of the Page)

  • In the top space with (To:) type in the name of the contact you want to send money to or you can use the cartage.

  • To use a cash tag, type a $ before you type the Cash tag user name.

Note: The contact MUST be a Cash tag user for him to get the request.

  • Tap Request, and this automatically sends a request to the person.

  • Tap Done: A message will be sent to you that request has being sent so, after that you can tap on Done, to take you back to the Home page.

How to Respond to a Money Request:

  • When you open the app, click on the Notification button (Bell icon) at the top right hand

  • There will be requests listed out (if available), Tap on payment on the one you want to pay or send money for.

  • Tap on the green button tagged "pay"

  • Tap on the blue button at the bottom and with the inscription "pay $..."

  • If you want to decline the request, tap on the ... on the upper right corner and then tap "Decline Request"

  • After Declining or accepting request, confirm, your action.

  • For payment Click on Confirm when it pops up

How to get Receipt for Cash app Transactions:

  • Open cash app

  • Tap on the notification button

  • Tap on a previous payment that has been made

  • Tap on completed, the yellow button at the bottom of the the screen is an indicator that the transaction is completed.

  • To get receipt you have to tap on "Web receipt" This takes you to a website browser showing you the Receipts

With this you can now get access to the receipt.

How to refund a payment on Cash App:

  • Open the cash app

  • Tap on notifications

  • Tap on Payment (Previous one you've made)

  • Tap on receive, this helps to restrict the list to the ones that you received.

  • Tapping Receive prompts a pop up, choose Refund from the list of options in the pop up.

  • Tap on OK.

How to buy Bit coin on Cash app:

  • Open the Cash app

  • Tap on the cash and BTC button

  • Tap on BTC its on the top right hand side the screen

  • You will be given a small note tap on "GOT IT"

  • The note is there to let you know that there are risks to buying and selling Bit coins.

  • You can decide to Review risks by clicking on the Review risks button.

  • After that app intent is phased out, a graph of how Bit coin value has changed so far,sorted by time(day, week, Month, Year) appears.
Cash app bit coin stats

  • Tap on BUY button on the screen

  • Select the dollar amount you would love to buy.

  • Tap on Buy below the slider bar. This prompts a  confirm payment analog or pop up.

  • Tap on confirm to finalize transactions

How to Sell Bit coins on Cash App:

  • Open the Cash app

  • Tap on the cash and BTC button

  • Tap on BTC its on the top right hand side the screen

  • You will be given a small note tap on "GOT IT"

  • The note is there to let you know that there are risks to buying and selling Bit coins.

  • You can decide to Review risks by clicking on the Review risks button.

  • After that app intent is phased out, a graph of how Bit coin value has changed so far,sorted by time(day, week, Month, Year) appears.

Cash app bit coin tracking

  • Tap on Sell

  • Select the amount you want to sell.

  • Click sell below the slider bar

  • A confirmatory pop up comes up, Tap on Confirm

  • If you have set up Security you may need to add your PIN or use Finger print authentication.

How to Cash out on Cash app

The sweetest part of this how to use cash app guide. Lets see how this works:

  • Open the Cash app

  • Click on the Cash & BTC button

  • Tap Cash out at the bottom left hand side of the screen

  • Select/type how much you want to transfer.

  • Tap on the Cash out button at the bottom of the screen

  • A pop ups shows up with 2 options: Standard or instant Withdrawal

  • For a standard withdrawal you will wait for 1-3 days , before money will be sent to you

  • For an INSTANT withdrawal, money is sent to you instantly but for a fee

Note: If you, are doing this for the 1st time, you MAY have free instant withdrawal.

  • Select the Back that you use (this process is compulsory if you haven't linked your bank to cash app before.)

  • If you don't even your bank in the list given then click on other, and enter your " routing and account number

  • Log in to your bank using "ID" and "password"

  • Tap on the account you want the money to be sent to (IF you have multiple accounts with one bank)

  • Tap on DONE.

How to use Cash app for Android:

Using Cash app on Android is no difference from using cash app on iPhone.

It's just a matter of different UI.

All steps are the same( there's no need stating them again)
The only difference is the Installation.

SO let's look at that!!!

How to download Cash app for Android

  • Open Google play store

  • Search for Cash app

  • Click on Install

  • Wait for download and installation.

  • You can now open your Cash app


SO this is how to use cash app on both Android and iPhone, It's a simple to use app and easy to understand as well.

IF you have friends struggling with how to use cash app, then share this article with them!