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NNU vs Zinoly: Income programs in Nigeria [Comparism]

NNU vs Zinoly
NNU vs Zinoly

I have been seeing the flock of income programs in Nigeria, and the one that spark my interest is that of NNU and Zinoly, so here will will compare the two income programs: NNU vs Zinoly. 

But first let's see a break down of what all of these means.

Note: This is my own NNU vs Zinoly other persons may have Different preference

Break down of NNU and Zinoly before the NNU vs Zinoly 

So without FodaAdu let's get to it.

What is an Income program: 

An income Program is one where by user's or the general public can generate income both for themselves and indirectly to the owners of these income programs.
User's are paid a certain percentage of the earnings realized by the moderators of the platform.

NNU as an Income Program 

NNU vs Zinoly

NNU is the first of these income programs in recent times, and to have grown so fast than expected.

Opened in 2017, it already has a Top 10 ranking in Nigeria according to

NNU has a lot of users that has grown over-time possibly through referrals made by existing users, these users, refer to earn. It's up to the task for this NNU vs Zinoly can it win?

How does NNU make their money? 

As a result of the large number of users, NNU has been a great source of advertisement to business men, especially those who want to promote their own products, or digital services.

NNU charge an unknown feel to advertisers, and then they earn from the adverts.

They should also earn from affiliate programs,  sponsored post, and all other things that they could use for Monitization.

How do I earn from NNU 

NNU gives it's users, a certain percentage of their earnings when they:

1. Share a post per day and get #500.

2. Refer other of your friends to join the income program.

3. Commenting on individual posts on NNU.

4. Reading News online or NNU

The best of them all is the Referral but it is also the hardest, unless you are a blogger and you have an article ranking for a keyword like: NNU registration in Nigeria. 

Okay enough of that, let's see how much you can make with NNU

If you have an active referral system like being a blogger, you can make alot of money as it's #1000 per referral.

So if I day you have 10 persons registering from you that 10,00 in a day.

This is to say that there is no limit to how much you can earn, it all depends on your stratergy and the trend at that time.

Who is the Owner of NNU 

Surely every one wants to know who they are giving their money to. Their money? Yes we will discuss that later.

The owner is Paul Sampson, he crafted nnu to be a cool reading site that also earns you money. 

Is NNU legit? 

Yes, NNU is 100% legit. Some say otherwise, because they have problem with cashing out, but that's ok, NNU will solve that issue.

How much to Join NNU program: 

The registration fee is #1,600.

Payment should be made to NNU, you will have to fill in a form and input your ATM card details.

It's also recommended that you register with NNU coupon code.

Now let's go to Zinoly remember this is NNU vs Zinoly, we will have a Comparison of these two

Zinoly Income program: 

NNU vs Zinoly

With this we will see how Zinoly works, and also how to make money from Zinoly in Nigeria.

Zinoly is another income scheme that has been recently introduced to the Internet.

It's new and not , so populated unlike NNU where your payments are delayed because of too much users Zinoly is less competitive, and you  can easily cash out from it.

How does Zinoly income Progam work

You can earn in 2 ways:

1. Zinoly Revenue:

This is same as the NNU scheme you would also have to participate on the platform.

You earn by:

  • By login in to your Zinoly account daily
  •  Reading news
  •  Comment
  • By performing minor  tasks
  • By sharing sponsored post on social media  
Remember this is NNU vs Zinoly try picking your preference so you can see the one that suits you

 2. Zinoly Affilate: 

This involves your referring of people, any of you know, can be referred.

As an affiliate, you get a whooping 70% of referral income per user.

When you introduce your friends, you get 70% which is 1000. Same will NNU.

If you can get 10 persons per day, that is #10,000 in just that day, for you.

So the more persons you can register the more you earn.

Can any one Join Zinoly: 

Any one can join Zinoly, but the fact remains that it's not for every one, in the sense that some people aren't inclined to making money online.

If you are capable of taking on online jobs then this is for you.

If you are not, you could want to play around the web first so you don't end up paying and not getting an ROI.

Yes, students, Teachers,what have you, can take part in this income program. in this NNU vs Zinoly, we will look in details more facts.

How genuine is the Zinoly Platform is it a scam? 

NO the Zinoly isn't a scam, and has payed out to alot of persons online, and that's why it is cool enough to competite in this NNU vs Zinoly challenge.

On the website, you have access to the recent payments and even testimonials are available about the platform... seems Zinoly is up for this NNU vs Zinoly challenge.

NNU vs Zinoly: 


So we have seen what these two platforms do, and we have actually seen what it means and takes to be in an income program like NNU in Nigeria.

But from NNU vs Zinoly which is better. 

I'll answer that question.

BUT first understand that both platforms are legit, and actually pays.

 Each one has their own preferences though, but for me, I prefer Zinoly.

This isn't because of any way NNU is lacking, No!!

The truth is that it's easier for you to earn in a platform that's less populated, NNU has millions of users, but zinoly should be down to that by 70%

So even though you've made enough money on NNU and you will want to cash out, if you aren't fortunate you will end up having your cash with NNU for months.

So zinoly all the way for ME because It is less competitive. if another new income program comes around I will also like it too as it's going to have no competition or even be it less populated.

If you feel your money is much more secure with NNU no offence, but know that ZInoly isn't scam.


Yes, ZInoly won for me in this NNU vs Zinoly challenge and as I said this is because either is less populated, after all payments are the same offer each activity.

What do you think do you prefer NNU over Zinoly? or the other way round, let me know in the comment section below.

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Online Camera in Yerevan: [Webcam Overview]

Online camera in yerevan

Have you ever asked your self if there is an online camera in Yerevan?

Well yes there are, not just one but many, of them. When I was discussing this with a friend of mine he said where is Yerevan?

So let's talk first about what Yerevan is:

What is Yerevan:

Yerevan is a town in Armenia. It's the industrial, central and administrative centre of the country.

What is an Online Camera: 

Webcam in yerevan

An online camera is a camera that displays real- time recordings of what the camera is recording, this is usually viewed by the admin, and it can be recorded as well.

The online camera in Yerevanz should have the ability to Record as well.

An online camera can also be called a webcam, for example ( CCTV cameras are online cameras), and this is true in the case of the Online camera in Yerevan.

Locations of the Online camera in Yerevan: 

The Online camera in the administrative centre of yerevan are all Installed around this small city.

Through the online camera in yerevan you can have a clear look at :

  • Republic Square, 

  • Sasuntsi David Square, 

  • Cascade complex, 

  • Beautiful North Avenue, 

  • Mashtots park, 

  • Charles Aznavour

  •  Garegin Nzhdeh Squares 

  •  Kecharis Monastery

  •  Downhill in Tsahkadzor city. 

With this you have access to the streets, the roads the city square, and also what people are doing live on each of the above locations.

You can view this area from other part of Armenia.

Why are the webcams\ Online camera in yerevan useful?

From the list below we will see benefits of these online cameras that reside in the small town in Armenia.

1. People can see what's going on in the market or square e.t.c.

2. You can see if there is danger like Tsunami, this helps you run out of the class .

3. If used for the inspection of crime, it can help to get timlsy evidence...

How to stream live the Online camera in Yerevan

To stream , these videos follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. At the top click on webcams

Click on webcams

3. A list of videos are showed, choose the area you want to watch.

4. Your videos are ready to play.

Requirements to use webcam in Yerevan:

1. Good phone/ PC

2 .Strong Internet connection.

3. Enough Mobile data.


It's a nice thing that Yerevan has done, people can actually see what's happening without being there. To be honest I like the idea of an online Camera in Yerevan

Would you want your country to be able to do this Innovative and great invention, just like the online Camera in yeveran.

Tell us the name of your country and what you want want to be added technology. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Are OTG cables Universal: [Quick Answer]

are OTG cables Universal

Before you start wondering : "Are OTG cables universal?" as our title says, let's have a common ground on what we understand by the word, OTG and Universal.

A quick answer to this question (Are OTG cables Universal is NO) and hey don't rush out now, there are alternatives we will discuss in this post. 

What is OTG: 


The truth is I shouldn't have used Word above, because OTG is an acronym for On the Go.

It's a small device that enables you plug in  your flash drive, to your phone, plug in your keyboard, mouse, and other thing like charging another phone.

I talked more about OTG and how to use it in this blog.

What is Universal: 


Universal as a random word means everything right?
Well in relation to OTG in this instance, it's a way of saying that one device can be used on any Gadget.

SO now that we have a scope on what universal is... let's see what a Universal OTG is.

What is a Universal OTG:

A universal OTG is the OTG device  that can be used to connect any phone, irrespective of the type of phone.

What do we mean?

We well know the iPhone 5s charging port right? It's different from the regular Android devices.

Even within Android we have different kinds of USB ports... most especially since the introduction of USB type C.

So an universal OTG can be used to connect and be on the go without stress. so what do you think? Are OTG cables universal? Well let's see!!!

Are OTG cables universal?

This is a very interesting question. The truth is a single OTG cable can't really carry all ports, so the answer?

NO, a SINGLE OTG cable is not universal.


You may be wondering why a SINGLE OTG cable?

This is because there is an alternative, on how to use OTG on all devices.

So let's dive in!!!!

How to use OTG on all devices (Alternatives)  

Trust your fellow men, they know how to solve problems, so they invented an adapter, that has the port of the phone, you may want to use. Even after they have asked: are otg cables Universal?

There are many adapters to fit in the desired phone port.

Each device has its own type of port, so there is not just one type of OTG, we have many of these OTG that has its port to be the iPhone port, or the port to be USB type C, and others.

So if you have an iPhone, go get an iOS type OTG, that can fit well into your phone, that serves as an adapter to you.

If you have each OTG cables to each type of device in relation to their charging port, you can use this to connect your OTG to any phone.

F.A.Q on Are OTG cables Universal?

1. Do all phones support OTG? 

I'm not Happy to say, but not all phones support OTG, because not all have the necessary drivers and hardware store run it.

Why? OTG came around after some phones were produced right? So these phone as a result of being Early models won't be compatible.

Even some phone companies deliberately didn't add otg feature at it's release, maybe they just wanted to give it time.

So if you have a phone that's not old, it should support OTG

How can I check if my phone supports OTG 

You can do this in 2 ways.

1. Using USB OTG checker : I recommend this one because you can know if your phone supports OTG before attempting to buy.

With this app you will know if it's eligible to use OTG.

2. Plug it in: I only recommend this if you've bought it already, so try plug it in, if you hear your notification sound ring up, fine it supports it.

If your Notification sound doesn't ring up, it doesn't support, but you could also try plugging in your flash to confirm your  phone's ineligibility.

What are OTG card readers? 

OTG card readers are OTG devices that can read a micro SD card.

It's used, when you have stored information inside the micro SD card that you want to transfer to phone or from phone to SD card.


So far we have answered the question: Are OTG devices universal?

And now we say a single OTG cables isn't universal but you can use different OTG adapters for each device.

We also discussed some question about otg. If you have any more questions please level of them in the comment section and I'll answer you ASAP.

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Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio? [Guide]:

Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio

Playing games, while [using the graphics card ] either Realtek and Nvidia, can give you smooth, game play.

This may prompt the question: should I use Nvidia or Realtek audio.

Well Don't worry we will answer that, but first let's look at each of the audio drivers, and we will see, each of them and their features.

What is the Nvidia Audio


Nvidia is a company that produces graphics processing units for both games and other professional markets. It can also run on Systems with chip units.

With the Nvidia audio driver, your video card can successful transmit sound through the HDMI cable.

What is the Realtek Audio: 


The Realtek Audio is one of the most used auido drivers in the world because it provides high quality sound,

Once the driver is installed you are given a Realtek HD Audio manger, you can use this to make the sound better and also play efficiently.

Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio? 

Well, the answer to this question (Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio) is not NO or YES.

 But the truth is the two of them works together, (if you use mother board's and HDMI audio)

The Nvidia works with the HDMI output but the Realtek works with onboard (motherboards) audio output.

You can leave the two of them on your system as without the Nvidia driver your HDMI audio won't pick up, and without Realtek, your Motherboard audio output will fail.

Remember why we are using 2 Audio drivers is because of the two audio devices, the Motherboard and the HDMI output.

But if you are using only your Motherboard Audio you can leave your Realtek Audio ans despise the Nvidia audio driver.

If you use the HDMI audio output, then you can leave the Nvidia Audio drivers, and despise the Realtek Audio drivers.

So the question: Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio doesn't have a definite answer. ( YES OR NO).

Rather it all depends on you and what you use as Audio.
But, it's not bad if the two of them are installed, unless you are trying to keep space on your PC.

Additional Guide on choosing Realtek or Nvidia

When choosing be careful that you know exactly what you are going to use, as I said earlier the HDMI Audio is for the Nvidia (this is for the card only),

Well the truth is if you are going to connect the Pc to speakers or audio jacks and head phones  you will need the Realtek Audio driver, and that why I recommend you have both installed.

This is because you can never tell when you will need to connect your PC to head phones or speaker, so for sake of whatever can happen, keep both installed.

How to Install Realtek Audio Drivers

There are two ways:

1. Manually.

2. Automatically (Recommended method).

1. Manually:

This entails extra skills, and more work, if you are not aquincted with computers you can't use this method.

To do this go to Realtek website and then find the driver for your system (the hard part)  and Download it.

If it is Downloaded successfully, double click on the driver you have downloaded and follow the Installation instructions on the screen.

2. Automatically:

As I said it's the recommended way, because it's easy to set up, with just few actions with your mouse.

You can set it up even if you are a newbie in the computer world.

To do this follow the steps below:

  • Download and install Driver Easy 

  • Run the app and click on scan now, this will scan and detect any problem on your drivers.

  • Click the update button next to the Flagged Realtek Audio driver and the version of Realtek Audio driver for your system will be Downloaded. 

  • If you wish to update all drivers click on Update all. 

What if there is conflict between Nvidia and Realtek drivers

If there is conflict uninstall both drivers and reinstall from the MANUFACTURER.

After this is done all should come back to normal.

Note: Make sure you select "speaker ( Realtek High definition Audio)" under the sound management.

Should I use Realtek


So yes both are cool, depending on what you use in your PC but I strongly advice that both should be installed.
They can work together without conflict.

So that's the answer to Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio.

 If you have any more questions please leave them in the comment section below.

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Shadowplay Hotkeys: Nvidia Keyboard Shortcuts to Master in 2019

shadowplay Hotkeys Nvidia

You probably should have come around shadowplay or Nvidia, but you may not heard about Shadowplay hotkeys or shadowplay keyboard shortcuts. 

Either ways, I'll greatly admit that the shadowplay is a great platform especially for good gamers like you (I guess)!!

But to truly become a great gamer, either using. a pad or keyboard, you have to know the controls right? 

But a good gamers that can't navigate quickly around a game isn't effective, and that is why Shadowplay hotkeys are important. 

So let's look in details about the shadowplay keyboard shortcuts.

Shadowplay Hotkeys: What are they? 

This is a feature added to Shadowplay, and enables you to  navigate faster around the game and perform some good functions. 

The shadowplay hotkeys can also be called Nvidia hotkeys, or Nvdia keyword shortcuts, so don't be confused if you see them around. 

I'll explain further what these hotkeys really are: 

For example, we all use computers at home, and most likely our keyboards. To screen shot on PC while playing game or even any thing else you can use the hot keys Win+G. 

Did you notice from the above example that the Hotkeys "WIn+G", comprises of Windows Tab(on keyboard)and G. 

So our hot keys are combinations of keywords functions. 
Let's look at these hot keys or keyboard shortcuts.

Shadowplay Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys:

Below is some a list of these hot keys that can be used in shadow play and their functions: 

We are going to look at them by categorizing them into  sections:

1. Twitch Broadcasting

Alt+F8 toggles broadcasting on/off

Alt+F7 pauses/resumes broadcasting

Alt+F6 toggles the camera on/off while broadcasting

Alt+F12 toggles FPS counter on/off

2. Shadow & Manual

Alt+F10 saves the last X minutes recorded.

Alt+F9 toggles manual recording on/off

Alt+F12 toggles FPS counter on/off

3. Shadow

Alt+F10 saves the last X minutes recorded.

Alt+F12 toggles FPS counter on/off

4. Manual

Alt+F9 toggles manual recording on/off

Alt+F12 toggles FPS counter on/off

Am not going to list all the ekeyboard shortcuts here, but I will help you find it. 

How to Find All Shadownplay Keyboard Shortcuts: 

To find these shortcuts do the following: 

Head over to your preference tab

Scroll done and you will see the shortcuts out listed there. 

The Picture below describes how it looks like. 

Shadowplay Keyboard Shortcuts

Which is the most important of all Shadowplay hotkeys:

The most important Shadow play keyboard Shortcut is the one that helps you to start and stop recording your game. 

By default this keyboard shortucuts is Alt+F9.

This hot key can be changed to your taste. 

How to use the Alt+F9 

It's easy as I said above, it is used to start and stop recorindg the game: 

So if you are playing a game them you would want to use the keyboard shorcuts "Alt+9" to start recording, but if you want to stop recording, use the same "Alt+F9. 

How to set up your Game record with Shadowplay: 

It any to do this, and. I feel it's an alternative to when other functions don't work for you. 

Note: This works for (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Steps to record your Game with Shadowplay: 

1. Open Nvidia Geforce experience( if using a Nvidia card) 

2. Under My Rig in your app, click on Shadowplay to check if  your PC is compactable with it. 

If it is comapactible it will tell you "READY" but if it isn't the app will tell you the reasons. 

3. To switch on Shadowplay, Launch the Nvidia Geforce Experience again and click on Shadow play. 

4. Click the switch at the left hand side of the  shadowplay window, to flip it on.

Nvidia Keyboard Shortcuts

A green light will definitely appear, on your screen, indicating that Shadow play is on, an amazing on (how to know if shadowplay is on). 

By default the Shadow play uses the Shadow and manual method, and so it record the last 5 minutes of your game.
If you press the shadowplay hotkey : Alt+F10, you will save the game to your PC automatically. 

To manually start recording a clip use the Alt+F9 method we learnt about above. 

Where are the clips being stored, after recorindg with Shadowplay shortcuts: 

Your clips are automatically stored in:


So navigate through that to see your already stored clips. 

How to see the FPS counter in Shadowplay: 

Here you will use one of the shadowplay Hotkeys, the hotkey is: Alt+ F12. 

This helps you to see the FPS counter in any game,even if you aren't recoridng it. 

Does Higher FPS means Higher Quality? 

Umm... Yes it does, I remember while I was using the Alt+F12 to check mine, I noticed that when it was at a higher FPS the game was smooth and graphics were awesome.

Let's descirbe why: 

The higher the fps, the more smooth your animation (gameplay) becomes.

 The recommended framerate range is 50 to 60 fps. Any FPS unit higher than that,  your eye can't tell the difference. 

 More is always better ,High fps gives smoother game play and improved gaming experience. 

Does Ram increases FPS? 

You may be able to just run the game with extreme high-end GPU and CPU. 

To actually get higher FPS , it actually depends  on the processor and GPU.

 So in order words, No, RAM doesn't have that much impact on your FPS. Although It is proven that, for some games, it actually increases the FPS slightly.

This is because of the fact that game takes high memory, so you need enough RAM to handle it, and even leave some space, for background activities.  

Wrapping Up: 

So yes shadowplay do have Hotkeys a,do they are better found in the preferences tab. 

I listed the Most important Shadowplay Hotkeys and it remains the Alt+F9 it helps to record a game. 

And the stored game is stored at: 


That pretty much it about Shadowplay Keyboard Shortcuts.
If you  have any questions, drop them in the comment section below. 

I'll be ready to answer them, or do you have any experience, feel free to share. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Valore Wireless Earpiece Review [Honest Review]

Valore wireless earpiece review

If you have been searching the web for a Valore wireless earpiece review then this post ends the wait, because I'll be giving you my review of the Valore wireless earpiece. 

Since 2017 wireless earpiece has being on an increase, and they have been getting more popular, but the thing is these earpiece are expensive, especially the ones that iPhone brought about. 

But in this valore wireless earpiece review we will be seeing two wireless earpiece that Valore has made, and the fun thing they are cheap. 

Note: This is my own Valore wireless earpiece review, it's honest and contains all details 

My honest valore wireless earpiece review

The two earpiece are: 

1. Valore wireless earphones (BTS18)

2. Valore dual Dynamic wireless earphone (BTi36)

Let's look at the first: 

1. Valore wireless earphones (BTS18) 

Valore  wireless earpiece review

This is a nice one though, it's design is cool, although not as stylish as the iPhone wireless earpiece, but it could serve as an alternative.

It's a great one I found for valore wireless earpiece review

This earpiece has a sleek design and is comfortable, you can enjoy 13 hours of good high quality music without charging it. 

It cost $49.90 but is available for $19.99 now which is 60% off.


  1. Wireless range: 10m
  2. Battery type: 230mAh Li-polymer battery
  3. Standby time: Up to 120 hours
  4. Charging time: Up to 1.5 hours
  5. Playback time: Up to 13 hours
  6. Power input: DC5V/300mAh
  7. Micro USB cable length: 300m
  8. Cable length: 300mm up
  9. Dimension (L x W x H): 45 x 50 x 35mm
  10. Material: ABS
  11. Weight: 25g

What's in the Box? 

In the box we have: 

1.Wireless earphones

2.Micro USB charging cable

3.Size S and L ear tips

It's a nice earpiece from this valore wireless earpiece review 

2. Valore dual Dynamic wireless earphone (BTi36)

Valore wireless earpiece review

This is another earphone that we will consider in this Valore earpiece Review, this one has wire, but is connected through Bluetooth. 

It has the maximum quality in these aspect: 

Dual moving coil horns for high fidelity immersion

Answer calls and adjust volume easily with on-cord controls (very cool) 

Ergonomic design for extreme comfort to match active lifestyles. Its one or the r

It's cost $49.90

If you are a smart guy, then this one is for you.


  1. Wireless range: 10m
  2. Battery type: 60mAh polymer
  3. Charging time: 1 hours
  4. Playback time: 4 hours
  5. Standby time: 200 hours
  6. Supports: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  7. Power input: 5V
  8. Cable length: 620mm
  9. Material: Metal
  10. Weight: 12g

What's in the Box: 

  1. Dual dynamic driver wireless earphones
  2. Charging cable (310mm)
  3. Ear tips x 2 pairs

These are the 2 EAR PIECE I could see while researching
 on this topic, but there are some other ones you may consider, they are wireless too. 

Other Valore wireless product: 

1. Valore Redwing – Wireless On-Ear Headphone (HS0016)

Valore wireless earpiece review

This didn't fall under the first two because it is a HEADPHONE. 

But it's still wireless, well let's see. 

This earphone has the style to match with a rich and lifelike audio quality. It has fully-adjustable headband and a pair of trendy matte black round shaped earcup

 This Valore Redwing wireless headphone comes in one incredible package.

In this valore wireless earpiecez I did research and this amazing product.

You stand the chance to Enjoy up to 12 hours of continuous music playback with just 3 hours of charging! If you buy this Head phone. 

It cost about: $39.90


  1. Wireless range: Up to 10m
  2. Built-in battery: 300mAh Lithium polymer battery
  3. Driver: 40mm
  4. Impedance: 32Ω
  5. Standby time: Up to 200 hours
  6. Charging time: Up to 3 hours
  7. Playback time: Up to 12 hours
  8. Power input: DC5V
  9. Material: PVC
  10. Dimensions (L x W x H): 176 x 156 x 77mm
  11. Weight: 140g

What's in the Box: 

  1. Wireless on-ear headphone
  2. 3.5mm Auxiliary cable (1000mm)
  3. USB charging cable (240mm)

2. Valore True Wireless Earbuds With Charging Dock (BTi36)

Valore wireless earpiece review

This is another one, it's an Earbud this time and it' could actually be the iPhone wireless earpiece alternative. 
It cost $69.90

Let's look at the features:

Connect up to two mobile phones simultaneously

Enjoy premium and high quality music without added weight of wires

Store wireless earbuds in a protective case while it recharges


  1. Wireless range: Up to 10m
  2. Earbuds battery type: Built-in 80mAh lithium battery
  3. Charging case battery type: Built-in 600mAh lithium-polymer battery
  4. Standby time: Up to 100 hours
  5. Charging time: Up to 2 hours
  6. Support: A2DP / HFP / HSP
  7. Playback/working time: Up to 3.5 hours
  8. Power input: DC5V
  9. Material: ABS + PC
  10. Dimensions (L x W x H): 92 x 38 x 36mm
  11. Weight: 72g

 What's in the Box: 

  1. Wireless earbuds x 1 pair
  2. Charging dock x 1
  3. USB charging cable (500mm) x 1
  4. Earbuds x 2 pairs
  5. Earhook x 1

So that's it, these are the wireless earpiece, that valore has produced. 

In this Valore wireless earpiece review, we have seen a lot of cheap earpiece to buy.. 

I still agree that none of these match the iPhone wireless earpiece. 

But either case they are also cool. Do you have any question, on this Valore wireless earpiece Review? If you do please ask in the comments section below. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Can I See Who Viewed My Pinterest Profile [Quick Answer]

Can I see who Viewed my Pinterest Profile

If you've ever wondered: Can I See Who Viewed My Pinterest Profile? Then be rest assured that you are not alone. I once asked the same question, but not any more.

I did some research while I was also researching on the best Pinterest Niches, and I came to a conclusion. (A Friend of mine calls it Pinterest Stalking)

I actually like Pinterest, although not in comparison with Google and IG, but it's a real great platform. Its focus on info graphics struck my mind as I noticed that people just share amazing pictures in the platform.

Well let's see:.

Can I See Who Viewed My Pinterest Profile

Can I see who viewed my Pinterest Profile

No, you cannot see who Views your Pinterest Profile, this is because Pinterest has no Tracking system, neither do they feel, that such data will be important to you.

Although Pinterest has a few features, like seeing who repin your post, who follows you, the location of your Audience, their interest and also  their demographics,

Pinterest also let's you know which of your competitors profile your Audience follows.

But if you feel it's important to you, then you like to see the indirect way to see who Viewed your Pinterest Profile:

One of Such way is:

Seeing who Repined your post 

If you own a blog , you could see who repined your post, by going to this url

You have to do this while you are signed in to the browser, before time.

If you don't own a blog you have to reply on your Notification bar to ping you if some one repined your post.

So maybe this could answer: can I see who Viewed my Pinterest account and liked my post?

Because some one who pinned your post definitely likes it.

See Your Audience Details like Location and

Head over to your Pinterest analytics and scroll down to people you reach.

To find the Audience interest, scroll back up to the top of the page and click on Interests at the top of the page .
Wrapping up:

So I'd you've ever wondered can I see who viewed my 
Pinterest Profile, now you have the answer, No you can't.

But even though you can't, you can still know what's going on your Pinterest Profile!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best Pinterest Niches for 2019 and Beyound

Best Pinterest niches

Have you ever wondered what the best Pinterest Niches are? Well, it turns out that these niches are definitely the most popular niches in Pinterest.

I'll be covering all 27 of these niches in this post so stay tuned!

27 Best Pinterest Niches you will love 

Best Pinterest niches

I'll be grouping them with their number of followers.

1. Home Decor- 60.5 Million Followers

2. Art- 54 Million Followers

3. Travel- 52 Million Followers

4. Photography- 47.1 Million Followers

5. DIY & Crafts- 45 Million Followers

6. Design- 44 Million Followers

7. Technology- 38 Million Followers
8. Quotes- 35 Million Followers

9. Food & Drink- 31 Million Followers

10. Humor- 29 Million Followers

11. Gardening- 27.2 Million Followers

12. Tattoos- 27 Million Followers

13. Animals- 25 Million Followers

14. Education- 24 Million Followers

15. Hair & Beauty- 21 Million Followers

16. Health & Fitness- 21 Million Followers

17. Architecture- 20 Million Followers

18. History- 20 Million Followers

19. Celebrities 16.5 Million Followers

20. Kids & Parenting- 14 Million Followers

21. Men’s Fashion- 11.1 Million Followers

22. Weddings- 10.2 Million Followers

23. Geek- 6.9 Million Followers

24. Women’s Fashion- 5.8 Million Followers

25. Birthdays- 4.8 Million Followers

26. Christmas- 4.7 Million Followers

27. Outdoors- 4.4 Million Followers

These are the most popular niches in Pinterest, as you can see the number one had the Highest number of subscribers...

Why you should find the best Pinterest Niches 

It's Advisable you find and decide on these niches, because, the higher the number of persons subscribing, the higher you can get from Monitization.

If you have 60.5 million subcribers to your niche, you have a chance to sell, alot to 60.5 Million persons.

It's much more hopeful, that you will earn more than when you have niche with just 100,000 subscribers....

How to Monitize these best Pinterest Niches: 

You can easily Monitize the popular niches in Pinterest, using the following:

1. Amazon Afiiliate

If you have a niche like Home and decor with 60.5 Millon subscribers, you will see that there is a chance to sell as an Amazon affiliate. .

As a Amazon Affiliate you stand a chance to sell products, to your subscribers, and get 4-10% commission

You can easily entice them to buy on Pinterest as pictures entice people.

You have to leave an affiliate link in each post, and then you can make terrific sales.

2. Ads:

If you own a blog, you can drive traffic to you blogs from these niches

Note that the Pinterest niche must be the same  with that of your blog .

When people land on your blog, you can serve ads by AdSense or even other ad Services.

The rule is the more person who visit, the more you earn.

3. Your products:

If you sell some of the products in your niche, you can also sell to your subscribers as well.


With these best pinterest niches, you can earn a lot, so what are you watching for?

Go ahead and start making some cool cash.

Cmcm Find my Phone :Find your Missing Phone Easily

Cmcm Find my phone

 If you are scared of completely loosing your phone, to some serious thief's, that can take away your details (important ones) then the CM security app, will help you minimize that fear. The Cmcm find my phone feature is surely bae. 

This feature is an anti-theft feature that allows user's to find their missing phone. It's a feature similar to Google Find my Phone. 
If this feature is activated in your phone before theft, you will be able to track your phone's location with a map. 

Other Features of cmcm Find my Phone

1. Ring 

2. Track Remotely

Let's look at them one by one... 

1. Ring

Just like the Google find my phone, this enables you to ring your phone, from whereever it is. 

The app has a very loud ringing tone, this could help when you have located the phone, and you are somewhere close to where it is on the map provided.
You could hear the sound and pick it up. 

2. Track Remotely

This is what you need, in order for you to know when your phone is, it has a tracker with a map, that shows you where exactly your phone is. 

How to Set up the CM Security Locate my Phone. 

It's quite easy to set up this amazing feature,  you have to: 

1. Install the CM security app form Google play store. 

2. Enabled it as a device administrator. 

3. Make sure that your Location is switched on on your own phone. 

4. Make sure you signed up with the app whikle you set up this feature. 

After all of that have been done, if your phone gets missing go to:

And the Job is done!!

Let me show you how to fully enable it. 

How to use CM Security Find My Phone Feature

After  Installation Open the app and: 

1. Click on the link button at the top right hand of the phone. 

2. Tap on Find phone

3. Enable Find phone 

Cmcm find my phone

4. Sign up with your Email account, so the CM security locate your phone feature will be activated.

Cmcm locate my phone

To ensure that the app is an administrator 

Go to : Settings >>Security>>;Device administrators>>;.. If CM security isn't ticked do well to tick it. 

Why does the CM Security app have to be an administrator? 

Nice question, the CM security app has to be an administrator, because, it enables the app perform administrative functions. 

An administrator in your phone is an app that has the ability to carry out functions that non-stop administrators can't and the find my phone feature by CM security is one of these functions. 

So choosing the app as administrator isn't sneaky at all.

Must my Location be Turned on to use the CM find my phone Feature?

Yes!! Your location must be turned on, this is because, it allows the app to be located by the CM SECURITY. 

Thats it for the Cmcm find my phone. Any question? Drop in the comment section below. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Discord Fredboat | Everything You Need To Know

discord fredboat

I was surfing the web and I came across the Discord Fredboat.

 I wasn't sure what it was, but after 3 day of thorough research I was able to get all the information you need. 

What is Discord Fredboat

discord fredboat

 The actual name of this set up is Fredboat, but let's just keep it as Discord Fredboat. 
Fredboat is a Discort music bot, and it delivers high quality music to your personal discord server. 

You can add the music is bot to your discord server without much configuration. 

Features of Discord Fredboat. 

Below are the features of Fredboat, I advantage and why you should go for it. 

1. Wide Range of integration:

The Fredboat can play media files from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Directlinks, and even Twitch. 

It can also support Playist and even your live streams from what ever sources it could be. 

2. YouTube and Soundcloud Search: 

You no longer have to stress your self any more to find the link of a track and then link to it, because with Fredboat.

You can just simply search the name of the song, and then this amazing Music bot will play it for you.

3. Shuffle and Repeat: 

Fredboat have a really great way of shuffling your tracks or music, either in an album playlist or even artist categories. 

It's ability to queue songs for repeat is great, as you can queue only one or 2 songs or the entire song in your space. 

4. Easy and Secure Permission system: 

This is another advantage, on the side of Fredboat for discord. 

At first it was created to be used easily on smaller server, but if you have a bigger server you can simply make sure all actions are from approved user's who have passed through,  authentication . 

This is great as you can choose the persons that can modify the queue easily. 

Fredboat for Discort is Completely Open source:

Definitely, no one is perfect, not one can actually make a perfect music bot, so when Fredboat was launched it was and has always been open source, and am pretty sure they will maintain this pattern. 

This means that improvements made by Fredboat sometimes may come from other persons part of the community of developers, irrespective of being a staff or not.

Advanced user's can even host their own Fredboat. 

How to set up or add Freboat to Discord: 

discord fredboat

It's easy to do this. Follow the steps below: 

  • Tap on Add to Discord. 
  • Make sure you are logged in, if not you will be prompted to log in. 

What are the Music commands in Discord Fredboat:

There are alot of Commands, they are:

1. ;;Playurl: This is used to play a particular song from a given URL. 

2. ;;Play words: Search for a track on YouTube or SoundCloud.

3. ;;queue: To display the queue of the current tracks. 

4. ;;nowplaying: To display the current playing Track. 

5. ;;skip: To Remove the currently playing track from the queue. 

Also: ;;help skip to learn how to skip more than one track

6. ;;voteskip: Vote to skip the current track, you must have at least 50% of the votes. 

7. ;;stop: This is meant for only moderators, it allows them to stop a song or clear a playlist. 

8. ;;pause: To pause the Player

9. ;;Resume: This helps to resume the player. 

10. ;;join: This is to make the Fredboat join your current voice channel. 

11. ;;leave: To let the Fredboat let your Voice channels. 

12. ;;Repeat: Change the repeat mode, 

13. ;;Shuffle: To shuffle the Music by toggling shuffle mode. 

14. ;;reshuffle: To reshuffle the queue. 

15. ;;fwd.time: Foward the track by a GIVEN  amount of time 

16. ;;rew time: to remind the time by a given time. 

17. ;;seek time: To Set the position of the time to a given time. 

 18. ;restart: Restart the currently playing track.

19. ;;history: Show history of recently played tracks.

20. ;;export: Export the current queue to hastebin.

21. ;;split youtube-url: Split a YouTube track into a tracklist based on its description.

23. ;;volume Set the volume (FredBoatPatron only).

24. ;;help command: Show advanced usage of a command

FAQ on Discord Fredboat:

How to Create a role in Discord: 

 To access the channel settings menu, you will have to:
Select the channel you want to adjust settings for 
And then click the cog icon. 

To set permissions for roles or individual members on this channel click the 'Permissions' tab in the Channel Settings menu.

How to Delete Discord Server: 

1. Open up your server settings tab by clicking on the Server Name box: 

2. Click 'Delete Server' at the bottom of the left hand menu, and confirm the server deletion.

How to make a private board channel on Discord

Text Channel: Click on the "+" icon next to "Text Channels." 

Type in the new channel name 

Select the role that has a VIP pass and will only be able to access this channel. 

Finally, click create.

How do you make a group chat I Discord? 

Just click the hang up button. 

You can also try another way out , if you don't have a DM open (or don't want one) with someone you want to call, you can find a call button by hovering over that user's name in your user list: And that wraps up group DMs, calls, and everything associated. 


The Fredboat is a nice part of play in the word music, although trying to cram those commands can be really hard. 

I found have any questions about the Discord Fredboat, you can leave a comment below, and I will get back to you.