Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How long can you Stay without your Phone?

You wake up this morning the first thing you pick is your phone 
You finish your exercise the next thing you pick is your phone 
You finished eating the next thing you pick is your phone 

You are  back from work the next thing you pick is  your  phone 

You are about to sleep but  you decide to check your notifications before you sleep. You pick your phone!!!!! 

This is the common routine for people today who are privileged to have smartphones. I actually hard to stop because we use our phones from Social media to gaming  to taking pictures to making  Bank transactions. So it's just like our phone is part of our life.

Another thing is that we carry our phones everywhere we go to our parties to offices and recently youths carry their phones to toilet surprisingly adults could Join 🤣🤣
Well if you do you have to stop you could end up being like the guy below 😂😂

but now let's hear from you  if you my device is taken away from you how would you be able to cope? We you get mad or will you lose it

Tell us  in the comments section. I'll be waiting for some funny replies☺️



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