Sunday, March 31, 2019

Funny Ways To Answer The Phone [36 Best] +Bonus

Funny ways to answer the phone

Sometimes we need to have fun, either with our Family or our friends and one way we can have such fun is by having funny ways to answer the phone when your friends calls you.

It could also be called Funny phone greetings!
Well having these at your finger tips is very vital as you stand a chance to overtake the conversation into a Fun one...rather than just being dry.

So let's look at some other the funny ways to answer the phone.

My Favorite Funny Ways To Answer The Phone: 

  • Moo?

  •  911, what's your emergency?

  •  If it's a lady, yell "Oooooh! It's a lady!!"


  • The number you have dialed has been disconnected...

  •  *scream like a maniac* Then answer, "Sorry for the interruption."

  • Phone tag, you're it.

  • Get a life.


  •  You're gonna be my new phone buddy.

  • Send someone in with the money and no one gets hurt!

  •  In perverted voice: Hello kiddies.

  •  Don't look outside!

  •  *burp*

  •  My mom keeps her removed warts in jars under our kitchen sink...wanna see?

  •  *In scary voice* It's Freddy Krueger, bitch.

  •  For the nuclear terrorism department, please press 1.

  • You are on a restricted CIA phone line! Get off now!

  •  Fish market. Shark speaking.

  • You rang?

  • If you're a salesman hang up.

  • House of the lord, god speaking

  • If the person says hello first, scream 'Who sent You?!'

  • Bob, mother died! (They wont know how to respond to that.)

  • Are you my stalker?

And here's this picture I saw at Pinterest

Funny phone greetings

Caution Using these Funny ways to answer the phone.

But you still have to be careful while using these funny phone greetings why?
People differ, not every one will like a joke like the ones listed above, and maybe they won't understand it well, and mistake it for an insult!

Try your best to know who you joke with, or the kind of friends that you normally make outdoor jokes with.... It's best you do this to some one VERY close to you like your BEST friend!
So, that's it, I hope you enjoyed these funny ways to answer the phone.


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