How to Change the voice of Your Assistant in Google Assistant


Trust me I actually enjoy playing with this feature on my phone, Using the Google Assistant actually takes boredom away for sometime, and one thing that makes that possible is the Voice of the assistant, with the Google Assistant you can see and hear the resposne of your digital asistant. It seems like you are talking to an actual person.

Since the release of this amazing feature alot of persons have personally wished they could change the voice of their Assistant, honestly I wished so too, little did we know that Google has that Feature embedded in The Google Assistant app.


Although the other voices still sounds robotic but here’s one of the way to change the voice:
Go to settings
Click on Languages and input
Change your keyboard to English (United States).
Long press on the home button to activate Google assistant
Click on the cabinet icon
Click on the 3 dotted icons on the top right corner
Select settings
Click on Personal Preference
And then select Assitant voice!
I tried the above on some phones and it didn’t work, well if you’ve tried that, and it’s unluckily the same case, Don’t worry, Teckiway got you another way to change it.

Just Long press the home button to open Your Google Assistant, then you can now type or say the hot word- “Voice Settings”
Follow the Instructions given to you by your assistant and that’s it, from there you


Note: Make sure your internet connection is ON so as to access and hear the voice options.

Written by AmenaCliff

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