Are OTG cables Universal: [Quick Answer]

are OTG cables Universal

Before you start wondering : “Are OTG cables universal?” as our title says, let’s have a common ground on what we understand by the word, OTG and Universal.

A quick answer to this question (Are OTG cables Universal is NO) and hey don’t rush out now, there are alternatives we will discuss in this post. 


What is OTG: 


The truth is I shouldn’t have used Word above, because OTG is an acronym for On the Go.

It’s a small device that enables you plug in  your flash drive, to your phone, plug in your keyboard, mouse, and other thing like charging another phone.

I talked more about OTG and how to use it in this blog.

What is Universal: 


Universal as a random word means everything right?
Well in relation to OTG in this instance, it’s a way of saying that one device can be used on any Gadget.

SO now that we have a scope on what universal is… let’s see what a Universal OTG is.

What is a Universal OTG:

A universal OTG is the OTG device  that can be used to connect any phone, irrespective of the type of phone.

What do we mean?

We well know the iPhone 5s charging port right? It’s different from the regular Android devices.

Even within Android we have different kinds of USB ports… most especially since the introduction of USB type C.

So an universal OTG can be used to connect and be on the go without stress. so what do you think? Are OTG cables universal? Well let’s see!!!


Are OTG cables universal?

This is a very interesting question. The truth is a single OTG cable can’t really carry all ports, so the answer?

NO, a SINGLE OTG cable is not universal.


You may be wondering why a SINGLE OTG cable?

This is because there is an alternative, on how to use OTG on all devices.

So let’s dive in!!!!

How to use OTG on all devices (Alternatives)  

Trust your fellow men, they know how to solve problems, so they invented an adapter, that has the port of the phone, you may want to use. Even after they have asked: are otg cables Universal?

There are many adapters to fit in the desired phone port.

Each device has its own type of port, so there is not just one type of OTG, we have many of these OTG that has its port to be the iPhone port, or the port to be USB type C, and others.

So if you have an iPhone, go get an iOS type OTG, that can fit well into your phone, that serves as an adapter to you.

If you have each OTG cables to each type of device in relation to their charging port, you can use this to connect your OTG to any phone.


F.A.Q on Are OTG cables Universal?


1. Do all phones support OTG? 

I’m not Happy to say, but not all phones support OTG, because not all have the necessary drivers and hardware store run it.

Why? OTG came around after some phones were produced right? So these phone as a result of being Early models won’t be compatible.

Even some phone companies deliberately didn’t add otg feature at it’s release, maybe they just wanted to give it time.

So if you have a phone that’s not old, it should support OTG


How can I check if my phone supports OTG 

You can do this in 2 ways.

1. Using USB OTG checker : I recommend this one because you can know if your phone supports OTG before attempting to buy.

With this app you will know if it’s eligible to use OTG.

2. Plug it in: I only recommend this if you’ve bought it already, so try plug it in, if you hear your notification sound ring up, fine it supports it.

If your Notification sound doesn’t ring up, it doesn’t support, but you could also try plugging in your flash to confirm your  phone’s ineligibility.

What are OTG card readers? 

OTG card readers are OTG devices that can read a micro SD card.

It’s used, when you have stored information inside the micro SD card that you want to transfer to phone or from phone to SD card.


So far we have answered the question: Are OTG devices universal?

And now we say a single OTG cables isn’t universal but you can use different OTG adapters for each device.

We also discussed some question about otg. If you have any more questions please level of them in the comment section and I’ll answer you ASAP.

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