Best Home Restoration Company in Michigan

Best Home Restoration Company in Michigan


Speaking about the best home restoration company in Michigan, I have found Harris Design Construction to be the best in Michigan.

The Company was founded in the year 2018 and is based in San Francisco; this may intrigue you… how? As to how and why I was willing to know more about Harris design construction, when I’m just a mere customer who has enjoyed their awesome service.

Well nothing more would prompt a customer like me to know more about this company unless they have given me a reason to… the reason?

They did an excellent Job… that’s it.

When I checked the date this company was founded which is 2008, I was surprised that it’s about a year ago now and they are really doing good Job.

Normally I’d expect top notch services from a 10 year old company maybe founded in the year 2009.

But this company proved that the age of a business doesn’t matter.

But let’s talk about what thus company can do.

What we need to know about the Best Home Restoration Company in Michigan- Harris Design Construction

  1. Construction:

Harris Design Construction is obviously a construction company. It’s ability to recommend and use high quality materials and also edible equipments was one of the things that triggered my interest for them.

The company is said to match your needs and at the same time keep all of that within your budget, which I can attest to.

The most important part which also intrigued me is the ability for the employees here to communicate clearly with me regarding my needs, and how I wanted the structure to be constructed to be.

You will also have the chance to get a comprehensible update as to your project as they pass every stage.

  1. Design:

One thing is to build solid structures another is to make it look beautiful…. Harris Design Construction turned my dream building into reality.

In fact I was able to see the visions of my building right in front of me, not as a vision anymore but as a physical building I could touch and hold.

They were able to explain to me all the options available and when I had questions they were promptly answered, this assured me that I had found the best home restoration company in Michigan.

They made effort to work closely with me so they can meet my expectations… and it’s good to know that they surpassed my expectations.

  1. Renovation:

This is the part that really interests me, I wasn’t building a new building I was renovating so I had to find the best home restoration company in Michigan, and Harris Design Construction proved to be that company.

I was amazed at how they got my house a new look, they replaced the low quality materials with high quality ones I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I was sure that these materials would last me for a very long time, longer that I’d expect.

I thought all of this good work would exceed my budget but to my surprise I was able to get all of this rare and good work around and below my original Budget.

I personally recommend Harris Design and Construction Company and I can say that they are the best home restoration company in Michigan.

Written by AmenaCliff

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