Best Pinterest Niches for 2019 and Beyound


Best Pinterest niches

Have you ever wondered what the best Pinterest Niches are? Well, it turns out that these niches are definitely the most popular niches in Pinterest.

I’ll be covering all 27 of these niches in this post so stay tuned!


27 Best Pinterest Niches you will love

Best Pinterest niches

I’ll be grouping them with their number of followers.

1. Home Decor- 60.5 Million Followers

2. Art- 54 Million Followers

3. Travel- 52 Million Followers

4. Photography- 47.1 Million Followers

5. DIY & Crafts- 45 Million Followers

6. Design- 44 Million Followers

7. Technology- 38 Million Followers
8. Quotes- 35 Million Followers

9. Food & Drink- 31 Million Followers

10. Humor- 29 Million Followers

11. Gardening- 27.2 Million Followers

12. Tattoos- 27 Million Followers

13. Animals- 25 Million Followers

14. Education- 24 Million Followers

15. Hair & Beauty- 21 Million Followers

16. Health & Fitness- 21 Million Followers

17. Architecture- 20 Million Followers

18. History- 20 Million Followers

19. Celebrities 16.5 Million Followers

20. Kids & Parenting- 14 Million Followers

21. Men’s Fashion- 11.1 Million Followers

22. Weddings- 10.2 Million Followers

23. Geek- 6.9 Million Followers

24. Women’s Fashion- 5.8 Million Followers

25. Birthdays- 4.8 Million Followers

26. Christmas- 4.7 Million Followers

27. Outdoors- 4.4 Million Followers

These are the most popular niches in Pinterest, as you can see the number one had the Highest number of subscribers…

Why you should find the best Pinterest Niches

It’s Advisable you find and decide on these niches, because, the higher the number of persons subscribing, the higher you can get from Monitization.

If you have 60.5 million subcribers to your niche, you have a chance to sell, alot to 60.5 Million persons.

It’s much more hopeful, that you will earn more than when you have niche with just 100,000 subscribers….


How to Monitize these best Pinterest Niches: 

You can easily Monitize the popular niches in Pinterest, using the following:

1. Amazon Afiiliate

If you have a niche like Home and decor with 60.5 Millon subscribers, you will see that there is a chance to sell as an Amazon affiliate. .

As a Amazon Affiliate you stand a chance to sell products, to your subscribers, and get 4-10% commission

You can easily entice them to buy on Pinterest as pictures entice people.

You have to leave an affiliate link in each post, and then you can make terrific sales.


2. Ads:

If you own a blog, you can drive traffic to you blogs from these niches

Note that the Pinterest niche must be the same  with that of your blog .

When people land on your blog, you can serve ads by AdSense or even other ad Services.

The rule is the more person who visit, the more you earn.


3. Your products:

If you sell some of the products in your niche, you can also sell to your subscribers as well.


With these best pinterest niches, you can earn a lot, so what are you watching for?

Go ahead and start making some cool cash.

Written by AmenaCliff

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