Can I See Who Viewed My Pinterest Profile [Quick Answer]



Can I see who Viewed my Pinterest Profile

If you’ve ever wondered: Can I See Who Viewed My Pinterest Profile? Then be rest assured that you are not alone. I once asked the same question, but not any more.

I did some research while I was also researching on the best Pinterest Niches, and I came to a conclusion. (A Friend of mine calls it Pinterest Stalking)

I actually like Pinterest, although not in comparison with Google and IG, but it’s a real great platform. Its focus on info graphics struck my mind as I noticed that people just share amazing pictures in the platform.

Well let’s see:.

Can I See Who Viewed My Pinterest Profile

Can I see who viewed my Pinterest Profile

No, you cannot see who Views your Pinterest Profile, this is because Pinterest has no Tracking system, neither do they feel, that such data will be important to you.

Although Pinterest has a few features, like seeing who repin your post, who follows you, the location of your Audience, their interest and also  their demographics,

Pinterest also let’s you know which of your competitors profile your Audience follows.

But if you feel it’s important to you, then you like to see the indirect way to see who Viewed your Pinterest Profile:

One of Such way is:


Seeing who Repined your post

If you own a blog , you could see who repined your post, by going to this url

You have to do this while you are signed in to the browser, before time.

If you don’t own a blog you have to reply on your Notification bar to ping you if some one repined your post.

So maybe this could answer: can I see who Viewed my Pinterest account and liked my post?

Because some one who pinned your post definitely likes it.


See Your Audience Details like Location and

Head over to your Pinterest analytics and scroll down to people you reach.

To find the Audience interest, scroll back up to the top of the page and click on Interests at the top of the page .
Wrapping up:

So I’d you’ve ever wondered can I see who viewed my 
Pinterest Profile, now you have the answer, No you can’t.

But even though you can’t, you can still know what’s going on your Pinterest Profile!

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