Chocoeukor : A Samsung Bloatware App | What is Chocoeukor


So if you have been using your Samsung phone and going Through your list of apps you may have noticed the Chocoeukor app.


Is Chocoeukor a Virus?


The first time I saw the Chocoeukor app I thought it was a Malicious software and I got super scared that I’ve been spied on all these while.


But I was wrong!


Yeah you saw that right Phew!!!


So if you have that fear that’s it’s a malware save yourself the stress and chill, it’s not a virus, but it’s actually something helpful to a few people though.


Alright let’s Find out now what the Chocoeukor app is.

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What is Chocoeukor?


Okay, so the Chocoeukor as we have said earlier is not a malware but it is an app that allows you to change your font, and in most cases it’s usually For Korean Fonts.


It allows users to view the text in Korean and also write in Korean. cool huh?


So if your Korean, you got it!!! 🙌🙏🙏


This app is bloatware and is like Samsung’s default app, so it’s totally safe, it comes installed in the device and isn’t installed as a result of the desires of the user.


Should I Uninstall Chocoeukor?


It’s a personal choice though, but it depends on if you’re going to use it.


For example, I don’t use Korean Fonts and Text so I really don’t need it.


While some People may still be with it, facts remains that this app consumes battery and Space.


Another Reason why I’ll unistall the Chocoeukor app.


Okay what If you decide to uninstall the app?


How can you do that?


How to Uninstall Chocoeukor


Now, the app is bloatware.




What the hell is that?


Well a Bloatware is a pre installed app in other words: It’s an app that is installed by default by the Manufacturer.


These apps are deemed useful by the Manufacturer, in this case Samsung.


Now these apps are some times unnecessary like in the case of this app.


But the issues now is the fact that these apps are hard to uninstall.


Or legally impossible to uninstall, and that’s one reason why it’s called a bloatware, because it can’t be installed easily…


So how then can we remove a bloatware like Chocoeukor?


There’s always a way out 😁


One of the most effective (but dangerous) ways is Rooting your device and uninstalling it.


Without Rooting or Jailbreaking your device it’s impossible to delete some bloatwares.


But are there risks to doing this?


Well, there is a risk to rooting your device but not a risk to removing Chocoeukor.


If you’re under warranty I plead with you to wait till when the warranty period is over, so you don’t void your warranty.


Warranty doesn’t cover rooted devices.


If you’re clear with the warranty, make sure that it’s done properly, so that you don’t end up spoiling your device.


Apart from this risk, there is no other issue with uninstalling the app.


Personally I won’t root my device as it could break my device when I’m trying to update it, which is very risky.

So personally I won’t take that action, but as I said earlier, it’s a personal decision.




So yeah, we have seen what is Chocoeukor, and also a basic overview of the Chocoeukor.



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Written by AmenaCliff


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  1. I have the Chocoeukor app already in my phone, I just noticed it today, have no idea where it is or how to use it. I do however want the option for different fonts. Is there a suggested app you have in mind? Also, will the font text appear on other phones, or is it only on your personal phone for your viewing pleasure? I would also love the option to text people a colored font. Ha especially when angry, it would be awesome to text choosen words in red ink. Is there a way to use color ink for the fonts? I downloaded one called ‘text art’ however I don’t believe your choosen font Is used for everything, I think it gets sent in a text like a multimedia message..

    • Hi Sherry,

      I personally like the ideology behind the app you desire.

      As at now, i do not know any app that can do that, If I find one, I’ll send you an email

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