ClickBank Nigeria: Fast Way To Open Click Bank Account in Nigeria  


Some people have been worried about clickbank Nigeria, and if it is possible to open a click bank account in Nigeria, to be honest 100% of people looking for a clickbank account in Nigeria are internet marketers like you too who are also looking for how to open a clickbank account in Nigeria.


Well the reason why this is a sort after guide is because ClickBank is a very lucrative platform for affiliate marketers, and also clickbank isn’t allowed in Nigeria, because Clickbank has banned Nigerians from using its platform.

Despite the restrictions, it is obvious that because of the fact that clickbank is very lucrative a lot of Nigerian internet marketers are interested in still owning a clickbank account as it is usually very lucrative and you can make a lot of money with it.


But the fact remains that not everyone can create a clickbank account in Nigeria, and it’s not as easy as some people think, in fact you have to go through a lot of processes.


But we still need to find a way to open click bank account for Nigerians, so what do we do?

It happens to be that a few Nigerians including myself made some deep research on how to open clickbank account in Nigeria, some of us didn’t make any research but we used our hard earned money to learn how to create clickbank Nigeria account.


What Others have done to open ClickBank Nigeria Account:

Some persons who really want to earn from ClickBank have found some ways to get this account, I will show you how one of my friends was able to get this account that he always wanted.


He had some friends in other countries, these countries are not black-listed from using Clickbank and one can successfully open a clickbank Nigeria account through this, it works. Let me tell you how.

Since Creating a clickbank account outside Nigeria isn’t bad and is allowed, we are made to understand that these persons used their friends who live abroad (the countries not black listed to use clickbank) like the USA and the UK, to create a click bank account for them from their country.


Why I didn’t use this Method to create my  Clickbank Nigeria Account:

Well, I tried my best to make sure that I didn’t put my business in Jeopardy. How?

It is true that some friends can be trusted but sometimes it has some limitations, as we can never really tell the intention of the other person.

So what do we do? We try our best to keep some information with our selves especially our financial details which include your clickbank account as it is a means of generating income for you so it shouldn’t just be with anyone.

If you have a friend that you feel can help you create a clickbank account in Nigeria make sure THAT YOU TRUST HIM/HER before giving him/her the opportunity to create your ClickBank Nigerian account if not you may end up generating money through affiliate marketing and it is withdrawn to the wrong bank account.

So what if you don’t have a friend abroad, or if you don’t want anyone to have unauthorized access to your account, what do you do?


Well, I know what you can do to get this account let’s Go!

The Working Method to Creating a Good ClickBank Account in Nigeria:

This is the method I know and the one I personally used to create my clickbank affiliate account, and It is the best method I have seen so far.

But there is a problem, I cannot show you how I am able to create this account as I don’t have the right to do so, else my partner will be angry with me.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t get your clickbank account Nigeria, as I am sincerely interested in getting you a clickbank affiliate account in Nigeria.


So the only way out now is to pay me a little token to open one for you in less than one hour (1 hour)

That’s cool right? That way you will be able to get your clickbank account ASAP, and start banking decent money home.

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Seems you want proof that I can open a clickbank account? Don’t worry, I’ll prove it to you now.

Click bank Nigeria




clickbank Nigeria



As you see can see above that is my Verification Email from ClickBank and also my Click Bank Dashboard as well.

So you need this same account too, just I needed it and I got it, and I know a lot of persons need this clickbank Nigeria account,  My boss told me this is worth #20,000 Naira, but he also let me charge whatever I want to.

I decide that I am going to give you 75% off and offer this account creation for just #5,000.

A lot of people are charging 10,000 and above, but I am giving you half that price, but this won’t last long.

Maybe when you come back here it will have gone up to #10,000 -15,000.

If you don’t want to pay *2 or *3 of what you will pay today in the future, hit me up on Whatsapp.

Let’s talk first before I create your account, I’ll send you my bank details on Whatsapp not here.



Other FAQ about ClickBank Account in Nigeria:

  •         How do I withdraw my Earnings on Clickbank?

To withdraw your earnings on ClickBank you will need a Payoneer account to be  able to collect your money from ClickBank, so do well to open one prior or after I create your account.

  •         Do I Need to Use VPN to login after account is created?

NO! You don’t need a VPN to access your account, rather just make sure that you have your password in your memory.



So now we know that it is possible to create a Clickbank Nigerian account, I hope you will be able to get a click bank account in Nigeria by contacting me ASAP.

Written by AmenaCliff

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