Cmcm Find my Phone :Find your Missing Phone Easily


Cmcm Find my phone

If you are scared of completely loosing your phone, to some serious thief’s, that can take away your details (important ones) then the CM security app, will help you minimize that fear. The Cmcm find my phone feature is surely bae.

This feature is an anti-theft feature that allows user’s to find their missing phone. It’s a feature similar to Google Find my Phone.
If this feature is activated in your phone before theft, you will be able to track your phone’s location with a map.
1. Ring
2. Track Remotely
Let’s look at them one by one…
1. Ring:
Just like the Google find my phone, this enables you to ring your phone, from whereever it is.
The app has a very loud ringing tone, this could help when you have located the phone, and you are somewhere close to where it is on the map provided.
You could hear the sound and pick it up.
2. Track Remotely:
This is what you need, in order for you to know when your phone is, it has a tracker with a map, that shows you where exactly your phone is.

How to Set up the CM Security Locate my Phone. 

It’s quite easy to set up this amazing feature,  you have to:
1. Install the CM security app form Google play store.
2. Enabled it as a device administrator.
3. Make sure that your Location is switched on on your own phone.
4. Make sure you signed up with the app whikle you set up this feature.
After all of that have been done, if your phone gets missing go to:
And the Job is done!!
Let me show you how to fully enable it.

How to use CM Security Find My Phone Feature

After  Installation Open the app and:
1. Click on the link button at the top right hand of the phone.

2. Tap on Find phone

3. Enable Find phone


Cmcm find my phone


4. Sign up with your Email account, so the CM security locate your phone feature will be activated.


Cmcm locate my phone


To ensure that the app is an administrator
Go to : Settings >>Security>>;Device administrators>>;.. If CM security isn’t ticked do well to tick it.

Why does the CM Security app have to be an administrator? 

Nice question, the CM security app has to be an administrator, because, it enables the app perform administrative functions.
An administrator in your phone is an app that has the ability to carry out functions that non-stop administrators can’t and the find my phone feature by CM security is one of these functions.

So choosing the app as administrator isn’t sneaky at all.


Must my Location be Turned on to use the CM find my phone Feature?

Yes!! Your location must be turned on, this is because, it allows the app to be located by the CM SECURITY.
Thats it for the Cmcm find my phone. Any question? Drop in the comment section below.

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