Com.lge.launcher3 : What is it? What’s the Use?


If you use an LG phone, and you go to the list of apps and you see the system apps you will see one app labelled : Com.lge.launcher3


This has confused a lot of people and have even made some think that it’s malware like in the case of Chocoeukor.


But it seems, no not seems!! It’s not a virus or Malware it’s actually launcher of your Lg phone.


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So let’s see what these things are bit by bit.


What is the Com.lge.launcher3


This is an app, not just any type of app,but it’s a very important app in the phone, it’s your launcher.


Every phone has a launcher and it’s very important and useful today, without it, I’ll say a phone is kinda useless.


A launcher is what improves the UI of your phone.


Let’s take for example.


Before you searched for Com.lge.launcher3, you may have opened a browser right?


If you don’t see the icon to open the browser can you open it?


Typically No!


For the common user who may not know how to navigate properly if at all there is another way to open the browser, won’t be able to launch it.


So a Launcher is very important to every phone user.


In most cases it allows you to add extra features and additions to modify home screens and also to customize the whole phone.


There are lots of Launchers online but each producer produces its own all along.


That’s where the Com.lge.launcher3, comes in.


The Com.lge.launcher3, is LG’s  own launcher which comes along with your phone, it’s the default Launcher designed and crafted by the manufacturer.


But some has been skeptical about the numbers and the alphabet on the name looking like that of a malware 


But in reality that’s not true.


The lge there means LG electronics, as it’s always found on lg smartphones 


The Launcher 3 is the general name given to all Launchers used on Android as it comes with an Android OS.


What is the Com.lge.launcher3 used for?


The app is used to launch other apps on your phone, it’s the default Android launcher for all LG devices


With it you can make some customization to your home screen and also your phone as a whole.


Change wallpapers and themes.




So we have learnt about the Com.lge.launcher3, have more questions?


Drop it in the comment section below.

Written by AmenaCliff

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