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If you are looking for a design bundle review then this is the right place, as I will be reviewing this software today.
Do well to read this to the end as I would be giving you a bonus if you buy from my affiliate link.

What is Design Bundle?

Design bundle is a software that encompasses 10 other minor packages, with the help of this software you can create the best marketing designs ever.
It is also said to have a commercial License in the FE.

 More information about Design bundle:

Product name: Design Bundle
Vendor/Creator: Ifiok Nkem
Date of Release: 8th March, 2019. at 11:00am EST
Sales page: Coming soon+ Bonus from Teckiway

SO that’s more about the product now let’s go proper into the design bundle review.

Design Bundle Review

In this part of design bundle review we will be looking at the various 10 package inside the design bundle software.
SO without Further Ado let’s get started.

1. Design bundle #1- Landing Page Builder

design bundle page builder
If you own a website or you are anticipating to then this is the right one of you as it gives a cool design to your landing page.
It’s a Drag and drop Landing page creator that allow you to create a landing page within minutes, and trust me it’s going to be beautiful.

It’s done by adding pre-designed elements called blocks and this doesn’t require any coding skills at all.
Note: It comes with a lot of pre-installed elements and professional landing page templates and you an edible them to your choice.

2. Design bundle #2- Pixa Graphics Designer.

design bundle graphics designer
Regardless of the fact that you may have ZERO skills on designs, the tool will enable you to drop jaw-dropping graphics in just a matter of minutes.
With this tool you can create:

  • Facebook Banner ads
  • Social media covers
  • Posts
  • E-covers
  • Business cards
  • Presentation covers
  • T-shirts
  • Memes e.t.c
You don’t need to have Technical skills before you can create awesome graphics with this tool.
In this design bundle review we have seen two out of 8 packages let’s see more.

3. Design bundle #3- Logo Creator:

design bundle logo deisgner
No Doubt this is one of the best tool that we will discuss in this design bundle review, this because most people are looking for new logos for their businesses and this tool can help a long way.
The tool is powered by A.I (Artificial intelligence) and Thai feature allows you to create awesome logos for your business and clients.
It has 545,000 pre-installed SVG Icons.
This show it works:
You answer a few questions about your business and then it creates a stunning logo for you, and the Design can be edited and customized. 

4. Design bundle#4- E-cover creator:

design bundle e-cover creator
With this tool you can create e-covers for your eBook, on Amazon or anywhere else you choose to sell.
Its designs are in 3D and it could also be used for software packages.
Some people judge a book/software by its cover, so having a great Design will impress them and will get you more sales.
 The app is loaded with 500+ beautiful cover template.

No doubt this design bundle review has uncovered a lot of wonderful software packages.

5. Design bundle #5- Mock-up Designs:

design bundle mock up designs
This design bundle review would not be complete if this tool isn’t mentioned.
This software allows you to generate mock-ups beautiful mock-ups in seconds, Thai will help you to showcase you work, shape or idea/concept.
There are 100+ pre-installed templates for mock-ups and it includes laptops, watches, desktop, iPad etc.

6. Design bundle #6- Scene Creator

design bundle scene creator
With this package you can create different scenes for your mock-ups and desk mock-up is cool for this.
It’s just a Drag and drop software, with about 300 movable items
Oh don’t think it’s hard now: It’s simple, choose a scene and desk style, add accessories, add text, add backgrounds, you can also decide to add text and at the end export your scene.
This is another amazing package I’ve seen so far in this design bundle review.

7. Design Bundle #7- Stock Explorer:

design bundle stock explorer
This is another essential tool we must mention in this design bundle review.
This is a huge library of all sorts of: Royalty free Visual Content. Featuring 2 million+ Images, 10,000+ Vectors, 100,000+ HD Videos, 2,500+ HQ Clip art, 1,500+ Audio Tracks, 5,000+Video Backgrounds, 8,000+ Animated Graphics and there are much more you will see when you buy this software.

8. Design bundle #8- Flexible images

design bundle flexible images
This is a library of about 15,000 images that are transparent and they could blend into any other project perfectly well.
It is compatible with also all the graphic, video, web design, presentation, cloud based apps. So this is an advantage for you here.

9. Design bundle #9- e-Book Creator:

design bundle e-book creator
This is another amazing tool we will discuss I think design bundle review; it allows you to create a BEAUTIFUL eBook..
If you had a BORING document, you can turn it to an eye popping design in a matter of minutes.
Together with the e-book cover creator, you will have a great E-book.
It helps more efficiently when it comes to:
Create lead Magnets, Reports, Novels, how tos, Tutorials, E-books, Courses, Magazines, Journals, DIY Articles, Textbooks, Fiction, Resources, Cheat sheets, Roadmaps, etc.
With this tool you can be able to achieve a lot 

10. Design bundle #10- Video to GIF bundle:

design bundle video to GIF
This tool will help you to convert videos to GIF, you can crop out a part on the video and convert it to GIF.
You can upload your mp4, avi, WebM, flv, wmv and many other popular types of video and rich media files to turn them into high quality animated GIFs.

Design Bundle BONUS PACKAGE (11) Viral Quote Creator:

design bundle quote creator
This design bundle review  won’t be complete without a bonus from our vendors.

This quote maker can instant get filtered quotes out of the 421,500 quotes (pre-installed) and when you search a Keyword.
It can also match images to your quote making it unique.
Hey this isn’t the end of the design bundle Review.

What things can Design bundle produce? – Design Review part II

design bundle review
Designs bundle can produce the following:
  • Facebook Banners
  • Twitter Graphics
  • T-Shirt Designs
  • Instagram Templates
  • e-books/ Kindle Covers
  • Viral quotes
  • LinkedIn Graphics
  • Business cards
  • Info -Products

Where should I buy Design bundle?

You can buy the design bundle with a link I’ll drop in this page soon
You should use that link as I’ll be giving a bonus worth $50 to you if you use my link.


Yes, we’re done with this design bundle review, it’s a nice software and you have to buy it now!
If you have questions drop them below in the comment section!

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