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discord fredboat

I was surfing the web and I came across the Discord Fredboat.

I wasn’t sure what it was, but after 3 day of thorough research I was able to get all the information you need.

discord fredboat


 The actual name of this set up is Fredboat, but let’s just keep it as Discord Fredboat.
Fredboat is a Discort music bot, and it delivers high quality music to your personal discord server.
You can add the music is bot to your discord server without much configuration.

Features of Discord Fredboat. 

Below are the features of Fredboat, I advantage and why you should go for it.
1. Wide Range of integration:
The Fredboat can play media files from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Directlinks, and even Twitch.
It can also support Playist and even your live streams from what ever sources it could be.
2. YouTube and Soundcloud Search: 
You no longer have to stress your self any more to find the link of a track and then link to it, because with Fredboat.
You can just simply search the name of the song, and then this amazing Music bot will play it for you.
3. Shuffle and Repeat: 
Fredboat have a really great way of shuffling your tracks or music, either in an album playlist or even artist categories.
It’s ability to queue songs for repeat is great, as you can queue only one or 2 songs or the entire song in your space.
4. Easy and Secure Permission system: 
This is another advantage, on the side of Fredboat for discord.
At first it was created to be used easily on smaller server, but if you have a bigger server you can simply make sure all actions are from approved user’s who have passed through,  authentication .
This is great as you can choose the persons that can modify the queue easily.

Fredboat for Discort is Completely Open source:

Definitely, no one is perfect, not one can actually make a perfect music bot, so when Fredboat was launched it was and has always been open source, and am pretty sure they will maintain this pattern.
This means that improvements made by Fredboat sometimes may come from other persons part of the community of developers, irrespective of being a staff or not.
Advanced user’s can even host their own Fredboat.

How to set up or add Freboat to Discord: 



discord fredboat
It’s easy to do this. Follow the steps below:


  • Tap on Add to Discord.
  • Make sure you are logged in, if not you will be prompted to log in.

What are the Music commands in Discord Fredboat:

There are alot of Commands, they are:
1. ;;Playurl: This is used to play a particular song from a given URL.
2. ;;Play words: Search for a track on YouTube or SoundCloud.
3. ;;queue: To display the queue of the current tracks.
4. ;;nowplaying: To display the current playing Track.
5. ;;skip: To Remove the currently playing track from the queue.
Also: ;;help skip to learn how to skip more than one track
6. ;;voteskip: Vote to skip the current track, you must have at least 50% of the votes.
7. ;;stop: This is meant for only moderators, it allows them to stop a song or clear a playlist.
8. ;;pause: To pause the Player
9. ;;Resume: This helps to resume the player.
10. ;;join: This is to make the Fredboat join your current voice channel.
11. ;;leave: To let the Fredboat let your Voice channels.
12. ;;Repeat: Change the repeat mode,
13. ;;Shuffle: To shuffle the Music by toggling shuffle mode.
14. ;;reshuffle: To reshuffle the queue.
15. ;;fwd.time: Foward the track by a GIVEN  amount of time
16. ;;rew time: to remind the time by a given time.
17. ;;seek time: To Set the position of the time to a given time.
 18. ;restart: Restart the currently playing track.
19. ;;history: Show history of recently played tracks.
20. ;;export: Export the current queue to hastebin.
21. ;;split youtube-url: Split a YouTube track into a tracklist based on its description.
23. ;;volume Set the volume (FredBoatPatron only).
24. ;;help command: Show advanced usage of a command

FAQ on Discord Fredboat:

How to Create a role in Discord: 

 To access the channel settings menu, you will have to:
Select the channel you want to adjust settings for
And then click the cog icon.
To set permissions for roles or individual members on this channel click the ‘Permissions’ tab in the Channel Settings menu.

How to Delete Discord Server: 

1. Open up your server settings tab by clicking on the Server Name box:
2. Click ‘Delete Server’ at the bottom of the left hand menu, and confirm the server deletion.

How to make a private board channel on Discord

Text Channel: Click on the “+” icon next to “Text Channels.”
Type in the new channel name
Select the role that has a VIP pass and will only be able to access this channel.
Finally, click create.

How do you make a group chat I Discord? 

Just click the hang up button.
You can also try another way out , if you don’t have a DM open (or don’t want one) with someone you want to call, you can find a call button by hovering over that user’s name in your user list: And that wraps up group DMs, calls, and everything associated.


The Fredboat is a nice part of play in the word music, although trying to cram those commands can be really hard.
I found have any questions about the Discord Fredboat, you can leave a comment below, and I will get back to you.

Written by AmenaCliff

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