Does Sprint Work in Mexico: A Detailed Answer

Does Sprint Work in Mexico
Does Sprint Work in Mexico |

Are you going out of the United States  for a business trip or for a vacation, and the preferred destination is Mexico, you may ask:

Does Sprint Work in Mexico” 
Maybe you don’t want to pay for the Sprint Termination Fee Waiver, to terminate your Contract, but either ways there is always a way out. 

But first let’s see if Sprint has coverage in Mexico.
I’ll make it brief and quick.

 Yes Sprint Works in Mexico, but not until you let Sprint know that you are moving there. 

Let us now see how we can let Sprint know about this change in location.

How to Inform Sprint that you want to access Network in Mexico: 

There are some ways you can use to communicate with Sprint in this regard. 
Let’s see them below: 

1. Through the Web: 

Copy and Paste this link below and paste it in your browser. 
Select Travelling Internationally with a Sprint device
Select the Country and the City you are travelling to. 
It will show you a list of devices compactable with the city you are travelling to. 

Pricing of Sprint services in Mexico: 

  • Voice Pricing: $1.69 per Minute 
  • Data Pricing: $0.016 per KB-KIlobyte  (GSM)
  • Special Data Pricing: 1x/Ev Data: $0.002 per KB- Kilobyte
  • Text Pricing: Send: $0.50per recipient; Received: $0.15 per msg [Messages]
Note: You must be signed in to access this

2. Contacting Customer Care

You will have to call (888) 226-7212 which is available (24×7) from the US, to enable international roaming, on your device. You  can also ask any other questions you are on international roaming. 
Here are other things to note with this method: 

  • If you are asking for roaming service and have not left the country: (888) 226-7212.
  • If you have already traveled outside of the United States and are asking for roaming service or need help  with roaming service:  do well to call this number: (817) 698-4199
  • If you are having technical issues while traveling internationally: (888) 226-7212

Take advantage of the Sprint Premuim Plan for Mexico:

does Sprint Works in Mexico

Benefits of Sprint Unlimited plans know no borders. Customers with compactable smart mobile phones  can have the opportunity to enjoy:

  • Free 4G/LTE high-speed data, calls and texts while in Canada and Mexico.
  • 5GB high-speed data with Sprint Unlimited Basic
  • 10GB high-speed data with Sprint Unlimited Plus
  • Unlimited 4G LTE high-speed data with Sprint Unlimited Premium

Wrapping up: 

So yes we have found the answer to Does Sprint work in Mexico, and other information around it.

If you have any question regarding this, leave a comment in the comment section below. Or if you have experienced this before, you can such experiences below. 

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