How to download FCMB Purple plus for Android easily


How to download FCMB Purple plus on Android

FCMB has released the purple plus app for Android users, and the first question I heard since it’s release is: how to download FCMB Purple plus for Android. 

So without Further Ado, let’s answer that question, then we will get to other related questions.


How to download FCMB Purple plus for Android

Definitely the heart of Android apps lies In Google’s play store. That’s where FCMB has placed this app.

So to download FCMB Purple plus, one has to go to Google’s play store.

Steps to follow:

1. Open Google’s Play store

2. Search on the search bar: “Purple plus”

3. Choose the first option with a purple color icon: see screen shot below

Purple plus

4. Tap on Install

5. After installation is complete open the Purple plus app by FCMB.

If you have further request or issues you can call their contact centre on 01-2798800, 07003290000 or send email to

So now that we’ve learned how to download FCMB Purple plus app on Android, let’s now look at other questions you may have ask.

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F.A.Q on FCMB’S Purple plus: 


What is FCMB:

I didn’t expect this question to come from a user, but either ways:

FCMB is a Nigerian bank and the FCMB stands for First City Momentum Bank

It’s vision is to provide a better banking system for Africa.

The headquarter is at Lagos and in 2011 it’s total assets were summed up to be $3.65 Billion.

So FCMB is a nice bank to deal with.

What is the Purple plus app for?

This is an app brought by FCMB so as to handle all personal and business finance quickly and more efficiently.

This app is fast and it’s secure which is more important.
The features are easy to use and users can easily Navigate through the app too find their way

Where ever you are, you can manage your cards easily and conveniently.

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The Purple Plus app should be a nice system added to the collections of FCMB. Share this post so your friends can know how to download FCMB Purple plus app for Android.

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