How to Duplicate a Word Document easily.

We all use Microsoft Word, and there may be times we want  to clone a word document but we don’t know exactly how to duplicate a word document.
Some times we may want to make a duplicate and at the same time don’t want to make any changes to the original copy.
This post will show you how to do just that
Let’s dive in:

1.   Open as A Copy


This feature is particularly seen in Ms word 2013 or 2016.
Here’s how to use it.


  • Open your Ms word app
  • On your Recent tabs locate the file you want to open
  • If it’s there Right click on it and click on Open as a Copy


How to Duplicate a Word Document easily.


  • But if the article you want to clone is not there, left click  on “Open other Documents”

How to Duplicate a Word Document

  • It leads to the Open tab:
  • Click on Computer if the file is in your PC
How to Duplicate a Word Document
  • or If it isn’t then you will have to:
  • Click on  One drive if you saved the file in the cloud.

  • A Recent tab opens, if it’s among the Files nice, but if it’s not click on Browse.
How to Duplicate a Word Document easily.


  • Locate your file and instead of using the Open, click on the Drop down list


  •     Choose Open as Copy
How to Duplicate a Word Document easily.


The clone of the Original file is opened.


2. Copy and Paste  to another File

Alright you guessed right, this is the most common way of doing it.
You simply copy the text on the Existing file and create another File and then paste the copied value.
Let’s go step by step on how to do this.


  • Right click on the MS word sheet.
  • A pop up appears, choose Select all,
  • Or you can manually highlight what you want to highlight by using your mouse
  • A black highlighter highlights all Text and Images on document.
  • Right Click again and select Copy or use CRT + C
  • Now open another File as New(blank) document.
  • Right Click on the Blank Space of the App
  • Choose Paste.
  • Your Text and image( If there is) is cloned to another file
  • Save your File using the Save or Save as Function, you could add “(duplicate)” at the end of the Project name



So you see, it’s actually great you’ve learned how to duplicate a word document, definitely now you can clone your own word document.
I’ll be ready to entertain any question you had during the process of trying the guide out, drop it and I’ll get back to you.

Written by AmenaCliff

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