Crazy Earning Apps In Pakistan [You’ve Never Heard about]

earning app in Pakistan
It’s not far from the truth that We can make money online, through some make money online apps in Pakistan, that’s why I’ll show you some few Earning apps in Pakistan.
It’s easy to make some few bucks online using these apps as some of them only require you to complete some surveys and also install some apps, the last one in the list will require more work though
Let’s see, follow through the list below, and I’ll talk more about these Earning apps in Pakistan.
1. App Trailers- iOS and Android Pay per Download
2. Check points
3. Easy Shift
4. Field Agent – Mobile Market Research and Mobile Audits
5.Gig Walk

6.Shop Kick

7. Fiverr

Let’s Talk more about these Earning Apps in Pakistan.

1. App Trailers- iOS and Android Pay per Download.

earning app in Pakistan

By watching Online videos and Downloading apps, this app, rewards you with gift cards, which you can sell and also you can convert the rewards into Money through Pay Pal.
Good for both iPhone and Android users.

2. Check Points

This is another earning app you can use to make money in Pakistan, you are asked to scan items, Check at Different stores, and also Play games, and complete some offers/surveys.

Your Rewards can be converted to discount, Gift cards and even products.

It’s not so cool because you can’t pay out through Pay Pal, but it’s not that bad as you can sell your gift cards.

3. Easy Shift

This app is exclusively for iPhone users, they can earn from exploring their own City and taking photos
It’s Fun, and at the same time not cost efficient as you have to travel around Town just for rewards that aren’t so large.

4. Field Agent – Mobile Market Research and Mobile Audits

This is another earning app in Pakistan Reserved for iPhone users.

They have the task to scan bar codes, Mystery shops, check prices of products and even take pools not forgetting exploration of their own Neighborhood.

Each task is reward within the range of $3-12.

5. Gig Walk

Find a way to fix some common Retail issues like; Out of stock, low inventory, and even missing shelf tags and get rewarded for it.

6. Shop Kick

This app rewards, you by simply walking into different stores

You can collect kicks and bonuses at almost all places that could be redeemable for earned gift cards or store discounts.
It’s a nice one if you like walking down town.
This app works for Android and IPhone users.
 7. Fiverr
Remember I said the last one will have a little bit more of work and expertise.
Well it’s True, Fiverr isn’t  just like the other earning App in Pakistan I listed above, rather, it’s a free lancing service.
You could work as Free lancer, although it’s a bit stressful, but it gives you more money in the long run.

Fiver isn’t a passive income stream, neither are any of the earning app in Pakistan.
SO if you have any skill you can start buy Joining Fiverr Today. One guy made $50 by writing an article on how to Uninstall game pigeon on iPhone


These Earning apps in Pakistan are great, you can use any of them today.
But do you have any questions? If you do please drop them below in the comment section.

Written by AmenaCliff

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