How to Empty Google Drive Trash [Easily]


empty Google Drive Trash

Google Drive is an online storage system that gives Google users 15gb free. That’s huge, but not for all persons, especially those who use it a lot, like me.

empty Google Drive Trash


So some of us notice that our storage is used up quickly and then we delete some files into trash, but we still see no change. Why? We didn’t empty Google drive trash.
So now let’s see how to delete the trash files in Google drive’s Trash. 
It’s a very easy process; it is a way to free up Google Drive space too.
Follow the steps to free up your space


  • Go to your Trash Folder (By clicking Trash)
  • Select the files you don’t need any more
  • Right Click and then Click on Delete Forever

Can I get a deleted File that was emptied from Google’s Drive Trash?


No!!! You can’t get it back from Google Drive
This is because deleting from trash deletes the File forever.
But I have some tips for you on how to get files delete from Google drive Trash back;
  1. Check your local storage devices you may have saved it somewhere, you can get it back from there
Flash drive
  1. If you don’t have it in your storage, you may have sent it to a friend, or shared it somewhere, do well to check and you will get these files back to you.
empty Google Drive Trash



Other ways to free your Google Drive space:

  • Find the problem
  • Find what you share that takes your Limit in Alarm state
  • Clean up your Drive
  • Take some photos off your Google Photos
  • Clean off your Email
  •   So that’s the hit list well, let’s look deep and see what else we can get from that

Find the Problem: 

There are many things that can cause your storage to get filled quickly, you know there is this misconception that people have towards their Google drive space, and its:

“My Space is only filled with what I upload to Google drive”

While that is true to some extent, it isn’t completely true, why?
Well Google drive is cloud storage for all your Google data, so what make take up your Google drive are:


  • Files Manually Uploaded
  • Pictures uploaded from Google Photos
  • Mails sent, and received through your Gmail account
  • Google contacts.
There are more but these are the major ones.
So how well do we now know the exact Files takes more space on Google drive?
Google has provided a tool that lets you know the things that takes off your storage, to access it; you have to go to your Drive Storage Page. 
In this page you will get full Analysis on what majorly occupies your Google drive space.
On this page you will see that you can upgrade your plan, if you feel you can need more space though, it is actually a way on how to use more than 15gb on Google Drive

Pricing for Google Drive Plans 

Below are the pricing for Google drive:
$2 for one month for 100gb or $20 per year for 100gb
$300 for 30TB



That’s a lot of money, but you get the value for it.
Find what you share that takes your Limit in Alarm state
Not every thing you have in your Google drive actually kills your limit down, in fact files like Google Docs, Google Sheets, or even Google Slides, doesn’t reduce your storage, as they are just little sized documents with maybe 5kb or there about.
So using the Google Drive Storage Page, you can find the storage thief.
Your Gmail Takes a lot of storage, including the attachments there as well.
As for Google photos, only pictures or photos above 2,048 * 2,048 pixels, and videos longer than 15 minutes, can count towards the limit in Google Drive.

Clean Up Your Google Drive:

Open your Google drive, and click on my drive, this shows all files that are uploaded to your drive.
If you see Thumbnails don’t panic, your files didn’t go anywhere, just simply click on list view (Top right corner of your screen) and you will see your files.
Your Google drive files will be listed and sorted by name automatically.
Before now you could sort your files by size, but if you try to do so today, it doesn’t work, you only see the ones below:
Sort by:


  • Name
  • Last modified
  • Last Modified by me
  • Last opened by me


There is a way to sort your files by Size on Google Drive, follow the steps below to do this:
At the bottom left corner of your screen, it shows you the amount you are using and also a link that says Buy more Storage. 
Ignore that and scroll until you find a box with a breakdown of Drive storage pop ups.
At the top of the list you will see drive, click on it.

Your Drive folder will now be sorted by Quota used or file size and you can start to delete the files that are larger

Bonus Tip: If there are PDF that consume much space, you can reduce the space, by simply converting them to Google Slides, Google Docs document, it depends on the content of the PDF though.

How to convert PDF files to Google docs on Google Drive:

If you have a PDF file and you want to convert it to a Google sheet, then you can do so using the tips given below:


  • Right click on the PDF
  • Click Open with
  • Choose Google Docs
A new Google doc with the same name and formatting will be open. And yes you can now delete the old PDF file.
After deleting, don’t forget to empty your Google drive Trash. Until a file is deleted forever it will keep on taking space.

Take some photos off your Google Photos:

Google photos cant sort by Size, so trying to delete the big size photo and videos is going to be a lot of work.
So first of all you have to go to your Google Photo Page and click photos to see all the pictures you have on Google Drive.
To delete them, sort out the ones you no longer need, select and delete at once.
But sometimes Google photo app automatically uploads your photos in full size, lets solve that.
How to Stop Google Photos app from Uploading pictures in High Quality
To do this, you have to:


  • Open Menu Icon on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Go to settings
  • Select High Quality
The pictures there after that will be uploaded will be of high quality though, but is smaller than the original resolution taken by your phone.
This surely won’t take space in your phone

Clean off your Gmail :

Your Gmail is the big thief of space in your Google account, and it is usually a deal breaker.
To get rid of those unwanted newsletter and those large attachments, you can delete the mails.

Other FAQ on an Empty Google Drive Trash 

How long does Google Keep Deleted Files?
If you deleted some files and you didn’t empty your trash, the files will stay there until you empty it. If the files are removed and emptied from the trash, Google keeps the file that was deleted, for an extra 35 days, before you can’t get that again. Wow how kind of Google!
PS: Google doesn’t Automatically Empty your Trash.

How do I access my Google Drive’s Trash:

You can access Google drive trash if you:
Go to your Trash Folder (By clicking Trash)
This option is clearly seen in the Menu of the Google Drive dashboard.
Note: If you access this using Mobile you may not see Trash, so if you use chrome, click on Desktop site
Does Uninstalling Google Drive delete Files?
No it doesn’t your files are attached to your Google account and not your Google drive app, so you either delete manually.
If you delete your Google account, you will lose your:


  • Account [of course]
  • Files
  • All your Info related to that account

Wrapping Up: 

Google drive offers a lot of great functions, and if you decide to empty Google drive Trash, that’s one of such great functions.
So far, we have seen how we can save more space on Google Drive, I hope this helps.
If you have any question, or experience regarding Google drive, share it in the comment section below.
I’ll be ready to answer it.

Written by AmenaCliff

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