Fitbit won’t connect to bluetooth:[Solved Now]

Fidit won't connect to bluetooth

If you’ve been using Fitbit, and if you  have noticed that Fitbit won’t connect to bluetooth, then you are not alone, this is a common issue that has popped up over times.

The reason why Fitbit won’t connect to bluetooth: 

The below tips will help if your fitbit won’t connect to bluetooth.


Fibit not syncing

There is no specific reason to why fitbit doesn’t connect to bluetooth, but the following could be possible reasons why, please double check:

  • The Fitbit app is installed on an Unsupported device. To check if your device is supported go to: this page

  • You are using an outdated version of the Fitbit app: if so update it
  • Your device lacks internet connection: If so get a WiFi router or Cellular data setup.
  • The software of your phone, isn’t up to date: To check for it (on iPhone) go to Settings>>> General>>>>Updates.
  • Your Bluetooth is propably switched off, certify and turn it on
  • Your phone could be connected to other Bluetooth devices

  • If you use more that one device for the same fibfit watch, then make sure it isn’t nearby, and if it is, switch off the Bluetooth of the one you aren’t using as at that time.
  • Your Fitbit device has a low battery
  • Your Fitbit device’s firmware isn’t up to date.

How to fitbit toconnect to bluetooth if problem persist?

If your Fitbit device isn’t sycing, don’t panic, now here’s the deal.

If you create a Fitbit account and you followed the setup process accordingly, then whatever data that your device collects should sync all together on your Fitbit’s dashboard.

For iPhone users: 

1. Force quit the app [fitbit app]- here’s how to do it:

(a)For iPhone X users or iOS 12 users: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on the home screen, then pause slightly on the middle of the app.

For iPhone 8 users, double click on the home button, then

(b) Swipe left or right to find the Fitbit app

(c) Swipe up on the app preview to close it.

2. Go to settings and turn off your Bluetooth, then back on again

3. Open the Fitbit app

4. If it still doesn’t sync restart the Fitbit device

5. If it doesn’t still sync try using another phone to sync after logging in to your account on the other phone/device.

6. If fitbit won’t connect to Bluetooth, remove other fitbit devices from your account, or from listed paired devices on your phone.
NOTE: The above guide also applies for android users as well.

How to Fix syncing problem on WIndows 10 computer:

There are many reasons why if it won’t connect to bluetooth on Windows 10. they are:

1. Outdated verison of fifitb app on WIndows 10

2. Fitbit connect Software is installed, this is a software that enbales computers that can’t install and run the Fitbit app for Windows to still communication with the Fitbit device.

Try to uninstall the Fitbit connect app, it’s the same process used in uninstalling any program on fitbit.

3. Bluetooth, may be switched off.

4. Your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth: If this be the case, then you want to get a wireless dongle propably from the Fitbit store.

If the problem persists do the following:

4. Go to Settings>>>> Bluetooth and confirm if your device is listed there.

if it isn’t then connect it to the Computer.

5.  If the device so connected and it ain’t syncing, then try to get a wireless dongle as it may be that the computer’s bleutoth signal is too weak.

If it doesn’t still sync try using another phone to sync after logging in to your account on the other computer.

6. If fitbit won’t connect to Bluetooth, remove other fitbit devices from your account, or from listed paired devices on your computer.


If you use the Fitbit Aria or Fitbit Aria 2, the scale should show up a progress bar and if a check appears, it means it’s synced successfully.

IF It doesn’t sync the following errors MAY pop up:


  1. NO SYNC
  2. WIFI Symbol with an “X”
  6. NO WIFI

There might be no error message, but the measurement doesn’t sync to your Fitbit account

If they same thing persist check if the following requirements are met:

1. Check if you are connected to the internet.

2. Remove the batteries of your scale for 10 seconds and put it back again.

3. If you made changes to your wireless grouter try to reconnect you scale to your wireless nertwork

4.Check if your scale is far away from your router

5. Try again later, there could be too much traffic

What to do if Fitbit doesn’t connect to bluetooth after all these steps: 

Contact fibit support

The best step here is to contact support.

Hope it helped!!!!!! Share with someone whose fitbit won’t connect to bluetooth. 

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