How to use Google Track my phone to Track your Lost phone[Very Easy]

Google Track my phone
I actually faced this problem a while ago, and I was able to use Google Track my phone to Track my lost phone.
SO in this post I’ll be sharing with you steps on how you can track your phone using Google Track my phone,
We will also discuss requirements that has to be met so this feature can work on your phone.

How to Track your phone using Google Track my phone

Google Track my phone
It’s super easy to track your lost phone, using the Google Track my phone feature….
I left some requirements for this to take place, but assuming you have it set up then I’ll tell you the procedures.
Using The Web
1. Search Find my Device or go to
You will see a result as shown below  Click on it,
Google Track my phone
2. A dash board appears, and there are various actions you can take on that dash board.
Google Track my phone


They are:
Play sound
Google Track my phone
Personally, I feel this is useful, if you feel your lost phone is near you, with this you can play a sound and then try to track where it’s coming from, only if you can hear it
 But if it’s near you you should hear it because Google automatically plays this in Full Volume.
Secure your Device:
Another helpful part of the Google Track my phone, feature
It leaves a Text for who ever find the device on the lock screen, it’s advisable you add a phone number available to you, and you add an address so, that the person’s who sees it could return it, few good people available this days.
Erase Device:
For those out there who have their bank details passwords and other sensitive content on their LOST phone, this is a recommended option, because as I said earlier there are few good people these days
So if you loose your phone, and you feel getting it back will be a problem it’s best you erase the phone, after all you can retrieve your pictures and contacts when you get a new one.
So, possibly one of these actions should be taken by you as they are helpful
But what about if you try this and google wasn’t able to connect to your device?
Below shows the requirements needed, so check it below:



Requirements to be met for you to use Google Track my Phone

Below are some of the requirement to be to meet:
1. A G-mail account must be logged in your lost phone and the Tracking Device:
Obviously this is a very essential requirement because Google doesn’t just pick any phone and track…
So as expected your G-mail account must be logged into your Android phone, as it is what Google uses to handpick your device, and know exactly which one to track.
Your G-mail account must be logged into the phone or laptop you want to use to track. This is because Google won’t know the phone you are trying to track, if they don’t know you. So a way to getting Google recognize you is logging into the phone you will use to track your lost phone.

Your lost phone must have  Find my Device, turned on as Administrator

This is how Google interact with the device, it is what gives Google the permission to either ring, secure or Erase your phone.
So if you tried and it wasn’t turned on, take these steps to turn it on:
1. Head over to your settings
2. Navigate to and click on security
3. At the top, you’ll see ‘Find my Device’. Click on it.
4. Toggle it on, from the screen that appears next.
Google Track my phone
Follow these steps will help you to switch on the find my device on your phone.

3. Location & Internet is Switched off

This is one of the greatest factor in this situation, because Google has to interact with the phone, and get its location,and that only possible if the phone was connected to the internet.
It’s harder in places like Africa where people don’t usually… Have WiFi but in Europe and other parts of the world, this increase the chance of seeing your phone.., because WiFi is available every where.
So if your device wasn’t connected to the internet or the location wasn’t on, or the phone was switched off, there’s possibly no chance that Google can perform a Magic here.
It’s quite awesome to see how Google has brought about this new feature called Google Track my phone or  Find my Device, we can all find our Lost phone ONLY if our phone went Missing with those requirements all in.
But in the mean time why not you check on how you can secure your Android phone, so if it get into wrong hands your information won’t be at risk.
Or do you have any questions or something similar to this you’ve faced? I’ll be ready to hear them so drop them in the comment section and I’ll get back to you.

Written by AmenaCliff

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