What does Gray Arrow Snapchat mean

Gray arrow Snapchat

So you sent a message to your friend on Snapchat, but you’re seeing a grey arrow close to their name, this has made people ask what exactly is a Grey Arrow Snapchat?

Gray arrow Snapchat


What does Gray Arrow Snapchat mean?

The gray arrow Snapchat is used to indicate that you have sent a message or a friend request on the social media platform , Snapchat, but your request hasn’t been accepted.

In a normal situation, this is not the case, as private snaps can be sent nonetheless, but in a case where the user prevents Snapchat from delivery private snaps to his / her inbox, then that’s why you are having a grey arrow

If you are seeing the gray arrow after conversing with a user, then it means that you may have been (sorry to put it to you)…… ” Blocked, or unfollowed you.”

So here’s something you can do, if you feel you have been blocked, try to find out and resolve the reason why you were blocked.

If you have a phone number of the user, you can call to find out why there is a gray arrow Snapchat there.

If it’s a friend request that wasn’t accepted, cancel the request and send again, as sometimes the other person may not see the message request notification.

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How to resolve Gray arrows in Snapchat

If you really want the user to get your message, you can put in more effort.

Here’s how you can remove gray arrow Snapchat


  • Type the name of the user into the search box
  • If there’s no (+) by the side of their name, it means they haven’t seen your request,
  • If there’s a (+) by the side it means they ignore the request and didn’t add you as a friend, hence the grey arrow persists.


If there is no (+) by the side of the name we recommend that you wait a little as they may soon see it, or you DM them on a different social media platform like WhatsApp, telling them you sent a request.

But if there is a (+) by the side you can try to send the request again by pressing it.

If after pressing it, it spins and shows (+) again, it means you have been blocked.

Sorry to say, but it can’t be solved else the person decides to unblock you.

So now you know what the grey arrow in Snapchat means.


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