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Nokia has never stopped impressing us with thier latest flagship phones. Thier come back was really something the World will remember. Nokia Didn’t come back to play, and that’s what we see in the Nokia 7 plus.
The Device sells for a whopping N140,000 on Jumia, but for me I think Nokia is being kind to Nigerians here. Find out why below.
1. A Good looking phone built with Alluminium 

There are 2 Varient of this device and The one I’ll Feature in the post is the black. The device has an Alluminium built and a touch of Copper at the back. Nokia also added the Ceramics coating on the back of the device enabling you to hold it well.

It’s actually the First Nokia to Feature The 18:9 Aspect ratio as other Flagship devices do.

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2. The FHD Display

Something else you’ll get in the Nokia 7 plus is the FHD display. Although it’s not a new feature but the device is Colorful and you will have no problem using it under direct sunlight. It has a warm outlook unlike that of the Camon X pro

3. The Awesome Stock  Android Experience.
Unlike other mid-range Nokia phones this device comes out of the Box With Stock Android under the Android One Project. It’s a great Deal for Nokia as it’s users as they will enjoy regular updates and Security patches. It also Doesn’t have Bloat-wares, no much Customization.. I would say it’s for a Matured user.
4. No Notification Sensor.
It doesn’t have a notification sensor. Rather it’s replaced with the Ambient display which is no Far from Samsung Devices which lights up when a message comes in or the phone is picked up.
5. Great performance

The device is So Fast as it comes with the 4gb and snapdragon processor The 660 chipset. Designed to bring about the Flagship experience. In addition to the Ram the Device has great Advantage for Multitaskers.


The Device has a con here any way. It heats up when you use the phone extensively and it also heats up when the device Is charging and been used at the same time. Good enough Nokia sends a notification when this happens.


6.Hybrid Sim card slot.
You can get the Sim card slot here, for one Sim and One Micro SD or 2 Sim card and No Micro SD it all depends on you
7.No face ID

Nokia didn’t add the face ID in this device this time, but there is a fingerprint sensor at the back of the device

The 3800mah battery

The battery is pretty good. Since it runs on the android oreo 8. 1 it has a smart consumption program on it so it will reduces battery consumption when apps are not being used.


The device come with usb type C. and when I tried charging this device it’s charged with you well it took about an hour and 52 minutes

The Awesome Camera!! 
 For 140000 naira you get dual camera one of them being the 12 megapixel and the other being 13 megapixel. The device takes pretty cool photos and the portrait mode on the nokia 7 plus is awesome
Moving to the front camera you get a 16 megapixel camera which is absolutely clear it doesn’t have a front led flash but absolutely pictures are obviously clear as the screen brightness up when photos are being taken.

one other amazing feature of this device is that you can be able to record both the back and front scene at the same time this also features in the nokia 8


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Written by AmenaCliff

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