How long does it take to backup an iPhone? (Quick answer + tips)


How long does it take to Backup an iPhone

Have you ever tried to backup your iPhone? Well I’ve tried and the last time I did that, I had just one question on my mind:

How long does it take to backup an iPhone?

While I wanted to backup just like you I saw two options either to use iCloud or to use iTunes

So I felt maybe one would be faster? Do you feel that way too?

Well this post will clearly tell us how long it takes to back up your iPhone.

How long does it really take to backup an iPhone? 


Quick answer:

It doesn’t take a fixed amount of time to back up your iPhone, rather it depends on a lot of factors, what are these factors? Let’s see:

I know the phrase – “it depends” piss you off, it also piss me off too, but I can’t lie to you!

How will you feel if I tell you it takes 1 hour, and then you try to backup and it takes way more longer?

You’ll loose faith in me!

So now let’s look at these factors and see if we can estimate the time it takes to backup your iPhone.

Factors that affect iPhone’s backup time:


1. Size of backup file(s)

Remember those 5mb pictures you are trying to backup? If you had thousands of photos, that’s a lot to backup you know?

But what if you had 200 photos? It won’t take more time than when you have 1000 photos right?

That’s it, the size of the backup file(s) affect how long it takes to backup an iPhone.

Combined with videos, and other files, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to finish backup.

2. Internet Speed:

I remember I once usedtheWiFi in a town, and it takes about a minute to send a non- media message (which is so small Maybe 1kb)

Imagine the speed of that internet!

If I used it to backup my iPhone, it’s going to take forever!

You see? Your internet speed matters, if you use 2g it’s going to take you longer especially when the file is big, than when you use 3g or 4g network.

Don’t use 2g, it looks like using a snail for a car race 😂😂😂

This is another factor that determines iPhone backup speed.

So ask you self, Am I on the positive side of the factors listed above?

Well if you have large files to backup and you’ve got slow internet, don’t worry.

I’ll show you how to fix it.

How to Fix the 2 Factors that influence iphone’s backup time!

1. Try to reduce the number of apps for backup (APPS YOU DON’T NEED TO BACKUP)

This is a personal choice, you can decide to reduce the number of apps you want to backup.

Apps or photos that are unnecessarily taking up your space should be deleted so that they don’t get a backup and  increase iPhone’s backup time.

If you are using iCloud:

Go to Settings>> {Your name}>> iCloud>> Apps using iCloud.

If there is any app you don’t want to be backup toggle of the switch close to the apps

How long does it take to Backup an iPhone


2. Confirm your WiFi is stable, and is of decent speed:

Sometimes we have bad internet connection, and so to download and upload becomes a problem.

The thing is, if you have a slow internet connection, you can’t backup any faster.

So try to make sure that the WiFi you are connected to has Access to the internet, and it’s stable with good speed.

If you don’t have WiFi at hand, and you opt for a mobile or Cellular network, ensure that you have enough mobile data and the network speed is decent.

I sincerely prefer using WiFi though, so I’d try to get to a Cafe that has WiFi, with that you can backup your iPhone faster.

To boost your internet speed check out this guide:

How to Increase internet speed 

P.S : It’s for Android but it also applies to your iPhone too!

These are the two ways to speed up your iPhone backup time…. But!

I’m still gonna answer one more question.

Does backing up with iCloud or iTunes affects how long it takes to backup iPhone?


Ummmm… Let me tell you what led to this question, a person was asking: how long does it take to backup iPhone on a popular forum, I was on that forum and I saw a comment:

“Use iCloud and not iTunes… iTunes makes it slower for you to backup your iPhone”

At first I wanted to buy the idea, but I knew that was wrong

So the answer? NO

Irrespective of what you use to backup, if the two factors listed above us are not put into consideration there is no way you can alter iPhone’s backup speed.

So no I don’t expect any one to say: how long does it take to backup iPhone on iCloud or how long does it take to backup iPhone on iTunes.

It’s the same thing irrespective of the medium you adopt.

I hope this helped you! Am sure it can help your friends too… Share!!!!

Written by AmenaCliff

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