How Much Data does Pandora use?: 1 Simple Answer

how much data does pandora use

Pandora is a very popular music streaming app in the United States, and the major concern of most people has been…. how much data does Pandora use?


It’s of great concern as everyone wants to minimize the cost of cellular data, especially when you don’t use a free WiFi.


How Pandora Streams Audio


There’s a similar feature that almost all of these online music streaming apps like Spotify and SoundCloud can do is stream different audio quality, at different rates.


Knowing these rates will help us to know the answer to the question about Pandora : how much data does pandora use


These rates gives us a measure of what is processed over a given time. In this case Pandora uses [Kbps or Kb/s] which is Kilobytes / Second.


If you don’t use the premium Pandora plan which means you are on the free plan, you are only allowed to stream in standard and in high quality.


The Standard Quality Runs at 64Kb/s (second), and that’s about 480kb/m (minutes) and 23MB/hr (hour)


The high quality gives you a streaming of  128kb/s (second) ranging as high as 1.2Mb/m (minute) and 58MB/h (hour)

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 Meanwhile  if you are subscribed and you use the premium you can stream in Low Quality and Highest Quality.


The Lowest Quality runs… at 32kb/s (second) for those who would love to save some mobile data.


As for the rich folks they can get the highest streaming quality at 192kb/s (second)


So the big question:


How much Data does Pandora Use?




consider it this way… if you use your phone all day.. without dropping it down.. you are most likely going to get a dead battery before the end of the day.


If you’re a busy guy maybe at work or at school and you use your phone only when you need to make calls or when you need to text someone… you could use your phone for more than one day without charging or getting a dead battery.


The same applies to Pandora Data consumption… if you’re a DJ (kidding) trying to play all the songs on Pandora you’re gonna finish your internet in a day.. or less who knows 😂


But if you’re the seasonal guy that only opens Pandora once  a day… for a few minutes….. you are most likely going to use less data with Pandora.


So it actually depends on the individual using the app.


Not only does it depend on you, but also on the choices you make… If you decide to go premium and stream in low quality, then you will use less cellular data..


If you use the same premium but decided to go for the highest quality than can use up to 58MB/hour, you are definitely going to use more data.


So ask yourself .. Am I a Music guy? Or am I just the Normal guy that opens the app rarely? 


This will help you to know the answer to the question: how much data does pandora use?.


So what do you think about this topic: how much data does pandora use, we would love to know your response.


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