How to close td bank account [Easy and Fast]:

How to close Td bank account

If you’ve been looking for how to close to bank account, then this post is for you.

There may be many reasons to close td bank account, but as these variety of reasons remain with an individual, knowing how to close to bank account is also important.

First let’s start by know what TD is .

What is TD?

How to put an end to Td bank account

Obviously Td is a bank, it’s a US National bank and it also serves as a subsidiary of the Canadian Multinational bank for Toronto dominion bank.

The TD Bank is the 7th largest bank in USA by deposit and 9th by Assets

Source: What is Td bank

How to Close td bank account: 

To close TD Bank account you should do well to:

  1. Visit a TD bank store around you.
  2.  You could mail TD with a written inquiry.

How to close Td bank account with Zero balance:

It’s a different case here as you can choose your account via:

  • Online banking, by sending a secure e-mail to td.
  • Call customer service at : 888-751-9000

How to close Td bank account with money in account: 

To close your account in this circumstance, online banking method won’t work rather do the following:

1. Visit one of the TD stores 

Yes you can close your Td account by visiting any of the TD stores around you.

When you get there and lay complaint, lets say you get there and say;

 “Hi, I’m a user of Td bank, and I wish to close my account.”

The attendant will take the next step for you.

2. Written request

Another tip on how to close Td bank account is by sending a written request preferably by post office.

Either ways you send it ensure the request entails the following:

1. The account number(s) that you want to close

2. The letter MUST be signed and notarized, (for security reasons)

Note: If your account is a passport type account, you should do well to include the passport to the letter.

Your letter should be send to the address below;

TD Bank, N.A
P.O. Box 1377
Lewiston, Maine

Below is the map showing the location where the letter is being sent to.

TD bank location
How to close Td bank account

Can i close my td bank account over the phone?

Yes you can, remember you can send a message to Td bank through online banking or call their customer services @ 888-751-9000

But this can only work if you have Zero balance, this makes the process easier for you, but If you don’t have zero balance then you can’t close your Td Account over the phone.


So far we have seen what Td is, and we said it’s an USA based bank. It’s also work along side with some banks in Canada.

Whatever the reason why, you any want to know how to close Td bank account.

It’s easy as I’ve explained above as the 2 steps are:

1. Written Request (when there is no zero balance i.e money in the account

2. Online banking (when there is zero balance. I.e no money in account)

3. Visit the TD stores around and lay a request

What do you think, do you feel even if we know how to close Td bank account, should we go ahead of  our td bank account?

What do you think could make you want to close the account? Leave a comment below, I’m curious to know.

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