How To Delete Learned Words On Galaxy S7

how to delete learned words on Galaxy S7

Last Two Years when i was using a Samsung Galaxy S7, the one thing that I always wanted to do, was to stop samsung learned words. I had no option, I just had to learn How To Delete Learned Words On Galaxy S7.


I’m pretty sure you are facing the same issues right now on your Samsung Phone, and I’m here to help you solve that problem.




What is Samsung Learned Words?


Well, Samsung Learned Words are words that Samsung has noticed you use a lot and are not part of the dictionary available to Samsung.


Let’s give an example now. 


Black Americans use the term “Gonna…. Or Wanna” when they want to say “Going to or Want to”


Samsung has programmed it’s default Keyboard to use most of the terms the user like you type in, especially when there is a correction pop up by the keyboard and it is ignored.


Most times, the keyboard tries to even correct the spelling but the user clears out the corrected spelling and type the previous word that was corrected. 


This immediately sends a signal to the keyboard that you use that word  a lot , maybe not the first time it happens but after it has happened at intervals.


So the Keyboard saves these names and can autocomplete even the correct spelling for the word, as it assumes that is your preference.


So now that we now know what a Samsung learned word is,let’s go ahead and see How To Delete Learned Words On Galaxy S7

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How To Delete Learned Words On Galaxy S7


Clear Keyboard Data:


The First option here is to clear the data, cache of your keyboard, I’ll outline the steps on how to do that below:


  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • Click on Show System Apps
  • Tap on the Default Keyboard you use.
  • Click on Clear Data / Cache
  • That Automatically deletes all Learned Words.


So this is the simple answer to the question regarding how to delete learned words on Galaxy S7


If you have any questions, do well to leave them in the comment section below.


Peace Out!

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