How to Donate On Twitch (Quick Guide)

How to donate on Twitch
How to donate on Twitch
Donating to twitch is simply an act of generosity, as you see your favorite streamer entertaining you day by day, you will probably want to know how to donate on Twitch.

Why you should donate on Twitch



If you are new to using Twitch no doubt you enjoy what you see right? Do you have a favorite streamer? Do you want to make that streamer happy as he does to you too? Then you should be thinking of how to donate on twitch.
If you donate on twitch you are supporting your favorite streamer on twitch or on YouTube. This will enable these hardworking guys to reach their goals.
Your donations will also help in a way to add more value to the streaming channel which means you’ll get spicy videos, with added value.

How to Donate on Twitch (Easily and Faster)


To donate on twitch, you will have to follow this process carefully or for better experience watch the embedded video above.


   1.       Open the Twitch Dashboard
   2.        Select the Channel you want to support

   3.       Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a “Donate” button.


Donate on Twitch


   4.       You will be redirected to a page
  5.       Fill in the following:

Your Username

The amount you wish to donate (Donation amount)
Your Donation Message (You can only write on 235 characters), You can add a GIF or an effect if you wish to.

Note: Some of the Effects requires a Pro account


   6.       Tap on Donate / Tip
   7.       You are taken to a payment confirmation page, click on PayPal if you want to use that or Use credit cards.
   8.       If you’d chosen PayPal: You are redirected to PayPal’s payment page Tap on Continue
   9.       You are redirected back to stream lab
  10.    Your Tip is processed!!!
So that’s how to donate on Twitch. Another way to show you support the channel is by subscribing, when you subscribe, the channel grows and this is a way of showing support.
You can also show support if you share their videos with friends and families and also encourage them to subscribe too.

Can I donate on twitch without PayPal?

You can donate on twitch even though you do not have PayPal, this you do by selecting credit card, instead of PayPal.
You will need your credit card by your side so you can fill in your card details e.g. your card’s Expiration date, your CSN and the Card number.
Don’t worry about your information being secure as Twitch respects your privacy.

Does Twitch Get a Cut of My Donations?

The answer? No Twitch doesn’t get a cut or a percentage of your donations. All goes to the streamer as you intend to support your favorite streamer.

How can I get to the Top of the Leadership board on the Steam labs?

On stream lab when you want to make a donation, there is a leadership board there, it ranks people by how much they donated
So obviously now if you want to get to the top of the leadership board you should donate the highest.
If you want to donate the highest you will have to check who has donated the highest and see if you can donate more than that.


 So that’s how to donate on twitch as probably the highest Donor
But don’t take this as a competition it’s just a way to support streamers, so they can provide better streams for you.


Written by AmenaCliff

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