How to hide IP address

Hiding your IP address  is really easy as this guide will portray. If you want to hide your IP address you are just one step away from doing so. 
But first what is an IP address?

Well, an IP address is like your public identification number, (ID) so whenever you browse or surf the Internet it tells the server on the Internet where exactly to send the information you have requested for.
Many websites have taken good advantages of this and they usually log your IP address, ascertain your country and your browsing habits so they can use targeted personalized advertisement to you, and as result you end up spending more money, all this they do with just your IP address 
For some persons this has caused a lot of problem to them as it exposes their privacy, so they sought out ways to hide their IP address.
Most persons try to hide their IP address, so they can be able download some illegal files from the Internet which is not accepted unless you appear anonymous, but Teckiway doesn’t promote this so we assume to be helping you for other reasons below
One reason for people hiding their IP address is the fact that a particular content is blocked in their area or the country they live in by the government and other agencies, well this is the case in places like China and the middle East areas, so what changing your IP number does is convincing the servers that you are browsing from another region. with this you can get unrestricted access to you blocked contents. 
Another reason why people hide their IP address is because they want more privacy and don’t want their information to get to the wrong hands.
Whenever you access a website, the server logs your IP address and attaches it to other Data on that website which now has the ability to read information about you, your browsing habits, what you browse and how long you spend on a particular post. They send this data to advertising companies which tailors ads that are based on your preferences, have you ever asked your self, why the ads you see on a website is just what you need? Well the answer is well explained above.

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How to check your IP address

Checking your IP address is pretty easy with the new Google Assistant feature on latest phones especially those running the Android one program.
I tried this query to my assistant and it worked. You can use your voice or type it if it doesn’t recognize your English well, but I prefer using voice as it’s easy to use. 
-“What is my IP number?
And it responds telling me my IP number is..
Check out the photos below and see how it it goes.

  So how then can I hide my IP address
There are two ways to hide your IP address and we will be discussing about them as we continue this post.  
1. Using a Proxy sever
2. Using Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Let’s explain these two methods so we can know how they hide our IP numbers. 
A proxy server is a medium that routes your traffic when you browse, so the online servers spots the IP number to the proxy server and not your IP number, so it can be simply said that it coats your IP number with it’s own IP number thereby keeping you anonymous.
While the proxy server is efficient and actually hides your IP number, it’s not 100% safe as these proxy’s services may be spying on you or even insert ads on your web browser. 
Well the VPN is way more better, as it is safer and you won’t be a victim of spying.

How does the VPN hides your IP address?

Well it does this when you use your phone, tablet, computer to  connect to the VPN service(will be explained) your phone behaves as if it is in the same local network as the VPN. Your phone behaves as if it’s on this local network and so it enables you to be able to access resources in another country even though it’s blocked in your country, simply put it you are in China choosing a VPN Target country like the United States makes the server think you are browsing from the United States.

How to use VPN to hide your Ip address

As explained above the best method to use is the VPN Method and I guess you wound be thinking.. how can I hide my IP address with VPN??? Well the wait is over. 
You could consider setting up your own VPN service which is complex or even a home VPN (but that will not work if you are not at home)
The best and easiest way is to use a good VPN service provider. You can find these services from free( limited uses) and small monthly or annual fees. 

The top 5 Best VPN services that can help you to hide your IP address:

1. Express VPN

This is one of the best VPN to use it’s very much guaranteed without any disappointment but there are some disadvantages which we will discuss later.
It overs 148 locations in over 94 countries and with this we can say its one of the best out there…..
You don’t have to worry about your operating system because it’s offered in Mac, windows, Android and even blackberry 
Express VPN also offers routers which have their own customized fire wall,and VPN extension 
The bad thing about this service is that there are only 3 connections that can run at the same time and you are not going to kill it for a cheap price, there is no demo but fortunately there is a 30 day cash back guarantee

2. IP Vanish 

The company claims to be the world’s fastest VPN service 
Obviously their killing point here is the quality of the services they render
The have about 40,000 shared IP number with about a thousand severs over 60 countries, it also has unlimited P2P and also it has no logs
If you are on a budget you may have to look some where else as it’s quality prompts higher prices., but if you are ready to go on for it because of its great speed and a lot of locations to choose from. 


ThIs service stands among the crowd as it offers unlimited data without a limited bandwidth
This service is based in Switzerland and. this means that if you are using it you will benefit from the country’s advanced privacy laws. It has over 70 servers all over the world and also has what we call  auto connect or kill switch.
There are no money back guarantee but there is a 3 day free trial which comes from subscribing to either the monthly, or annual package.

4. Nord VPN:

Its a great service, some will expect it to be located in great tech hub like China or Japan, but it is actually located in Central America.
 One of the great advantage here is the fact that it has very many servers, reports has shown that it has about 5,000+ servers in more that 60location around the world. 
This service can support up to 6 devices at the same time and the data has an impressive 2048-bit encryption. It protects you from DNS leak protection, kill switch dedicated IP address and being able to pay with crypto currency 

5. Wind scribe:

It offers it’s services for 4 native clients- Windows, Mac, iOS & Android..
Android is still new although the company didn’t put it in beta mode but it is often unstable, this service can hide your  IP address very well on pc and iOS
This service is free but with limited band with of 10.0 gb for every month Its selling point is the ability for it to have unlimited connections  when you upgrade your plan. It has the ability to cover every thing regardless of how many devices you use at a time. 
It has an easy to understand privacy policy and a simple and powerful windows client.  Although its performance may disappoint you a bit but it’s ok for the price.
So far we can conclude that using the vpn method is the best method to hide your ip address.
Are you having trouble using any of the above? 
Tell us about it below. 

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