How to Install Xapk: [Step to Step Guide]

how to install xapk

Have you ever, downloaded an app or a high profile game, and realized that the software is named in .xapk rather than the normal .apk?

Well I have wondered if it is a file for a different OS (operating system) and I also thought about how to install xapk.

As a computer Programmer, I was able to figure out why that Android app has the file extension .xakp, and I’ll share all I discovered with you in today’s post.

So without further Ado, let’s get started.


What is an Xapk?

An xapk is an extension name for Android app, not the regular android app (.apk) that you use to know right?

Well definitely the x makes the difference by merely looking at it, but what does it mean?

An Xapk is a compressed file, the reason for the compression is because of Google play store’s preferences, bidding that no Android app should be 100mb or higher.

In order to get heavy duty apps like pubg, the developers have to add an additional OBB file, which isn’t convenient at all.

So what does Xapk solve? It prevents an additional data to be downloaded as the Xapk comprise of both the apk and the OBB file.


Positives of XAPK

1. It prompts simplicity as we have all data now in one file.

2. Chances are few that the files is corrupt

3. Saves you time of transferring an OBB file.

4. It saves space, as the size is now REDUCED.


How to install XAPK file (3 Methods):

In all you do either of these methods make sure this setting is switch on: Your Unknown sources.

To get there: Settings –>> Security –> Enable / Tick
Unknown Sources.

1. Use An Xapk installer:

The Xapk installer is my preferred way on how to install xapk.

The Xapk installer saves you stress and time, as it scans the Xapk file and it finds the APK and the OBB and place the OBB in the preferred destination.

The app scan for apk and obb, and then it installs the application, moves the OBB file to the right destination.

After installation, the apk file is deleted (automatically).

If you’d check your OBB folder in your internal structure you should see an OBB file related to the game / app you’ve Installed.


2. Manually Change the Extension of the File.

This is another way you can be able to install xapk on your android phone.

The logic behind this method is based on the fact that an Xapk contains the OBB file.

So here’s how we do it:

1. Download the Xapk.

2. Open your file manager and locate the Xapk file.

3. Rename the app and change the extension .Xapk to .zip.

4. Downloaded RAR from Play store or you can use ES file explorer.

5. Locate the .zip file in the File explorer/ RAR app and then unzip it

6. After unzipping you will see 2-3 files one with the file extension (.apk) and the other a folder which inside has a (.obb) file.

7. Copy the obb folder to this location:


8. Install the apk file. Open the game and see if it works for you.

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3. Use Apkpure:

This is another app that answers the question: how to install xapk, it’s primary function is to host Android apps just like Google play store.

If you want to download the Xapk from the app (Apkpure) then go ahead, but if you’d love to download from the web or you have it downloaded already, it will still work.

What Apkpure does it’s similar to what the Xapk installer will do, it extracts the OBB file and installs the apk while it arranges the OBB file in the proper location.

Let’s just say it does Method 2 for you automatically.

So here’s how to use the Apkpure app, trust me it isn’t complex.

1. Assuming you have Apkpure installed open it, else install it from play store.

2. Tap on Me at the bottom right of app and click on App management in the new intent that pops up.

3. Tap on Xapk/Apk management.

4. You will see list of apps with the .Xapk extension (they are labelled green with xapk)

5. Tap on Install.

Then let Apkpure do the work.

Note: When it tried this it took me a while to install it, the reason? The size of the file was enormous.

So depending on the size of the app it takes time to install, so don’t panic if you see the Installation taking place.

The time taken depends on the size because the OBB file will be larger for a 1.5gb Xapk than for a 600mb xapk

Definitely it takes more time to copy the larger OBB file than a smaller OBB file. You will see this practically done if you used Method 2.

So that’s why the time taken to install depends on the size of the app.

What to do if Xapk cannot be Validated:

If your Xapk cannot be validated, don’t panic, all you need to do is to Grant the app all the permission on your phone.

To do this follow these steps:

Settings>> Apps>>Locate the app using the name>> Tap on permission>>> Tick all the permissions there by granting it all permissions in your phone.



It’s a nice idea to introduce the Xapk making things simpler for users.

With these 3 methods on how to install an Xapk we no longer are baffled by the x as we now know it represents the OBB file and the apk our regular android app.

Do you have any challenge while trying to install an Xapk?

If you did leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP to answer your question.:how to install xapk

Written by AmenaCliff


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