How To Program Chamberlain Garage Door Opener: 2 Easy Ways

how to program Chamberlain garage door opener

How would you feel if your Garage door opens automatically?  I mean, if you know how to program Chamberlain garage door opener


You know this is the next step to ease of life, and it’s simply because there are lots of pros when somethings are automated, and one such is opening your Garage door… this time not you, but it self, opening it self…. Confusing right?


Let’s break it down….


Why you need to know how to program Chamberlain Garage door opener.


Well, imagine if there’s a heavy down-pour, and you put on a nice suit, one you want to take out later, you drive home and you have to park your car inside your garage, but you have to come down … and open the garage door… 


Okay what if the garage door senses you coming and opens automatically…?


Sounds better huh?


Well that’s why you need to know how to program Chamberlain door opener… and not just for rainy days 😅😅😅… but it also adds to your day to day life experience, and in a way saves time.


But there’s a problem….. and that’s where you will get the full sense of this tutorial….


The title here says YOU HAVE TO PROGRAM  it, I mean why do we have to, when we can just place it there?


It’s because when the idea came out first it uses all Signals….. and so someone could enter your garage when you are sleeping…. ( Your sweet sleep 🛌💤💤) and send a signal to your garage door and it opens.. and boom!!!! Your Ferrari is gone 😢😢😢


What a Tragic story, I’m sure that’s One of the last things you want to Happen to you.

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That’s why there’s been an upgrade in the system, that allows just and only YOUR SIGNAL, and that’s what can open the garage door.


We’re gonna learn how to set up the whole thing RN 🥴🥴


How to program your Chamberlain Garage door opening.


The First Method here is Called DIP


What’s DIP????


Well the full meaning doesn’t matter, but what matters is how it works, it has a switch in the box in the garage and a switch in your remote.


You can control the switches by placing it up and down…. 


And this changes the signal…which makes it unique to your home.


To Program your door opener you need to open the back of the box in the garage and also the back of the remote.then change the way the switches are combined, making them have the same sequence.


If it matches… it should be programmed…. Now, but to confirm it, try closing the box and the remote… go outside and try it again if it works… if it does… GREAT JOB!! 🤗🤗


For the modern Folks like me …you will like the next method…


So the second method is LEARN method…


It uses modern technology to pair up garage doors and your remote.


To use this method you also need to open the back of the garage box…


You’ll find the LEARN button in the box… press it till the button flashes.


Then press the learn button on your remote and you should hear a beeping sound to let you know it was successful.


After this… MAKE sure you test the remote to see if it works… 


So that’s how it’s done with most garage door openers… with WiFi range..


So what do you think, do you feel you should know how to program Chamberlain garage door opener?


Tell us in the comment section below…

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