A Detailed Guide On How To Record Skype calls [Fast &Easily]

How to record Skype Calls
If you are looking for a detailed guide on how to record skype calls then this guide will help you to learn how to do so.

 We all want the memory we had with our families or friends, through video calls or even audio calls, but how can we do that if we don’t record these calls….??

How to Record Skype Calls


Well, don’t worry about that any more, because as you leave this post, your next video call will be recorded at ease at your wish.
Microsoft has earlier announced that you can now record your Skype calls without any external application just like a screen recorder… although I’ll talk much on that later in this post, but let’s talk first about this new feature.

How to Record Skype calls without External apps

On skype 8.0 update  Microsoft now boasts of built in recording capabilities, it is available for Macs and other mobile applications at the moment but as for the windows 10 it’s cooking out very soon in the coming weeks according to Microsoft.
Now let’s see how it works…..
How to record Skype Calls


 While calling your contact on your application click on the + button and click Start recording
While calls are going on ,a banner always appears on the top of the screen telling them that the call is being recorded, and it also tells your call mate who is recording the call.
As for me I feel it would be more polite if you ask first for permission from the person you want to call so it won’t be so unexpected and sudden…
Microsoft backed that idea by adding a banner at the top of the screen on how you can avoid legal snags by telling people they’re being recorded.”
The recording includes every ones video along with the screen the video was share with. The video status in the cloud for 30 days and it always appears on the screen while you are having your conversation… I feel,  it’s a warning  telling you to save your video as after 30 days it’s deleted from the cloud.
So how then do we Save and even share these calls when we have recorded the calls?
I’ll answer that;

How to Save Recorded Skype calls:

You have to do this within one month or 30 days,
On a PC here are the steps:
Click on the triple-dot button in the top right of the screen

 Select Save to Downloads.


You can also right-click on the recording in your chat or conversation  and then click Save to Downloads.
As easy as ABC huh?
You may be asking what about on Mobile, don’t worry I got you covered
Now this is what you do if you want to save your recorded videos from the cloud on Mobile:
Just Tap and hold the recording and then tap Save.
The recording will be saved to your camera roll as an MP4 file.

How to share Your Skype recording:

This is not hard process,.just follow the steps below;
Go to the recording
Right Click ( On Pc) or hold (Mobile) and click on Foward.
Select the desired Skype contacts and click on share at the end..
But another question arises… what about if the contact is not on Skype…??
Well don’t worry I’ll tell you.
For this to work, you must have saved your recorded video to you phone memory or an SD card.
Now locate the file or recording on your FIle explorer.
 If you are finding it hard to locate the file use the recent section on your FIle explorer if it does has it.
Click on the MP4… file and wait.. don’t just click on it if not it will play the recording, rather click and hold the MP4 file and Options will appear…

Click on the Share icon… As seen below…

How to record Skype calls


If your target contact is on what’s app click on the what’s app icon or if he/ she is on Facebook… click on the messenger button
Whatever platform the contact is Locate the name of the contact, if found click on the name..
Automatically the video is sent to the contact.
If You haven’t updated your Skype to version 8.0 you can’t record any Video call, but i have a cool tip for you below:

How to record Skpe video on Skype 7.9 and lower on Mobile

This is the part where you have to download some external apps known as “Screen recorders”
I personally Recommend The DU screen recorder for this.
Open your app and switch on the Screen recording
Go to Skype and make your call.
The app records the whole Video chat.. and that’s all..
Uh oh that’s not the whole story.. why?
Remember that we switch on the recorder before the call was made, so this means that the recorder recorded the waiting time for the receiver to relieve the call or even a time lapse of you opening the  Skype app.
 Don’t worry I’ll help you
DU screen recorder can delete or crop out part of the whole Video not needed
It’s quite easy to do that in the editing dash board after recording.

How to Record Skype calls on Skype 7.9 and low using Your PC or computer

There are many apps for PC that record screen…
They are:


  • Ice Cream Video Recorder
  • Ezvid Video Maker
  • Atomi Active Presenter
  • Screenpersso
  • Bandicam Screen Recorder.
And much more…


You can check more on the apps listed above here

From the above, I can well say that you  have learnt how to record your Skype calls fast and easily.

Do you have any challenge on this guide. on how to record Skype calls, tell me below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Written by AmenaCliff

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