How to Redo a Turn in Game Pigeon: [Game Pigeon cheats]

If you have been playing the game pigeon for iPhone or ios phones, you may have been looking for a way on how to redo a turn in game pigeon.

The wait is over as this post will teach you how to redo a turn in game Pigeon.

It’s very easy to carry out, and doesn’t require some Advanced cheats.

But first let’s look at what Game Pigeon is

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What is Game Pigeon:


Game Pigeon is a game introduced into the iMessenger app.

It’s a board game and is some how addictive.

Is the Game Pigeon interesting:

Yes the game Pigeon is interesting to ME.

It’s varies though, some people may not like this type of game, since it looks like an iMessenger game for boys.

So it Varies, as for me I find it interesting and challenge and maybe others find it hard and that’s why they are Searching for how to redo a turn in game pigeon.

So let’s answer that question.

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How to Redo a Turn in Game Pigeon


 It’s a very easy process.

Follow the steps below: assuming you are playing the game now!


  • Tap on the game.
  • If you make a mistake, by aiming wrong, then:
  • Tap on the “^” inverted though at the top right hand side of the screen.

Here is a picture below of what to do:

The above action will look like you minimized the game and replied a chat.

If this is done the game won’t count that shot.

Note: For this to work you have to:

1. Be fast don’t delay if not the shot will be counted

2. Make sure that your shot isn’t valid, if not you can’t redo that turn.

So this is how to redo a turn in game pigeon. It’s not hard and it’s easy to carry out.

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Game Pigeon Cheats 

If you are looking for game pigeon cheats then this post should have shown you enough cheats for game pigeon.

Think about it, you can redo a turn, so if you made a wrong move, you can change your decision… Without loosing your points.

You opponent may have thought of a move to counter you after you’ve made that wrong move, but if you redo your turn, you can counter that, and your opponent cannot use that wrong move against you.

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So far we have learnt that Game pigeon is a nice game introduced into iMessage.

It’s flexibility is nice and the fact that you have a game pigeon cheat is also cool.

We also learnt how to redo a turn in game pigeon which is the main point of this post, we have also learnt that this trick is one of the game Pigeon Cheats

I hope it helps and don’t forget sharing is caring.

Written by AmenaCliff

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