How to Secure your Android Phone(Offline &Online)

 If you are worried about securing your Android phone then you should check out these secret Techniques on how to secure your Android phone.
How to secure my android phone? This has been the question (The issue of Privacy) that has faced Tech experts and it  has always been an issue of great concern for a lot of persons, but let me try to be precise here, I’m referring to digital privacy. One of the questions people ask when they buy an Android device is “how can I secure my Android phone?”

If that’s the case for you, this post will enlighten you on how to Secure your Android phone, not just offline(off the Internet) but also online(on the Internet).
You may wonder, why do I have to be so worried about securing my Android device?
Well it’s essential that you secure your Android device, especially when you store information, not just any information but important ones, these may include: Bank details, Clients information, User names and passwords, e.t.c.
To some loosing these information to some one else, could be like loosing their lives, as it is the lively hood of most persons.
So it’s very important, that you secure your Android phone, but another question arises how do I secure my Android device?
To make things clearer for you I’ll split this into two- 
1.Offline Security 
2. Online Security.
So first let’s talk about how to Secure your Android phone Offline.

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Before you know how to Secure your Android phone offline first, let’s know what we are protecting from 3rd party access. 
When you protect your device or phone from others Offline, you are actually trying to prevent access to your hardware store files, messages, and other private information
We will analyze different ways in which you can now protect your phone offline.
1. Using the Digital Pin method:
This method is very common among all Android users, it’s available on all Android phones and that’s why it’s common 
It involves using of numbers to open your device when it’s locked most likely by you.
For example, you may choose your PIN to be 2345 when you look your device, you can only use 2345 to open your phone.

How to set up the Digital Pin Method to Secure your Android phone. (Android 8.1)

1. Go to your Phone Settings.

2. Navigate and click on Security &; Location.

3. Locate Screen Lock &; Click on it

4. You’ll see about 5 Lock options, choose Pin

5. Enter your desired pin. and enter again for confirmation. 
6. Your PIN is saved and files are protected
1. Make sure you choose pins that can’t be guessed easily; PINS LIKE 1234 are not recommended as they can easily be guessed. 
2. Avoid using your date of birth of birth as they too cause be guessed especially by some one close to you. 
2. Using the Password Method:
The password, method is an upgrade of the pin method, remember that the pin involves only numbers or digits, but the password gives you the option to use alphanumeric data as your password, excitingly, it doesn’t stop there, you can use special characters as (@3$#^&*+=) as your password combined with the the auto numeric data, this all protect your phone better than the pin.

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How to protect my Android phone using the Password Method:
1. Go to your Phone Settings.

2. Navigate and click on Security & Location.
3. Locate Screen Lock & Click on it 
4. You’ll see about 5 Lock options, choose Password.

5. Enter your desired password and enter again for confirmation. 
6. Your Password is saved and files are protected
3. The Patterns method:
My friends call this the matching dots game, and yeah it describes this feature( though not a game) but it’s all about matching dots and making sure they are the same as the pattern  you set up.
How to protect your Android phone using the Pattern Method:
1. Go to your Phone Settings.
2. Navigate and click on Security & Location.
3. Locate Screen Lock & Click on it 
4. You’ll see about 5 Lock options, choose Pattern

5. Draw your desired pattern and draw again for confirmation. 
6. Your Files are now protected by Pattern method. 

Special ways on how to secure your Android phone

There are 3 Special ways to protect your device offline: they are: 
(1) Finger print Reader
(2) Face unlock
(3) Voice Unlock. 
Finger print Reader:
This is a special method, as it’s faster and guarantee more security. It’s a good idea because as we all have known, two humans can’t share the same finger print. 

How to set up the Finger print to Secure your Android phone

1. Go to your Phone Settings.

2. Navigate and click on Security & Location.

4. Select Finger prints

5. Follow the instructions given to set up finger print for your Android phone.
Face Unlock:
This is another great feature brought by Google in the recent years, you can now unlock your device once it  recognizes your face. It is also know as the FACE ID

 How to Secure your Android phone using Face unlock :

1. Go to your Phone Settings.
2. Navigate and click on Security & Location.
3. Locate Smart lock and  Click on it

4. Select Trusted Face

5. Follow the  instructions given to set up face unlock for your Android phone.
3. Voice Unlock
I think the Google Assistant lead to this amazing idea from Google, you can now open your phone by using the hot word

-“Hey Google” or “Hello Google”
If your voice matches a previously stored voice, your device will definitely open, although some times another person’s voice can open your phone but that rarely happens. Google keeps on bringing security patches, so if you want more efficiency on your security, update your Android device now.

How to use Voice unlock to Secure your Android Phone

1.Go to your Phone Settings.

2. Navigate and click on Security & Location.
3. Locate Smart lock and  Click on it

4. Select Trusted Voice match

So these are practical ways you can protect your device and secure it from 3rd party access offline.
Some times people have worried about another offline measure to protect themselves.
what’s that?
IT is the protection against virus, if your device is attacked by virus it’s is said to be vulnerable to some 3rd party access even if the above parameters are set up. 
SO if you are thinking of securing your phone, make sure your device is virus free, so that the above parameters won’t be deemed “A waste of time”. You can ensure that, by installing Antivirus applications like The Avast Antivirus for Android phones: it’s available on Google play store for download. 

What  if I loose my phone: can I still secure my Android  phone?

See the reason why I always call Google the big guy? 
Yes Google has made provisions for that just simply follow the steps below 
It’s called Find My Phone, and it should be enabled by default on all modern Android phones. To double check, jump into Settings >  Security & location > Find My Phone.
and that is how you enable this feature on your phone. 
With this you will be able to find your phone and at the same time find a way to protect your information.
So let’s say you loose you phone 
all you have to do is to follow the steps below
Using another phone search on Google”: find my phone
Then use that  locate your phone. 
note: This is best when your WiFi and location of the missing phone is on, you can’t find the device if it’s switched of, or your Google account is not logged in. 
 Disable Unknown sources and Developers mode
Well to a lot of persons think this don’t count but the truth is it does. 
The install from unknown sources allows you to install apps that are outside the Google play store, while this seems safe it’s worthwhile to know that some 3rd party apps are not actually the same apps as they are in the play store, but some developers has inputted virus codes into them, which even when your device is looking okay you won’t know as it runs in the background
As I said earlier if your phone is attacked by virus, it’s more venerable to insecurity as these interfere with some security gate ways in your phone, making ways for hackers, so it’s totally best you simply install apps from the Google play store. Later in things post we will see why Google play store is more secure. 
How to turn off Unknown sources:
To improve security, you should disable this feature. On pre-Oreo (8.0) versions of Android, you can do this easily in Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
 On Oreo (8.0) and Pie (9.0) you’ll need to disable this feature on a per-app basis, but you can find everything that has access to the feature in Settings > Apps > Special Access > Install Unknown Apps.
The same applies to developers mode if you activated your developers mode and you ain’t actually relying on any feature there for now, it’s best  you toggle it off.

How to toggle of my Developers mode

Jump into Settings > Developer Option and slide the toggle at the top to the off position.
Note: On Android Pie (9.0), you can find Developer Options at Settings > System > Developer Options.

How to Secure your Android phone ONLINE:

Securing your phone online is like fighting against a poll of sharks, the Internet, though is great but not so great when it comes to adjunct privacy.
Have your ever asked your self why is it that when I log in with a new device, google/ Face book sends me a mail asking if I’m the one who authorized the log in?
Well if you haven’t it simply because Google and Face book knows that there are a lot of Hackers out there seeking to steal your private information. 
Trust me the 1st time I got that email without actually authorizing the log in, I was afraid, buh don’t worry, the big guys got me covered(Google& Face book)
SO what you’re going to learn here since how to secure your Android phone ONLINE 
let’s go to the 1st one. 
1. Enable 2- step authentication on your device 
A secure Android phone starts from a secure Google account especially those using the Android one of the Google pixel phones, since it’s from google. 
2 step authentication factor is just simply a confirmatory test of what ever action you take. 
For example, you log into your Google account on another phone, because that phone is not known, Google sends you a pin to your phone number and your email address, that you must include our that new phone before you continue, or proceed with your business.
So this is a powerful tool for us, Hackers can’t access our account, without our device close to them or tricking us to give them the pin sent by Google.

How to set up 2- Factor authentication on Google:
Go to the Google 2- step verification step page and click get started 
Enter your email and passwords or just password if you have logged in with that device before
Click the set up button 
Add a phone number with is preferably yours.
Verify your number as an SMS will be sent to you 
After verification Click on trust this computer( depends on you)
LAST STEP: Confirm your setting as as you turn on 2 step authentication. 

Things Google has done to ensure that your Android phone is secure  both offline & online

Once more the big guy Google!!!!! they didn’t just leave every thing to us, there are some features you won’t actually take note of but they help a lot 
1. On Device Encryption

Before now you can actually get this feature on your phone until Google added it a few years back. 
It is a feature that stores up your and information in an unreadable manner and hard to decrypt or decode unless you enter, the pass code or password you assigned to your  device. 
Google Play protect
From the Android Oreo and above, google has given us the play protect. Its is a cloud based system that’s always scanning apps on its play store just to make sure they post no threats to user.
Its aim is to fish out all malicious apps and fake apps as well. It can also scan apps that you side load. 
How to toggle on The Google play protect: to protect each app from malware 
Head to Settings > Google > Security > Play Protect. You can make sure it’s turned on (and it should be), as well as enable app scanning for side-loaded applications.
Securing your device is not a big task it’s all about taking time to use the settings on your phone to get valid results, if you do so you will have to peace of mind that you have secured your android phone.

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