How To Watch Dstv on Android For Free [Easily]

how to watch dstv on android for free

Have you ever ran out of Dstv subscription? Well, almost every one has, although I haven’t, but some of my friends has searched for how to watch dstv on android for free and have gotten great results. 

In this post I’ll share with you how to watch dstv on android for free and also, some additional requirements needed to watch Dstv for free on your Android phone. 
I also did some personal research of my own to conclude with 2 ways to watch Dstv for free on your Android phones. 
So let’s see those 2 options. 
Get ready to stop susbscribing every month for DStv with these 2 methods:

1.  Use MOBDRO 

how to watch dstv on android for free
This is an app, you can use to access DStv channels on your Android phone especially football. 
I and my Elder brother used this app alot to watch Football games.
Mobdro is a pretty nice app, it allows you to stream all videos online that are available in Dstv
Unfortunately, this app isn’t available on Google play store,but it’s ok, Mobro still made this app available for you on their website, 
SO how do we get it? 
Lets dive in. 

  • Download and Install the App
  • To install this app you have to activate the Install from Unknown sources on your phone settings. 
  •         If you’ve had it set up don’t bother about it
  • After successful installation Open the app
  • There are different categories you can use, go to your desired category and watch any channel listed there 
I and my Brother used the sport section and chose any sport channel, until we saw the match we want to watch. 
And that’s how I was able to watch Dstv for free on my android phone

2. Use the DSTV NOW app on Google play store:

how to watch dstv on android for free

One of the ways to watch DStv for free on Android is by using DStv own App called DSTV NOW

This guide doesn’t give you access to all channels but one called: ‘Dstv Guide’
It’s useful if you want to know when a show will be broad casted on DStv.
How to access the DSTv now 
You can access the DStv now app by following the steps below:

  •  Open Google play store
  • Use the Search bar to search for ‘DSTV Now app’ 
  • Download and Install the App 
  • Open the App
  • Now we have access to the DStv Now app, so what’s next? 
Let’s see:
On opening the DSTv app there are 2 options
1. I have DStv ( Choose this if you have an account) 
2. Login/ Register on DStv Connect ( If you don’t have a DStv Connect  account or you want to log in.)
I clicked on a button labeled ‘Watch for Free’ and completed the quick registration. 
I got an Email and then clicked on the activation/ verification link, and BOOM! I have my Dstv connect account. 
You can now Watch Movies on the DStv app, but wait( Only if you have linked your DStv Bouquet)
Having a free account doesn’t mean, free access to all channels. 
But there is one station you can watch for free.. 
The DStv Guide
This channels only updates you with new episodes or shows and their time of broadcast. 
Oh I know that’s Boring, but here’s another sure way to get this done. 

Why you need to know how to watch Dstv on android for free

We all know that Nigeria and other African countries are liable to poor Power outage, so if you know how to watch dstv on android for free, they you will reduce buying fuel just to watch a TV program. 

What you still need even if you how to watch dstv on android for free:

If you how to watch dstv on android for free, that great, but you also need to have the following:

  • A strong Data Connection
  • A good HD Smart Android phone
  • A Good battery life as Streaming takes a lot of Battery 
  • A reasonable amount of Mobile data, so you don’t have your TV show cut short, if mobile data is Exhausted. 
It’s a good idea to have your best Movies on your Phone any time any here. 
Now that you know how to watch Dstv on android for free, why not you share this post with your Friends and Family.
If you have any any comments or question lease drop them below. 

Written by AmenaCliff

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