Huawei passes Apple to be the 2nd Largest Phone Maker

The Huawei team should be joyfull as they have passed Apple which was the 2nd largest Smartphone maker, making them 2nd and apple 3rd. Huawei has jumped ahead of Apple in Smart phone shipment for the first time ever and they are now behind the largest smart phone maker, Samsung.

It’s noteworthy that Huwaie has raised there profile in the world to a very high level and they definitely didn’t fail to expand their presence in China( their home country). At the moment Chinnese pair like Huawei and Xiaomi are challenging Apple and Samsung for a bigger sector of the Global pie.
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In the 2nd quarter of 2018 Huawei’s shipment jumped 41% to 54.2million units, from 38.5 units the same time Last yeear 2017.

Huawei market share also had great increase at 15.7% jumping from their last year’s share which was 11.00%
In contrast Apple had about 41.3 million of thier iPhones shipped and it’s clear that Huawei beat them off here as they managed only 0.7% for this year

The Continued Growth of Huawei gives them confidence to continue as their stats show they can compete with Samsung and other top phone producers. It’s noteworthy of Huawei to beat the 1st $1 Trillion Company to become the 2nd  largest phone producers.

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