I clearly remember year back when I left my key inside my car, I was totally confused just as you may be right now, I didn’t know what to do, and how to get my keys back.

But that’s the car I still use today, you may be thinking about how I was able to get my keys out of my car right?

Well follow through this post, and you’ll see the exact step I took to get my car opened.

I know very well that, you are confused right now, I’ve been there before and but let me tell you a fact, the best thing to do right now is to calm down, and follow the steps

I’ll outline here.

Don’t make this instance make you feel that you are not responsible, every one is prone to making such mistakes, and it’s not the end of it all, if it was I won’t be having my car with me now.

So calm down and believe that you can get your car keys back, that’s the only way you can apply these steps CORRECTLY.


I know very well that am a very precautious person, you too could be the same, so after I’ve calmed down I tried my best to remember, why my key is inside the car, what lead to it being there.

This didn’t just help me figure out the best way to get the key back, but also a way for me to avoid the same mistake next time.

I swear since that time I haven’t said that I left my keys in my car because I never really did!

One other thing I tried doing is not going far from my car, because my keys are there!! If it’s in a very visible and busy area, some one notorious could break the glass, Grab the keys and take a cool ride home!

But? That seemed to be a solution to getting my keys back right?

Well, that’s not the kind of solution we will learn here, you don’t need to break you glass to your keys back, so let’s find better ways to do so but I’ll start with the one I personally used.

The method I used to get my keys back, when I left my keys in my car. 

So yeah you’ve been waiting for this, how I got my keys back, it was really a relief to me though.

Hope this reliefs you too!

1. I used a Spare Key to access my car

I know this may have come to your mind, to use a spare key, but maybe it didn’t but either ways here is what I did.

Definitely you didn’t carry a spare key along, because you didn’t hope for it, I mean who hopes for such!

So this time, though I was at the grocery store, so I couldn’t access my spare keys, I called my brother to get them for me, he drove down and I got my spare key, used it to open my car, and I got my other key!

See it’s as easy as that, I didn’t get the spare keys my self because the place was busy and my car was visable, remember what I said about this?

If you can’t get home and your house keys are with you, call some one you trust to stand by the car for you then you take a cab to your house get the spare key and open your car.

But the next question is what If I didn’t have a spare key?

What would I have done?

This takes me to the next part of this post.

What I would have done do get my keys back if I don’t have a spare key

1. Check if your car has any openings 

This takes me back to the importance of you relaxing and Thinking, you have to check if there are any openings in the car like maybe a back door window is opened, or the trunk of the car is opened as some car’s trunk can gain you access to the main compactment of the car.

You don’t want to try option 2 and 3 ( which will be discussed) and in the process of execution find out that there was a way out all this while.

Try going through each POSSIBLE entry point, if you see one like an opened window, you can use a long pole or stick to pick the keys.


2. Try to make use of some Tips to open your car and get your key

There are lots of tips and tricks surfacing around every day on how do some certain things and definitely getting your car key back Isn’t far from the radar.

These tips could he so easy to implement and could even be a stone throw away from you.

You can get the materials even from a hardware shop a few metres away from you..

Here are some ways you can open your car

I’ll just list so ways here:

1. Using a Coat Hanger

2. Using a Slim Jim (Use at your own risk)


3. A string or small diameter rope.

With these tricks you can open your card and get your car keys.

3. Get help from a professional:

We ain’t super heroes and sometimes we can’t just figure it out, so it’s best to meet a professional in this case.

Call them, you can search for: Locksmith around me and give them a call they will come in no time and help you out, but not without a fee.

So make sure you have enough money with you there before you call, don’t be afraid or feel ashamed of calling for help, it’s helpful most Cases and prevents you from damaging your car if you don’t have the expertise especially when you aren’t used to DIY tips.

So save your self the stress and get a professional Locksmith company  to help you.


So far we have discussed about how to get your keys from your car, I hope this helps you and you no longer have have to say I left my keys in my car

Written by AmenaCliff

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