How to stop your iPhone Battery from Draining Fast


iPhone as we all know is a pretty good device, that offers you Maximum performance, unless your iPhone battery starts draining Fast 


iPhone Battery Draining Fast

Over time as we use these amazing devices, our iPhone battery starts draining fast, this is simply because, you have not been trying this tips that I will give you in this post. Stay on page and you will know how to solve this issue

In summary you can save your battery better or prevent it from draining fast by, these  Amazing tips:


1.Display your Battery Percentage:

How would you know your car lacks fuel if you don’t have a Fuel gauge?

That’s pretty much the same thing here, showing up your iPhone battery percentage gives you the consciousness that your battery is at a level, you know is low,

After you realize that your battery is draining fast than expected, you then take the remaining 11 steps below.

I know a lot of us usually turn this on, but if you haven’t follow the steps below

Go to Settings>Battery>Battery Percentage.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast

Make sure it is Toggled on.

2. Turn Down the Volume & Use A Head Phone

It’s a great time, as it reduces the work load of your speaker, especially when you are playing music or watching a movie.

 I know a low volume can always allow you to enjoy your movie or music so try this:

Plug in a head phone and adjust it to the recommended audio volume, it’s not just there for you to protect your ears, but it actually helps in saving your battery too

To reduce your volume just simply use the lower part of your iPhone volume button, and to plug in your headphones, if it’s a wireless headphones phone follow these guides.

3. Try reducing the Screen’s Brightness

iPhone Battery Draining Fast

This is another helpful tip as many persons always keep their screen brightness at Max.

To reduce your screen’s brightness:

GO to Settings>Display& Brightness and “Turn Tone off”

But it’s noteworthy to know that avoiding this has 2 advantages.

One of them, obviously is the fact that it saves your battery, the more screen brightness, the more battery it takes, and that’s because the phone uses more light in the process.

 The reverse is the case if you reduce your screen brightness.

The second advantage is that it protects your eyes, ever wondered why they brought about the “blue light filter”?
Well even though you don’t know, simply reducing your screen brightness reduces the effect of the blue light.

4. Turn off Your Location:

Although this is a really helpful feature as it helps to track your Android phone, if it gets missing, but you may have to ditch it out if you want to save your battery, and stop your iPhone from draining its battery fast.

To switch off your location use the steps below:

iPhone Battery Draining Fast
  • Go to Settings
  • Head over to Privacy
  • Click on Location Services
  • You can now turn off any app that doesn’t need to be tracking you according to your own preferences, or you can switch it off Totally,

5. Switch Off Bluetooth:

You only Need Bluetooth when you want to transfer files, so as afraid as you are not using it make sure it is switched off.

To switch it off

iPhone Battery Draining Fast
Swipe down the control panel and switch it off when you don’t need it.

6. Close Some Background Applications

iPhone Battery Draining Fast


Some apps run in the background and sip from your battery juice even though they are useless to you at the moment, so try closing your apps as soon as you are able to done with it.

7.Turn off Air Drop:

Make sure Air Drop isn’t on as you don’t need it all the time do you?

SO use the control panel to switch off Air drop.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast

It’s a nice feature though…but it’s not used all the time, so turning it off can help prevent your iPhone from draining fast.

8.Reduce the Frequency of Syncing your Email



The more your phone sync your email and other apps the more battery it consumes in the background and the more mobile data it’s take

So by simply reducing the frequency you can not only save battery but also save your mobile data as well.

So I decided to carry steps similar to this on my Android phone, and this same steps are useful for iPhone too

The Steps:

Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Fetch New Data and switch from Push to either Fetch or Manual.

With Fetch, you can set a time interval, such as every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, as you wish, for your iPhone to sync your email

9.Stop Push Notifications from Apps:


It’s another great tip, and it’s related to reducing your sync frequency.

Some apps will send you notifications that you don’t really need, I remember when I had games in my phone, I do get notifications from games that uses “Energy”

They just send a notification like:

“Your energy is fully charged go fight for Glory”

Like seriously I don’t need that, so to cut and take this off I used these steps:


iPhone Battery Draining Fast

Go to Settings

Head over to and click on Notifications

Choose apps that you don’t need notifications from.




10.Turn Off Automatic Downloads:


Obviously we can’t miss out on this one, it’s one of the things that takes your battery and mobile data like drinking Coca-Cola with a straw.

It works in the background, without you knowing unless you notice though.

It’s easy to turn this off using the steps below:

Go to settings

 Click on iTunes& App store.

Toggle Cellular Data to off, this makes sure that it downloads updates only when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

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11.Turn Off your 4g Network:

Some of us do a lot of downloading and streaming online, just like me and I prefer using 4g for faster speed and navigation.

But this drains your battery really bad, since 3g isn’t bad and Demn slow, you can consider opting for the 3g at least it’s Fast.

To change to The 3g network you can try the steps below:

Go to Settings

Head over to Cellular

Click on Cellular Data options

Google off the 4g Mode



12.Check for System Upgrade/ Update: 


Sometimes the drainage could be as a result of bugs in your current iOS, but it’s of good news that Apple keeps on bringing update to fix these updates.

So do well to Check for updates, it sometimes sends you a notification when it’s available, so try your best to update your phone, as soon as they are out.

To do this follow the steps below

Go to Settings

Click on General

Click on Software Updates.


It’s not a hard task to save your battery life and stop your iPhone from draining fast, a lot of persons have used these tips and it has worked very well for them.

These Tips above are very helpful tips on how to fix your IPhone battery draining fast.

I’m ready to answer any questions on this just drop it and I’ll get back to you.

Written by AmenaCliff

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