Why Your iPhone Gets Hot & 11 Easy ways to Fix iPhone Heating up.

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot


I know you just went to Google and searched Why does my iPhone gets Hot, well if that be the case follow through this post as this will guide you through the reason why your iPhone gets hot and how to Fix this issue in the Best possible way, not just the Best buy the Easiest.

After reading and applying all guides on this post, your iPhone will be at the right temperature.
But first let’s Start With why your iPhone gets Hot:
It’s Normal for your Phone to get warm even hot over time, even as soon as you buy it, especially when you have been in constant usage.

It’s common especially when you:


  • Play 3 D games
  • Streaming High quality videos for a long time
  • Making use of GPS

Using some tools that consumes much space.

Just like our own Computers, iPad and iPhone are heating up because of these two components:

The Chip set and the Battery emits heat because they are in use, so please don’t panic as it’s a normal thing.

What makes it different from computers and most big appliances is that after it gets hot it doesn’t have an internal fan to cool it.

How to Know if your iPhone is too hot


It’s easy to know if your iPhone is becoming too hot, and it’s simply because Apple has given he device a range of what is deemed Normal temperature:

It’s Normal temperature is between 0 c and 35 c. so when it exceeds this range your iPhone automatically shows a screen as seen below saying:

“I phone needs to cool down before you can use it”

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot

When you see that screen a lot of functions will be disabled and your phone will be switched to Low- power mode.

I know you don’t like this and that why I’ll show you steps you can take to stop this over heating of your iPhone.

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How to Fix Over heating in iPhone:

The Tips below will help stop your i phone from getting hot


DO NOT leave your phone in your car exposed to Sun.

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot


Leaving your phone exposed to sun is one of the reasons why you need not leave your phone in your car, it’s also safe as your phone is safer when it’s with you.

Your phone heats when exposed to sun because it’s made of metal which conduct heat. SO Next time carry your Apple phone along with you.


Turn it Off


Why does My iPhone Gets Hot

Another helpful tip here is to switch of your phone and allow it to cool down, I feel its the most useful, because the cause of the heat can’t be traced so well.

SO switching to off will definitely eliminate all factors that will lead to your phone heating up.
When you switch on your phone back, don’t just start using it right away, try to let it rest and boot properly first before you proceed.

Unplug Your Charger if it was Charging:

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot

It’s another big tip, because while you charge your phone, its going to heat up especially when you are using it and at the same time charging which is not cool.

SO if you notice that your phone is heating up unusually unplug your phone, let it cool down and plug it back again

 While you plug, don’t use your phone., until the desired percentage is attained, also turn off your Mobile Data and WiFi and it’s definitely going to work in the background updating apps you don’t need and consuming Data.

 Close Useful apps


Some times we tend to open Lots of apps and that leads to over heating as these apps work in the background and make the CPU and RAM to over work thereby making the battery do more work.

SO close those apps you don’t need and focus on the useful ones.

Check for Update:

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot


Every day i Phones gets better and old phones are refined by their system updates, who knows your phone heating issues could be as a result of software and the next update could just be what you need.
You can easily update your phone using the tips here 

DO Background app refresh:

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot

Always Try your best to remember and follow these steps when it gets hot


  • Go to your settings
  • Navigate to and Click on General
  • Click on Background App Refresh

You can also delete recent apps as they could be apps with bugs, and are always actively open in the background.

Don’t Use 3rd Party Chargers:

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot


I can’t stress this more, but I have to if you don’t want your iPhone to get hot, then you have to stop using 3rd party chargers as they ain’t meant for your phone.

Use chargers that come along with your iPhone, if it does gets missing or goes bad then buy it again from a certified iPhone retailers shop

This will go along way to help stop your iPhone from getting hot and also save you money as well.

Try Changing Your Battery:

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot

If you’ve been using your phone pass the warranty range, then this is a useful tip, your iPhone battery gets hot sometimes because it’s wearing out and it’s now old.

Change your iPhone battery from a certified iPhone retailer or even contact Apple Care to do so, so you won’t get Fake products. Beware of Cheap offers.

Contact Apple Care

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot


While if you are still in the Warranty Range you have tons of benefit from Apple here as Apple Care will give you repairs for your iPhone for free, and this can help you solve the ‘iPhone gets too hot’ issue

Switch off your 4G or Change to 3G:

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot


Although 4G network is one of the ways to increase your internet speed, but to be honest it’s done of the things that drains your iPhone battery and also make it hot.

I tried this out on my Android, I used 4g for a week and my phone’s temperature increase within that period, but while I decided to switch back to 3g it actually reduced greatly.

 So maybe you are using 4G network, it’s one of the reasons why your iPhone gets hot.

Turn off Your Location:

Why does My iPhone Gets Hot


For users this is a helpful tool to help them use the Google Track my phone feature, but it also drains battery and at the same time makes you iPhone gets too hot.

SO it’s advisable you switch it off, and only use it when you need it, it has disadvantages but if you really want to solve this Issue, then switching it on has to be the forgone alternative.

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SO  we’ve learnt these tips that can help us to cool done our I phone. I hope you now know why your iPhone gets too hot and also how to fix it.

Well in the Mean time if you have any issues with carrying any of the above tip leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible.


Written by AmenaCliff

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