Is BlueStacks Safe? (Best answer):

Is BlueStacks safe?
Is Blue stacks safe?



The quest for an Android emulator on a computer has been on the increase, and BlueStacks and some other apps have satisfied that quest. But here lies another question. Is BlueStacks safe?


Why ask that question?


Well I totally understand why this question should be asked, and it’s common for users to be concerned about their safety, privacy and also the safety of their computers as well.


Without FutherAdo let’s get to the question.



Yes ! Blue stacks is safe, but there are different are other angles we can dig into do we can see this from a 300 feet view.


First angle- Virus and Malware (Is Blue stacks safe?)


Virus, malware is BlueStacks safe

In this I’ll say yes, it’s safe, the official version doesn’t contain any malware or virus.


But there’s something to be careful of.


What’s that Cliff?, you may ask!






Some developers who want to make money can input viruses into BlueStacks making it unsafe.


Only Download BlueStacks from the official website.


Here’s the link: BlueStacks


Also ensure that the Android app used in the emulator is free from any malware, it should be scanned with google play security before using it.

Second angle: Privacy (Is BlueStacks safe?)


Is BlueStacks safe? Privacy

You may be asking, does BlueStacks spy me?


Yeah when I use BlueStacks are my information kept private?


Yes! Your information is kept private with you and with you alone, BlueStacks doesn’t spy on you.


But there’s always a precaution.


While BlueStacks doesn’t spy on you, you have to make sure that the apps you use on it don’t either.


This means that you have to ensure that any Android apps used on the emulator is free from malware and Doesn’t have any record of spying on its users.

Third Angle: My Computer’s Performance: ( Is BlueStacks safe?)


Is BlueStacks safe

This is something overlooked and it’s serious!


Well in this case the answer is not definite.


BlueStacks is heavy and it’s capable of slowing down a computer or even crashing it.


So if your computer is heavy Enough to carry the load of BlueStacks.


This means your system has to be inline the requirements to run BlueStacks.


So what are the minimum requirements?


Here they are!


Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2 , Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only)


Ram: At LEAST 2GB of RAM


You must be an administrator on your computer to run the app.


Your system must have an extra 4gb for strong games and apps.


Your System Drivers must be up to date.


But as you can see above this is the MINIMUM requirement.


Here’s what BlueStacks Recommends!


OS: Windows 10


Permissions: You must be an administrator to run the BlueStacks app.


Processor: Intel Core i5-680 (pass mark 3500) or higher processor with virtualization extensions toggled on in the BIOS of your computer


Graphics Card: Intel HD 5200 (Should have pass mark of 750) and definitely higher than that.


RAM: 6gb of RAM.


HDD: SSD or you can use fusion.


Storage space for SSD : 40GB


Your computer should have access to the internet too so you can access games and other features.


You may say, well I only need the 2gb ram and the rest specs mentioned in the minimum requirements.


Well for me I don’t think it’s a good idea, I fancy the fact that you should go for the recommended specs above, and that’s why I’ll tell you a story from my own experience.


I tried running Android Studio (an app used for creating Android apps)


I saw the minimum requirements for the app and my apps met it but didn’t exceed it, so I decided to use the app on it.


I finished all processes, and had my computer rebooted.


I opened the app and my computer became slow like a grandma!


It was the minimum requirements so why didn’t it work!


The next day


I bought and added a higher ram to my computer and I ran the app again, the app went to smooth that I didn’t even realize that was my computer any more (just kidding 😀)


So here’s the deal, try to get the Recommended specs and even higher ( what you can afford Though)


If you ask me is BlueStacks safe, Yes, but it all depends on how well you use it.


4th angle: Other Apps on your computer or the computer it self. (Is BlueStacks safe?)


Is bluestacks safe

If your computer is hosting a malware then the malware can spread to all other software in the computer and if you have BlueStacks it’s definitely not exempted, which could make it unsafe.


So make sure that other apps on your computer or your computer it self  are malware free!


With this you can be sure that BlueStacks is safe




Once more if You ask me is blue stacks safe?


I’ll say it so loud YES!!


BUT  as we have seen from there 4 angles you are responsible for the safety of the BlueStacks that’s already in your computer.


If you have any questions you can drop them in the comment section below and I’ll answer ASAP!


Written by AmenaCliff

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