Is Udemy Legit?: From Personal Experience.

Is Udemy legit? One of the most asked questions in the
online tutorial world.


When I saw the question is had mixed feelings, and I totally understand why the question is asked.


But first let’s take a look at the background of Udemy


What is Udemy?:


Udemy is an online learning platform, it allows you to learn some digital skills online.


It’s been of good usage to young adults and has really helped me personally.


Udemy has been existing since the year 2010, and at the time of writing this blog post, it has been pretty Popular among users online.


Udemy was founded by Eren Bali; Oktay Caglar; Gagan Biyani, and it’s current CEO is Gregg Coccari.


Udemy has over 40,000 course, 20,000 instructors, and 12 million students around the world, according to, Smallbiztrends.


The website uses Video format to teach  students as they will have to stream the videos online or Download for offline use.


Now that we know what Udemy is, let’s see if it’s legit or is a scam.


Is Udemy Legit?: Udemy review;


The word Legit means to be free from scam, so in other words, we can say, is Udemy Free from scam?


Okay let’s face the fact


Udemy is legit and it’s not a scam but there some dependencies, which change your view of Udemy negativity.


Most people end up saying that Udemy doesn’t give them value, but these things I’ll share here are the causes of their problems


Udemy is not the Teacher, so how can it be scam?:




So we have already gotten the answer to “is udemy legit”.


Some people feel the Udemy courses are crap!


Some people will not believe me or would say, that I’m paid to say this, but, now I’ll let you reason it out yourself.
Udemy is legit


If you attend a High school, and your teachers are nice, they teach very well, but there’s this maths teacher, whole YOU and not other students don’t seem to like, or understand his classes.


Does that mean your highschool is a bad school when it comes to academics?






It’s just the teacher that has to be changed, not the whole school.


If you’d love to pull the trigger, and go ahead, and blame the school, remember that YOU are the one not finding it easy to learn in his classes, not your other coursemates.


It could be that you don’t just like maths and you don’t seem to get along in mathematics classes.


So here’s the deal,


Don’t judge the whole platform, by just a few courses that you’ve bought, there are tons of positive reviews on them and a lot of people’s lives have been changed for just buying those courses…


I’m a big believer that most people out there who say it’s not legit are the ones that apply the steps and wait for 2 months and they can’t make money so they say “Udemy is not legit” and Raise make you start asking “is Udemy legit”?


But hey! There’s something you have to avoid.


When you want to buy a course, don’t buy a course that has bad reviews, scroll down and read people’s opinions on the course… take a look at the curriculum,


If it’s web development are they going to create a web page  with you or are they going to just show you the markups and syntax and let you seek for information?


I’d choose the former if was to buy a course on web development.


Because through that you’ll get the real value of the course.


And even at that, don’t just watch the video and let it sit,


Go out there and actually build a site using the languages they teach you, or if it’s using WordPress, go out there and actually Design a site with WordPress.


If you can do this, then you’d be able to justify buying a course on Udemy.


Also the name of the instructors are given in the course, Google about it and see if he/she has a good reputation, If they actually do what they teach.


That way you are not far from getting a good Course on Udemy.


Is Udemy legit when it comes to Refunds?:


So there’s this feature on Udemy that allows you to do a 30 day refund after buying a course.


Some people feel it’s a scam as after they buy the course and request refund they get denied.


Well Udemy do have policies too, to protect their instructors.


If you bought the course from a third party, Udemy doesn’t refund.


If you downloaded the whole course and then refund Udemy doesn’t refund..


Some of the tactics are used to game the online learning platform, and they are aware of it.


So If  you get a refund denial your actions may be against their policies.


So it doesn’t means that Udemy is a scam.




So that’s my thought when it comes to Udemy, so if you’d ask me


Is Udemy legit?, my answer will remain Yes!


I respect your opinion so tell me what you think below in the comment section.


Written by AmenaCliff

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