Jumia Whatsapp Number: Connect with Jumia on the GO

Sometimes there is need to contact Jumia maybe you bought a product and it’s isn’t as expected and you want to take advantage of the Warranty Feature. Having the Jumia whatsapp number can help you contact them. 

But on the internet there are many people who claim to have the real Jumia whatsapp number, but most of them are fake, so this post will provide the real one.
The true and real Jumia whatsapp number is 08181280977

You can contact them for any issues pertaining your purchased goods or even questions you may have. 

Alternative to Jumia Whatsapp Number

Except from connecting with Jumia through whatsapp, you can also connect with Jumia using the following alternatives: 

1. Connect with Jumia using BBM

Jumia Whatsapp Number
Jumia Whatsapp Number

You can connect with Jumia through BBM using this pin : 7E0E45BA

2. Chat with Jumia using Wechat

Jumia Whatsapp Number
Jumia Whatsapp Number

You can chat with Jumia on Wechat using this number: 08181280977
It’s the same number with the Jumia whatsapp number.
You can also Follow Jumia Update on BBM using the same pin: 7E0E45BA
Jumia Nigeria is promising to be with you every where you go as that’s why they have joined various social media.

How to Discuss with Jumia while you have the Jumia Whatsapp Number: 

You know how customer care talks to you right? You should expect nothing less that that while talking to Jumia on Whatsapp,Wechat or even BBM.
So while you talk to the Jumia Representative try your best to :

  • Be polite
Jumia Whatsapp Number
Jumia Whatsapp Number
  • Use Proper English, am not sure the agent will be Able to understand your Local language or even Pidgin Language.
  • Try your best to respond on time as they may have other person’s attending to
  • Don’t discuss Personal issues with a Jumia agent, they are not there for your personal problems. Rather lay your complain or ask questions and wait for response.

Does a Jumia Affiliate need the Jumia whatsapp Number:

A nice question,as a Jumia affiliate you sometimes need to keep in touch with Jumia
 Well the answer is No and Yes(I’ll explain)
This is because, there is a Live chat section in the Jumia Affiliate site, so you can talk to a real person usually in the Affiliate section to take care of questions Jumia Affiliates could have.
But sometimes the live chat isn’t available on the Jumia Afiiliate site ,maybe on weekends ,or after 6pm (Lagos,Nigeria Time), so you could still get the Jumia WhatsApp number to ask your questions.


Getting the Jumia WhatsApp number has saved the stress of contacting Jumia through Email and wait for response in 2 days.
Why not you Connect with Jumia on the go and get your questions answered!

Written by AmenaCliff

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