Kingo root stuck at 90: Quick Way to Fix it

A lot of people who use Kingo root to fully unlock their Android phones always come back with the complaint that Their Kingo root Failed and search on Google: “Kingo root stuck at 90”

Are you one of them?, Well if you are then this post will help you to get your Android phone rooted successfully with Kingoroot.

I once told my brother that my kingooot stuck at 90 can’t be  solved, but the solution was In why the kingo root failed at 90.

But why is the Kingo root stuck at 90?

According to Kingo root, the process is stuck at 90 because of the following reasons:

1. The Kingo root app used is the old version, most times it’s recommended you use the latest version to carry out the rooting process.
2. The second reason is because the android version is above 5.1 and these version of Android are not supported with Kingo root.
3.  Your Phone’s Manufacturer has locked the boot loader.
Users can’t make any changes if the boot loader is locked.
So that could equally cause a rooting failure.

How to solve Kingo root Stuck at 90 

1. Restart the Process:

SOMETIMES the Kingo root app doesn’t progress pass 90, because the root has failed, but it’s obvious if the process is stuck at 90% for 45 Minutes.

Try this at first if your kingooot stuck at 90


SO if you suspect that the root has failed carry out the steps below:

Hold Both the Power and Home button Together.

DO this until the screen turns Dim.

2. Check your Network

In some cases this could be the cause of the stuck process.
So check your mobile data and your WiFi router if it’s properly configured.
And now cease the process by:


  • Holding the Power and Home buttons Together.
  • And try to root again.
  • If this doesn’t work then try the alternative method of rooting your Android phone, which I will show you below.
Let’s see another way to solve the kingo root stuck at 90 issue.

The Alternative Way To Root Your Android Phone.

I assume you’ve been trying to root your phone using the Kingo root App for Android.

If after Trying the above, the kingo root stuck at 90 issue is still on, then try the below tips

Well this alternative is with your PC.
Let’s see what it offers.


  • Download Android Data Recovery ( for Mac or Windows
  • Launch the app and Click on more tools (Located at the Top left of the screen)
  • Then connect your phone to your PC via USB cable.
 Kingo Root stuck at 90
 Kingoroot stuck at 90: Quick Way to Fix it
  • Go to your device settings and Enable USB debugging
  • The app automatically detects if you have rotted or Jail break your phone, and gives you a result within 1-3 minutes.
  • If the result says your device hasn’t been rooted click on the start button.
 Kingo Root stuck at 90
 Kingoroot stuck at 90: Quick Way to Fix it
  • The app will now scan your device and see if your phone model is supported or Not.
  • Just be patient, it takes a long time to check if it’s compatible,
  • If it’s compatible you’ll see an interface as shown below
kingo root stuck at 90
 Kingoroot stuck at 90: Quick Way to Fix it
  • After that click on Root Now button, and the app will find a way to root your Android phone.
  • Wait for some time and the Job is done!

How to check my Root status after solving the Kingo root failed at 90 issue:

It’s easy to check your Root status, just download Root checker from Google play store. It’s is done to ensure that the kingooot stuck at 90 issue is still on.
And when you open the app do this:


  • Click on Verify Root status
  • You should see a screen like this, below
 Kingo Root stuck at 90: Quick Way to Fix it
 Kingoroot stuck at 90: Quick Way to Fix it


What to do when Kingoroot Failed 

Sometimes you may notice that kingoroot failed and not just stuck at 90, so what should you do?
Well first let’s see why this happens.
1. There is no available way to tweak your device because Kingoroot cannot jail break devices that run Android 5.1 and above.
2. Your manufacturer has locked your bootloader, and when the bootloader is locked there is NOTHING Kingoroot can do to jailbreak your Android phone.

How to Fix “Kingoroot failed”

In this case, we can fix this issue by:
1. Wait patiently for the next update (kingoroot update).
With this we will see if Kingoroot can now go through devices higher than Android 5.1
2. Try to unluck your bootloader and try again.


Alright that’s it, it’s easy to root your Device even if your kingo root is stuck at 90
If you have any issues with it, you can tell me below and I’ll answer it ASAP.

Written by AmenaCliff


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