Kingroot app not installed [Fix it easily Now]


If you have been seeing the error message: Kingroot app not installed, it’s not something new, and you are not alone facing this problem.

As a matter of fact I have faced this problem before and how I was able to tackle it is what am about to show you.


Why is the Kingroot app not installed: 

The truth is that I activities of Kingroot app isn’t in accordance with the producers of Android.

It’s Jail breaking your phone, and so your phone could detect that this is the type of app that’s coming it and then it blocks the download giving you the error: Kingroot not installed.

This should be the main reason as even Google’s new play protect blocks some apps like Kingroot from being installed.

How to Solve: Kingroot app not installed: 

It’s not hard to do this, there are 4 methods I will show you and it should help you.

1. Download an App installer: 

This is to counter the reason why it doesn’t install, so instead of the phone custom app installing you have an app installer that doesn’t put into consideration the type of app that’s coming in.

Download it here: 

What this app will be able to do:

1. it will install your APK files easily!

2. It will clear cache of the phone to save more space.

3. It will Uninstall unwanted apps.

4. It backups the other apps to your device: This should help because jail breaking or rooting a phone is dangerous and could lead to loss  files.

A backup will help retain them.


2. Fixing Kingroot app not installed involves: Allowing app installation from unknown sources. 

1. Go to settings and then to Security

2. Scroll down and tick Allow installation from unknown sources.

This is because the phone’s known sources is Play store,and any other app will not be installed, but if this settings above is implemented, the reverse is the case.

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3. Use Alternative apps to perform the same function as Kingroot

Yeah, some apps do the same thing and even better with Kingroot so, I’ll be giving you names of 3  apps that would help.

1. Kingoroot:

Kingoroot is a one click rooting app, it helps a lot in rooting phone without stress.

Although sometimes there could be complains like kingoroot stuck at 90. I’ve covered that in this blog as well.

It’s fast to use, and easy to understand the process, you don’t need to connect to PC to jailbreak your phone.

2. One click app: 

You may decide to install this app on your phone or PC, either ways be rest assured that it’s a good alternative to Kingroot.

In one click your phone will be rooted, so you can install this app if you face the Kingroot not installed problem.

4. The pattern I used to root my phone when I got the Kingroot not installed error: 

This is the 4th and final method and yes this involves an computer.

Download Android Data Recovery ( for Mac or Windows
Launch the app and Click on more tools (Located at the Top left of the screen)

Kingroot not installed

Then connect your phone to your PC via USB cable.

Go to your device settings and Enable USB debugging
The app automatically detects if you have rotted or Jail break your phone, and gives you a result within 1-3 minutes.

If the result says your device hasn’t been rooted click on the start

Kingroot no installed

The app will now scan your device and see if your phone model is supported or Not.

Just be patient, it takes a long time to check if it’s compatible,

If it’s compatible you’ll see an interface as shown below
After that click on Root Now button, and the app will find a way to root your Android phone.

how to install Kingroot

Wait for some time and the Job is done!


This is the solution to the complain: Kingroot not installed, if you have another further issues leave them integration comment section below.


Written by AmenaCliff

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