Microsoft Decide to keep Skype Classic

Last month Microsoft started volume up update that was meant to replace the existing skype 7. 0 or skype classic. At first microsoft said that skype 7. 0 will cease to exist on september 1st but it has concluded that it will continue to support skype classic for now

They said and I quote:

“Based on customers feedback we are extending support for skype 7. 0(skype classic) for some time. Our customers can continue to use skype classic”.

This is what microsoft said in a discussion forum with his ccustomers. Althoug skype 8. 0 offer a lot of mouth-watering features like hd video calling drag and drop file sharing, screenshot calls also tweaks in the messaging not all  customers actually loved using this features.

After it was released a lot of customers called to the microsoft  forum to complain saying that it was too appalling some said they should move back to skype 7. 0 because the skype 8. 0  lacks a lot of features that’s actually enjoyed the skype classic

In a reply to one user who asked for extended support for the classic version, Microsoft shared its announcement of extended support and added, “Thanks for all your comments — we are listening. We are working to bring all the features you’ve asked for into Skype 8.”

Microsoft didn’t say how long the classic version of Skype would be supported.

Written by AmenaCliff

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