Minenaira Review: Scam or Legit?

minenaira review

A lot of income streams have been springing up, from NNU, to other sites you can think of, but today in my own Minenaira Review, we will see why it’s is a good 

alternative to NNU. 

  • What is Minenaira
  • Is it a Scam or is it Legit
  • The different Minenaira Packages 
  • How do I earn on Minenaira
  • How do I get Paid on Minenaira
  • The best way to Earn on Minenaira. 

So let’s start getting answers to these questions. 

What is Minenaira:

Minenaira is an income scheme just like nnu, it functions differently from NNU but has the same goal. 

It’s a good alternative to NNU and it’s a little but less stressful. 

It’s a platform that pays you for simply opening links on your browser, what they earn from that is shared, and you receive your justified  part of the cake. 

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Is it Scam or Legit:

The Minenaira isn’t a scam, it has been tested and payouts have been successful. 

Below is a proof by a Face book user. 

minenaira review

Teckiway is in no way responsible for any actions made by Minenaira, so if you join and you are disappointed, Teckiway holds no responsibility. Act at your own risk

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The Different Minenaira Packages:

Minenaira is a 2 phase scheme, unlike NNU where you have to pay 1,600 to join, Minenaira is free to join/sign up. 

This is for the Free package. 

Minenaira give you another option, to upgrade your account to VIP for #2,000. 
On either packages, once you register, you get a bonus of #500.

So now let’s see the Different Packages in Details:

Free Package:

5% Referral Earnings 

You can receive payment out two times a month 

Pay out threshold is #5,000 

You’ll have to wait for maximuim  1 week before you get paid, after withdrawal request. 

VIP Package:

20% Refferal Earnings 

You can cash out 4 times a month( Every 7 days)

Minimuim pay out is #2,000 

You will have to wait maximuim 3 days before you cash out 

The VIP is definitely and obviously better than the Free package, the game is yours. 

How do I Earn from Minenaira:

You can want from Minenaira by: 

  • Viewing ads (as I mentioned above) 
  • Share on Face book to get – #110 
  • Leave a Review(Good one) on Google play store to get- #200
  • Share Image on Face book to get- #100
  • Blog post about Minenaira to get- #500 

How do I get Paid on Minenaira 

You get paid directly into your bank account.

What is the best way to Earn on Minenaira 

Obviously, not only in Minenaria but in other income scheme, the best way to Earn on Minenaira is through Referral. 


The Minenaira Review, has been informative, and I believe I’ve covered the topic.

 But if you have any question or you get stuck somewhere, drop a comment and I’ll definitely leave a reply. 

Written by AmenaCliff

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