NNU vs Zinoly: Income programs in Nigeria [Comparism]

NNU vs Zinoly
NNU vs Zinoly

I have been seeing the flock of income programs in Nigeria, and the one that spark my interest is that of NNU and Zinoly, so here will will compare the two income programs: NNU vs Zinoly. 

But first let’s see a break down of what all of these means.

Note: This is my own NNU vs Zinoly other persons may have Different preference

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Break down of NNU and Zinoly before the NNU vs Zinoly 

So without FodaAdu let’s get to it.

What is an Income program: 

An income Program is one where by user’s or the general public can generate income both for themselves and indirectly to the owners of these income programs.
User’s are paid a certain percentage of the earnings realized by the moderators of the platform.


NNU as an Income Program 

NNU vs Zinoly

NNU is the first of these income programs in recent times, and to have grown so fast than expected.

Opened in 2017, it already has a Top 10 ranking in Nigeria according to

NNU has a lot of users that has grown over-time possibly through referrals made by existing users, these users, refer to earn. It’s up to the task for this NNU vs Zinoly can it win?


How does NNU make their money? 

As a result of the large number of users, NNU has been a great source of advertisement to business men, especially those who want to promote their own products, or digital services.

NNU charge an unknown feel to advertisers, and then they earn from the adverts.

They should also earn from affiliate programs,  sponsored post, and all other things that they could use for Monitization.


How do I earn from NNU 

NNU gives it’s users, a certain percentage of their earnings when they:

1. Share a post per day and get #500.

2. Refer other of your friends to join the income program.

3. Commenting on individual posts on NNU.

4. Reading News online or NNU

The best of them all is the Referral but it is also the hardest, unless you are a blogger and you have an article ranking for a keyword like: NNU registration in Nigeria. 

Okay enough of that, let’s see how much you can make with NNU

If you have an active referral system like being a blogger, you can make alot of money as it’s #1000 per referral.

So if I day you have 10 persons registering from you that 10,00 in a day.

This is to say that there is no limit to how much you can earn, it all depends on your stratergy and the trend at that time.

Who is the Owner of NNU 

Surely every one wants to know who they are giving their money to. Their money? Yes we will discuss that later.

The owner is Paul Sampson, he crafted nnu to be a cool reading site that also earns you money. 

Is NNU legit? 

Yes, NNU is 100% legit. Some say otherwise, because they have problem with cashing out, but that’s ok, NNU will solve that issue.

How much to Join NNU program: 

The registration fee is #1,600.

Payment should be made to NNU, you will have to fill in a form and input your ATM card details.

It’s also recommended that you register with NNU coupon code.

Now let’s go to Zinoly remember this is NNU vs Zinoly, we will have a Comparison of these two

Zinoly Income program: 

NNU vs Zinoly

With this we will see how Zinoly works, and also how to make money from Zinoly in Nigeria.

Zinoly is another income scheme that has been recently introduced to the Internet.

It’s new and not , so populated unlike NNU where your payments are delayed because of too much users Zinoly is less competitive, and you  can easily cash out from it.

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How does Zinoly income Progam work

You can earn in 2 ways:

1. Zinoly Revenue:

This is same as the NNU scheme you would also have to participate on the platform.

You earn by:


  • By login in to your Zinoly account daily
  •  Reading news
  •  Comment
  • By performing minor  tasks
  • By sharing sponsored post on social media

Remember this is NNU vs Zinoly try picking your preference so you can see the one that suits you

 2. Zinoly Affilate: 

This involves your referring of people, any of you know, can be referred.

As an affiliate, you get a whooping 70% of referral income per user.

When you introduce your friends, you get 70% which is 1000. Same will NNU.

If you can get 10 persons per day, that is #10,000 in just that day, for you.

So the more persons you can register the more you earn.

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Can any one Join Zinoly: 

Any one can join Zinoly, but the fact remains that it’s not for every one, in the sense that some people aren’t inclined to making money online.

If you are capable of taking on online jobs then this is for you.

If you are not, you could want to play around the web first so you don’t end up paying and not getting an ROI.

Yes, students, Teachers,what have you, can take part in this income program. in this NNU vs Zinoly, we will look in details more facts.

How genuine is the Zinoly Platform is it a scam? 

NO the Zinoly isn’t a scam, and has payed out to alot of persons online, and that’s why it is cool enough to competite in this NNU vs Zinoly challenge.

On the website, you have access to the recent payments and even testimonials are available about the platform… seems Zinoly is up for this NNU vs Zinoly challenge.


NNU vs Zinoly: 


So we have seen what these two platforms do, and we have actually seen what it means and takes to be in an income program like NNU in Nigeria.

But from NNU vs Zinoly which is better. 

I’ll answer that question.

BUT first understand that both platforms are legit, and actually pays.

Each one has their own preferences though, but for me, I prefer Zinoly.

This isn’t because of any way NNU is lacking, No!!

The truth is that it’s easier for you to earn in a platform that’s less populated, NNU has millions of users, but zinoly should be down to that by 70%

So even though you’ve made enough money on NNU and you will want to cash out, if you aren’t fortunate you will end up having your cash with NNU for months.

So zinoly all the way for ME because It is less competitive. if another new income program comes around I will also like it too as it’s going to have no competition or even be it less populated.

If you feel your money is much more secure with NNU no offence, but know that ZInoly isn’t scam.



Yes, ZInoly won for me in this NNU vs Zinoly challenge and as I said this is because either is less populated, after all payments are the same offer each activity.

What do you think do you prefer NNU over Zinoly? or the other way round, let me know in the comment section below.

Written by AmenaCliff

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