Nox Player Stuck at 99: EASIEST Solutions online:

Nox player Stuck at 99
So you try to boot up your computer and the nox player comes up, buy your realize that the Nox Player stuck at 99 Issue has started again.


So how then do we fix this issue really fast?


If your Nox player is still stuck at 99, try deleting your antivirus or windows defender (for Windows users), restart your PC and try it again.


If the nox unlocking stuck at 99 continues then we will have to use the steps below.


The two Simple Steps to Solve : “Nox Player Stuck at 99”


There are two simple hacks that can get your nox player working again.


But these hacks all depends on the different report the nox player app gives you, so we will consider each of them and their solutions.


  • Nox player Stuck at 99 but there is no error Message:


This is when your Nox player is stuck at 99, you can see the progress bar and it’s not moving past the 99 mark, and at the same time, the app doesn’t return any error message instructing you on what to do and what went wrong.


So here are the 4 possible solutions for this issue,


  • Solution 1: If you own an AMD CPU, then the AMD-V has an Effect here:


To solve this issue you have to activate or enable Virtualization Technology of your PC, here’s how to enable Virtualization Tech for your computer.


  • Solution 2: Your System File may be Set to FAT32:


If your computer has it’s system file set to FAT32 this may be an issue for your Nox player because it has a limit to the size of file it handle.


To solve this, you can change your file system to NTFS or you can uninstall Nox and then install it in an NTFS disk.


  • Solution 3: Your Computer’s CPU Received a small parameter of the Android Package.


This is a complex issue and you’ll need a developer to fix the issue.


  • Solution 4: Your Graphics card or it’s Driver cannot run Nox.


Download the OpenGLdriver, this will help check the Version of your Driver.


  • If your driver is greater than 2.0 then and nox is still stuck at 99 then you’ll need to change your graphics card.


  • But if it’s less than 2.0 try updating the driver of your  Graphics card.


If you do that and it Still doesn’t work, then you will have to change your graphics card as suggested in point 1.


  • Nox Player Stuck at 99 and an error message appears saying: System has problem to start, please try to Repair!


This is a system problem so don’t touch anything on the Nox Player


So in this case There is an error message, so what do we do?

First Solution: Run the Nox Player app as an Administrator:


  1. Try running the Nox player as an administrator, you can do this by right clicking on the icon of the app on your desktop and left click on ‘run as administrator


  1. Download the Windows Repair app and unzip the package to get it in exe format.


  1. Open the app after installation and navigate to the Tab labelled ‘repairs’.


  1. Tap on Start Repairs after it’s completed, restart your computer and try again

Install OVB(Oracle Virtual Box):


While I haven’t tested this out, you would want to give it a try as a user like you says it’s worked for him.

Nox player Stuck at 99

Here’s a Guide on how to install OVB


What If all these methods don’t work?


If the methods listed above doesn’t work, you want to use an alternative, app for Nox


And that’s Blue stacks..


There are other alternative of Nox that you can check out.




If your Nox Player is stuck at 99, you’ll definitely be worried and I hope this guide has helped you to solve this issue.


If you have any questions or if any other method worked for you, I’ll be ready to hear them in the comment section down below!


Written by AmenaCliff

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