Online Camera in Yerevan: [Webcam Overview]

Online camera in yerevan

Have you ever asked your self if there is an online camera in Yerevan?

Well yes there are, not just one but many, of them. When I was discussing this with a friend of mine he said where is Yerevan?

So let’s talk first about what Yerevan is:

What is Yerevan:

Yerevan is a town in Armenia. It’s the industrial, central and administrative centre of the country.

What is an Online Camera: 

Webcam in yerevan

An online camera is a camera that displays real- time recordings of what the camera is recording, this is usually viewed by the admin, and it can be recorded as well.

The online camera in Yerevanz should have the ability to Record as well.

An online camera can also be called a webcam, for example ( CCTV cameras are online cameras), and this is true in the case of the Online camera in Yerevan.

Locations of the Online camera in Yerevan: 

The Online camera in the administrative centre of yerevan are all Installed around this small city.

Through the online camera in yerevan you can have a clear look at :

  • Republic Square, 
  • Sasuntsi David Square, 
  • Cascade complex, 
  • Beautiful North Avenue, 
  • Mashtots park, 
  • Charles Aznavour
  •  Garegin Nzhdeh Squares 
  •  Kecharis Monastery
  •  Downhill in Tsahkadzor city. 

With this you have access to the streets, the roads the city square, and also what people are doing live on each of the above locations.

You can view this area from other part of Armenia.

Why are the webcams Online camera in yerevan useful?

From the list below we will see benefits of these online cameras that reside in the small town in Armenia.

1. People can see what’s going on in the market or square e.t.c.

2. You can see if there is danger like Tsunami, this helps you run out of the class .

3. If used for the inspection of crime, it can help to get timlsy evidence…

How to stream live the Online camera in Yerevan

To stream , these videos follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. At the top click on webcams

Click on webcams

3. A list of videos are showed, choose the area you want to watch.

4. Your videos are ready to play.

Requirements to use webcam in Yerevan:

1. Good phone/ PC

2 .Strong Internet connection.

3. Enough Mobile data.


It’s a nice thing that Yerevan has done, people can actually see what’s happening without being there. To be honest I like the idea of an online Camera in Yerevan

Would you want your country to be able to do this Innovative and great invention, just like the online Camera in yeveran.

Tell us the name of your country and what you want want to be added technology. 

Written by AmenaCliff

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