OTG what is it? How to use it

The OTG is a very important Feature of smart phones, but, the questions is what is other used for? And what is OTG?

In this article we will learn the Functions of OTG

But First what is OTG? Uh oh that’s an Acronym, OTG Actually means On the Go, it’s a feature added to latest mobile device, to enable you navigate better on your phone. It also allows you to make use of some External devices, as all you need to do is just to connect your OTG cable to your phone and connect your external device to it. Let’s look at some of the Features now;

1. Connecting External Mouse

 This is very useful for users who have cracked screen and it doesn’t repsond well, all you need is your OTG cable and an External mouse, and boom!! You’ll see the cusor appear right on your screen.

2. Charge another Device:

You should have heard of this, as this is the common function we all know, it’s actually a life saver, when you are with a low battery you can tap from your Friend’s by using OTG check the photo below to see how it’s done ☺️

3. Connect Flash drive

You can connect your flash drive to your phone now by using an OTG it’s a big obstacle but I don’t think it will be after reading this post, You can now connect your flash drive to your phone.There after you can now transfer your Documents or pictures and other files.
4.Connect Game Pad: 

Hello Gamers!!! Ping for you here, you can now play games without your screen just connect your game pad through OTG, and have a better gaming Experience.

5. Connect External Keyboard.

Tired of typing with your phone? Or are you a better and faster typist with your Desktop Keyboard, then no more worries, it’s possible!!
Just Connect your smart phone to the OTG and then the Keyboard to the OTG and go to any word app like Microsoft on your phone and start Typing.
6.Connect to Your Printer

It’s a great Feature as you many need  some “ASAP documents” and going through the PC connection is kinda complex, so it’s on the Go now for you as you can now print by simply connecting your Printer to your phone with the Aid of OTG 
OTG has really been a great Feature and has helped me since I started using it, suprisingly, I decided  to use it to prepare this post. Has helped you too? Why not share that in the comment section?

Written by AmenaCliff


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